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What Is Black Magic?
Black magic is an ancient art that related to magic and spells which should be performed by person who has expert level knowledge to cast spells and magic and also have supernatural powers to bend something in favor. Black magic has two different shapes where some black magic experts use graveyard or crematorium like places to invoke and some invokes in divine places like church or temples. Black magic is possible using divine and evil both kind of spirits and with the power of heaven or hell. It depends what kind of supernatural power you have. Some people who have god gifted power they have abilities to do miracles and magic without any spell or magic because they have their own power which they use for their own or someone’s desire and there are also some normal people who became as a powerful black magic spell caster or carry supernatural abilities which they earned by their own hard work and dedication in the world of sorcery and magic spells. In black magic there is solution of everything whatever you have in life as problem but it is not so easy to get something solved using black magic because for the black magic you need to learn it and for learning you must have an master or mentor who can make you a perfect black magic expert also to learn sorcery you have to enter in the world of sorcery and magic which not possible for everyone because this world only allows people to enter who sacrifice in their life and after entering anyone cannot return back in their normal life again because when you get some power with that some responsibilities you also get that you have to complete by own efforts. This world of black magic and sorcery has many secrets which is possible to reveal by people who have their own ways and who have their strong decision to enter in the life of sorcery and magic. Here on this small blog we are trying to give some best spells and method for people who wants to have some solution and our try is to provide you some spells which you can do easily at home or somewhere without having sound knowledge of magic and spells. These spells are safe to use and having no risk to perform rituals. For any more detail you can contact us via email or phone.

How black magic Works?
How it works this is a question which comes in every mind who comes in this world of sorcery or read something about magic and spells and every person thinks a lot like is it real or will it really work, how a black magic spell work just by spelling a chant or saying some words or by doing something with cloth, hairs or picture of someone. If you are also thinking the same so read this article carefully to understand all about magic and sorcery, First know how black magic works? Black magic is also a science even ancient science. it is a technology of that ancient time. We all have different kind of energy around us also in the universe. Each energy works in natural way for everyone but some people who having mastery in this art of black magic, learn how to attract a specific energy from universe and to use it to change something or bend something or transform something, Every black magic spell have some method and chants or spells that we have to say, we have to make some diagram to make a door between us and that world which is higher than us and using spell we attract that energy from that circle and use it to fulfill our desires. Pentagram, diagram, triangle, even most famous sri yantra in hinduism all are a machine that attract some kind of power for you if you do the prayer perfectly. Distance and time has no matter in the world of sorcery, have you heard about telepathy? it is also a energy that make you allow to contact a person using mind power within second, healing power is also a energy where you make your body capable to heal someone within second or minutes, curse power is also a energy where you curse someone and block his own energies that he sucks from universe to live. All are the game of energy only in this world. Do you know the astrology, it is also a energy based science where you learn how the reflection of planet rays affect your body mind and give you awards or punishment in life. The tools which are related to black magic, like circle, pentagram, candle, witch stick, idol, all are some tools which make a wireless communication between you and victim and using some special words when you chant something to generate some power and throw it over your tools so all become activated and start working for you and magic starts happen also to cast spells you must have a strong mind, brave heart, open minded, free from addictions, lust and emotions to cast a spell for yourself or for someone else. When you look something from outside and you are not educated about something it looks magic to you but when you enter and learn it and understand it so that become science for you. Black magic also looks very scary, suspicious and fear full but actually when you do it or when you start learning it and understand it in proper way so that become science for you because you start learning how it works and how to use the black magic.

How to know if black magic is done on you or someone and how to understand it perfectly?
If this is your question so here we are giving you some very important information about it that will help you a lot to check and catch the person problem clearly. First of all you have to understand in western countries people do not carry their birth time and without birth time no one can make your exact horoscope to find what is the problem but if Saturn or rahu like planet is present in 6th house of 8th house of 12th house specially so native suffer from black magic like problem and easily native get affected by ghost spirit and evil powers automatically, that means it is not necessary to have a enemy to curse you, in the rush of 100 people, a evil energy catch the native only who has 12th house disturbed by malefic planet also if native has black magic problem with him so you can catch it from some symptoms that written below.

During dark moon night and full moon night his problem will increase a lot and he will become more panic than other days, specially in lonely night he will have problem increased so much
The person who have black magic problem, start feeling so negative about religious topic and god and become so negative and when he drinks alcohol and eat non veg feel so happy
Lust and desire increase so much and live so angry without reason
Fear when alone, having feeling of something unknown and have so much worries.
If having health complications, in medical reports all comes normal and medicine do not work.
Financial blockage, low earning, and tension in family life increase and never become end.
Person who have black magic problem, always looks like someone sucked his blood, face do not glow.
Hearing unknown voices, having nightmares, or feeling out of body or sleeping paralysis also sign of it.
If having sleeping paralysis so take it seriously and consult with paranormal specialist to get cure.
If having sharp pain in specific body part, but medical report is normal, you disease becoming serious so consult astrologer or black magic expert for cure.
Black magic is a serious problem and it comes from enemy curse, ancestors curse or catch victim if victim goes at any haunted place or place where ghost spirit lives in that time when dark moon or eclipse is there or time is inauspicious, also from nice perfume smell, beauty, alcohol and non veg that evil energy get attract and if spirit is good it can make your life and if bad so it can destroy your life.

What is magic, or magick, why the different spellings?
The difference between magic and magick is that magick refers directly to real magic, while magic refers to slight of hand or stage magic. Although the spelling of magic as magick has been around for hundreds of years, it is only recently that magick has taken on the meaning of true magic. This website calls all magic ‘magic’ and does not bother with the different spellings of the word.

Are these real magic spells? Do they really work?
Yes and no. Some of these spells are authentic from reliable sources. The spells on this site were added by members and may be edited by our staff for quality control. Do not do a spell if you believe it is dangerous, instead, report it to us by using the contact links at the bottom of the page.

If these spells are real then why does it say ‘for entertainment purposes only’ at the bottom of your pages?
We believe that magic should be free and available to everyone in the world, and the Internet allows us to tell you exactly how to cast each and every one of these spells. We allow all our members to add spells, and not all of them are real or helpful. Please use common sense when performing any actions listed on this site and report anything to us which may be deceiving or hurtful.

Are these spells dangerous, can I get hurt?
Yes, they are very dangerous. Before casting any spell you must take the proper precautions, not just against the powers and forces of magic, but also take care not to burn or maim yourself or consume anything for you you have an allergy for.

I don’t believe in magic, can I still be effected by it?
Yes. Only the caster of the spell must believe, or at least partly believe in magic for the spell to work. The target of the spell does not need to believe.

I have tried casting your spells many times but they always fail, why is that?
There could be many reasons for a spell failing. The ingredients could be wrong, the chant could have been said incorrectly or your own personal magic powers may be weak. Practising magic will increase your own personal magical powers. You can also check out our tips page for more ideas on how to cast your spells.

Is there a time/place which will make my spells stronger or last longer?
Yes. The closer to midnight the spell is cast the stronger the spell will be. There are also certain dates such as Halloween which will increase the power of a spell. Full moons will increase the spells more. The best results will be found by casting the spell on midnight on Halloween during a full moon. When it comes to locations, spells mixed or cast in cemeteries have the strongest effects. You can also check out our tips page for more ideas on how to cast your spells.

Are you able to cast spells for me?
No, we do not cast spells for people.

Do you sell any items or supplies?
Yes. We use Blue Dart as our main supplier and sell all their products at their recommended price. On occasion we may run specials on items. For more information check out our Store Policies.

Is your payment process secure?
Yes, we use Paypal & PayUmoney to handle all our payment processing and they are completely safe and secure. For more information check out our Store Policies.

What is the shipping and handling charge?
The S/H charge is calculated based on your location. For more information check out our Store Policies.

Are spells always a good choice to fix what is wrong?
Sometime. If you are ill or in any sort of abusive relationship you should seek professional help and not rely on magic to help you. If you are in immediate danger you should contact the police (100) or medical personal (1800 180 1104) immediately.

I am in a dangerous situation, can you help me?
If you are in danger or an abusive relationship please call the police right now at 100.

I am very unhappy and contemplating suicide, can you help me?
Please call the National Helpline Network at 1-800-SUICIDE (Helpline Number: +91-22-27546669 INDIA). This is a toll-free call, available 24/7.

I have more questions, who should I ask?
You can contact us on our contact page.

Are all Moderators notified about the new members on the site?
No. There really is noway for the Moderators to be notified due to the fact there are always new people joining the site.

Are all of the spells on the site bad?
The spells on this site are not all bad. It is up to the person casting the spell as to what the outcome is. It depends on the intent of the caster. There are some spells that have been written that are not real. It is up to you to decipher which ones are real or not. Anything that sounds far-fetched usually is a fake one.

Are Chi and Magick related?
Yes, they are related. They can be viewed as different aspects of the same thing with key differences. Magick is a very wide umbrella term meant to cover most of non-physical (subtle) reality.

Are Demons real?
It really depends on your upbringing and what you believe in personally. One person may see Thor or Isis as demons, but to another person, they can be personal deities. So in essence yes they are real, and at the same time, no they aren’t.

Are Faeries and Fairies the same?
These are different spellings for the same mythological creature.

Are Fairies Real?
Yes they are real and if you summon one please be careful. They can be tricky and enjoy messing with you although they can be helpful as well. Fairies are earth spirits, the essence of the earth. They take on a form that you are most comfortable with.

Are immortal Vampires real?
No they are not real. The concept of the immortal vampire was drawn from the medieval misunderstanding of the normal processes of death and from legends about Vlad Teppish, a medieval ruler of Romania. But they are simply fantasy, nothing more.

Are love spells dangerous?
They can be. Some backfires include obsession and depression.

Are love spells for beginners who know the basics?
I would not mess with Love Spells because it forces one to do something against their own will. When mess with will there will be consequences. I would suggest maybe having a soul mate brought near that way your not affecting 1 person.

Are magic rings available on this site?
The site shop offers many kinds of rings. Some are made with and of stones, which hold properties on their own.

Are magic shields real?
Shields in the magical sense are a form of energy barrier you create to prevent negative energies from reaching you. Used in this fashion they are very effective. However, shields will not protect you from a physical attack by another person.

Are potions real?

Are Psychic Vampires real?
Yes those are actually real. The other kind though are not.

Are sirens real, and can you become one?
No, sirens are not real. You cannot become one. Our body physically restricts us from being anything but human. We cannot change our DNA.

Are some people more drawn to magic than others?
Yes. Some people have a much easier time at being able to feel and sense the unseen powers of the universe. Different religions and cultures call this power different things, but in the occult word the simple word ‘magic’ will do. People who can more easily interact and feel this power are often more drawn to magic and that way of life.

Are superpowers real?
There are countries that are superpowers due to their ability to project power and exert influence, so yes superpowers are very real. If you are referring to the ability to know or sense things that others may not or having a heightened sixth sense, then yes superpowers are real. Flying without an aircraft, having superhuman strength, laser beam shooting eyes, creating fire and throwing it with the hands with no accelerant, generating ice without refrigeration cold enough to freeze water, and anything else that may be considered superhero story or movie superpowers are not real. These are awesome ideas for a great story to manifest from but they are not realistic occurrences on the physical plane of existence.

Are there any protection spells?
There is a whole section of Protection Spells here on this site at http://www.shreekali.com/premium-spells/

Are there any rituals I can do on the night of a full moon?
There are copious full moon rituals on this site and in other resources. The Full Moon is a good time to banish negativity from your life; charge magical tools; manifest prosperity, protection, and peace; as well as cleanse your home and practice divination. You may locate a wide assortment of videos and rituals that may be utilized during the full moon on this site at:- http://www.shreekali.com/

Are there any spells to change the sex of a person?
No, you can not change your physical self like this through magic alone.

Are there limits to magic?
Of course! Magick cannot do everything. As people, we have limitations. There are limitations with magick as well. Magick tends to go along with natural laws and science: You will never be able to break the laws of physics, alter yourself physically, turn into mythical creatures, etc. That is all fantasy.

Are there spells which can change your age?
There are spells on this site which claim to have the ability to change the age of the caster, however, these are filed appropriately under the fantasy section of the site. As with anything in the realms of fantasy, they are present solely for the purpose of entertainment, and not as a true reflection of the capabilities of magic.

Are there teachers on this website that can help you? If so what do we do or where do we got to find them?
Most people on this website will not take someone as a student. Magick really cannot be taught properly except face-to-face. However, many of us will be more than happy to answer specific questions you might have on magical subjects.

Are the spells on this website real or fake?
Many of the spells and rituals here on shreekali are real castings that will manifest actual results, however some of the spells, rituals, and posts contained within our site pages are not “real”. These spells and rituals are considered fantasy castings due to their fictional structure and desired result. They even have their own section of the spell books. The best thing one can do is to use common sense, intelligence and maturity when researching any aspect of the craft. Be sure to cross reference all information on magical practice with reliable sources, this will help reduce confusion and misinformation being spread. The research suggested will also help one to differentiate between real magical practice and fantasy or faux magic.

Are the trick spells real?
Some are, and some aren’t. You have to look through them and apply logic. If it seems unlikely and impossible, like manipulating the elements, it probably is fake.

Are wands available on this site?
Yes, they are available in shreekali’s online shop.

Are wands real?
Yes wands are real, they can’t do the things from Harry Potter or likewise any other movie or show but they are real.

Are Witches real?
Indeed they are, but not as Hollywood and fantasy often portray them. Witchcraft is simply another form of magical practice that is often tied to the natural world all around us. Witches can be either male or female.

Are yoga and hypnosis good for using in magick?
Yoga and meditation can certainly help with magical practice in that they aid in learning focus and in moving energy. Hypnosis really has nothing to do with magick. The book “Solomon’s Magick” appears to be a decent book; however, I have not personally read it.

Are your spells weaker when you are sick?
Yes, when your energy is down then you also have less energy to give a spell. You also don’t want to use all your energy to cast a spell when you are sick because it might make you more ill.

Astral projection techniques
There are several techniques used to aid astral projection. Meditation is the fundamental foundation when learning to astral project. Astral projection is an out of body experience and to get there focus is key. Visualization is required and the ability to lucid dream helps when learning to strengthen this skill. To leave the body and have one’s consciousness present elsewhere can be accomplished using one of many methods such as the rope, ladder, or roll out method. There is also object visualization, the tunnel, the back flip, recall, swimming, running, spinning, the tornado, and by straining the body or mind. It would be best to research this topic as much as possible.

Can a female be promoted to Priest?
I believe if your account says you are “female” you cannot be promoted to priest. You could change your gender on the profile, and see if that works. If it doesn’t, the priestess could always contact the admin and express the desire to have the member promoted and he should be able to do so.

Can a High Priestess destroy her own coven?
Well, she can certainly let the coven fall to ruin or let it fall apart, but as far as deleting it on this site, no. In a real life coven depending on the tradition she may dissolve the coven at any time

Can an incubus get you pregnant?
No, it cannot. An incubus is not a physical being so it cannot cause physical changes in you. But it can drain you of energy, than cause a chain reaction of blockages and leaks to your chakras. They can even effect your aura.

Can any magic or spell be reversed?
If you mean a spell or hex/curse if you know what your doing than yes you can.

Can anyone turn me into a vampire?
No. There is no way magical or otherwise to become a vampire as vampires do not exist.

Can anyone use Magic?
Anyone may learn witchcraft which consists of knowledge that may be gathered and skills that can be developed,

Can any or all spells be cast by voice alone? Do you know if there’s a book I can from this site that can help me study spells written to teach for casting by voice?
Most spells are cast by using one’s voice in some capacity. However, spells work when aspects such as focus, visualization, intent, and energy manipulation and direction are applied to the magical working.

Can a person be haunted by the same spirit no matter where they are?
It depends on the situation. Although some spirits are stationary, we might see them in our dreams if we are sleeping in a different location.

Can a person cast spells in the Afternoon?
Yes you can cast your spell anytime it feels right to you. You may want to check you calendar for moon phases. Moon phases have a magical effect on spells depending on the spells.

Can a person really grow wings?
No. That is physically impossible.

Can a spell help increase my height?
If you’re still physically able and growing in height, then just let your body take care of growing. Otherwise, what you can do is wear shoes that can raise your height; such as platform boots or high heel shoes.

Can a spell make me immortal?
No, sorry. You cannot become any other species through any means.

Can chronokinesis ware off?

Can Demons be attracted to a caster by working Magick?
Everyone eventually gets noticed by someone on the astral, not just demons (and this includes views of demons from all pantheons). There are ways to go less noticed and one of them is to tap into a more vast energy, such as nature’s, and use that with a small trace of yourself.

Can demons be seen with the naked eye?
Demons are spiritual entities, and like other spiritual entities they reside on the spiritual plane and cannot be seen with the naked eye; simply because they are not physical beings.

Candle are required for many spells. Can a candle be put out and relit or do they have to burn out by themselves?
There are two main ways to work with candles while casting a spell. The first is to burn an anointed/charged candle completely or until the candle burns itself out naturally. You can snuff the candle out and relight it if you need to or want to. Some candle spells are preformed over several consecutive nights/days where the candle is only burned for a specific period of time at each sitting. The other main way to use a candle in casting is to light the candle after it is anointed/charged and then after more energy is raise by letting it burn, you blow the candle out. The most common spell preformed this way is at a Birthday. The candles on the cake are lit, energy is raised as they burn in conjunction with the singing of the song Happy Birthday, and then as the Birthday girl/boy continues to think of their wish they blow the candles out.

Can I attach photos to messages?
The ability to attach photos to a mail in our system does not exist at this point in time.

Can I attract one person to only me?
Not entirely. You can definitely attract them, but free will applies, so that other person can change their mind at anytime.

Can I be a Satanist and still practice Wicca and witchcraft?
A Satanist can certainly practice Witchcraft as Witchcraft is simply a form of magic. However, the beliefs and practices of Satanism and those of Wicca are vastly different. One cannot truly be both.

Can I become a demon?
No, you cannot. You are a human and you will remain as one.

Can I become a fairy?
No, you cannot become a fairy.

Can I become a mermaid?
No, you cannot. Mermaids are mythical creatures that don’t exist in the physical world. Nor can magic or spells turn you into anything other than human.

Can I become a vampire?
You can’t become the type of vampire people see in movies since those are just fiction. There are psychic vampires that drain energy, though you don’t become one.

Can I become a werewolf?
Simply put, no you cannot. The tale of werewolves is based on medieval misunderstanding of several medical conditions. Werewolves do not exist. Nor can magic change your DNA or make you anything other than the human you already are.

Can I breathe fire?
This is fantasy. No spell or ritual will allow you to breathe fire, as this is an impossible feat.

Can I cast a spell for a specific purpose more than once?
You certainly can if you feel it will make it more likely that you will get the outcome you want.

Can I cast more than one spell at a time?
Of course you can; you just have to be careful of spreading yourself too thin. To get around this, try doing one or a couple of spells with more than one focal point of intent.

Can I change my username?
No, you cannot change your username. The only way to change a username is to delete your account and make another, or open up a new account as well as the one you currently have.

Can I change the color of my eyes using spells?
A practitioner may use a glamor spell to change the color of their irises. Though bare in mind that this is only temporary and an illusion. Ultimately spells can not be used to make permanent changes to your physique.

Can I conjure a cartoon character?
No, one cannot actually summon something which does not exist in either the physical or the spirit world. However, one could learn to create a thought-form which they could then shape into the form of a cartoon character. This will take a significant amount of knowledge about magic and extensive practice.

Can I control my dreams?
There is such a thing as lucid dreaming, in which the person is aware of their dreams and is able to manipulate it. I would suggest you look into this.

Can I create my own spell?
Yes, anyone can create their own spells if they have an understanding of magick and how it works.

Can I delete my account and make an account on the same email?

Can I die while doing a spell?
One could die when doing a spell, but it would not be because you are casting a spell. You could die of any number of medical issues, you could be struck by a car or by lightening, etc. But all of these have nothing at all with doing the spell. Spells are not going to kill you.

Can I get free stuff from the online store?
You will receive a free bone charm for every $30 spent before shipping is calculated. Outside of that, no: you must pay for the things from the store.

Can I help make a sick family member well without being with the person?
Yes, you can. Simply make sure that you clearly visualize the person that you want to heal and see them well and happy. Then you direct the energy of the spell to make what you see in your mind become fact.

Can I learn magic even if I have no powers now?
Yes if you understand how to cast a magical working.

Can I live chat using my cell phone?
There are so many different types of mobile devices and many of them handle certain technical aspects differently, making it difficult to ensure the live chat works on all devices. You can try to use the mobile site (the link is in the top right corner of every webpage). The chatter on the mobile version of the site is the most basic chatter available and should work for most devices.

Can incense be used instead of oil?
It depends on the use of the oil. If it is purely for the herb used in the oil, then any form of the herb can be used. Do be aware that incense can be used to represent air, and if the herb is being used to represent something that does not agree with this in the spell work, it could be poorly applied and render undesired results. Please be cautious about using any herbs because some can be toxic. Always be sure to research ingredients thoroughly and handle with care.

Can I pay using a debit card for items in the site shop?
We only accept payments for items in the site shop through PayPal and you will be prompted to sign into your PayPal account during the check out process. If you do not already have a PayPal account you can sign up for one. You can link any credit card, debit card, or bank account to a PayPal account. It is free to sign up for a PayPal account and it is free to use the account to make purchases over the internet. For more information about a PayPal account please visit; www.paypal.com

Can I physically transform?
No, you cannot change into anything else. You are who and what you were born to be. Magick cannot alter how you look nor any ofthe sort .

Can I play music while casting a spell to help create the mood for the spell?
You certainly may.

Can I publish my own spells on this site?
Yes. To add spells to the site, you must be council in a coven. Some covens, such as Spell Casters, automatically place members in this position. Once council, you can add spells to that covens spellbook, and thus the site.

Can I put my email address in my bio?
Personal information such a an e-mail address, phone number, physical address, etc. are not permitted on any public site page. This includes the forums, profile pages, public chat, as well as articles and spells.

Can I reply to a faq?
At this time there is no mechanism for members to reply to frequently asked questions.

Can I reuse a candle?
Candles used for particular magical casting such as a spell can be utilized in other similar castings or if one casting is being woven with another. A candle that was void of magical intent when first lit may be utilized as an alter offering but is not recommended for a specific magical casting such as spell work.

Can I send a money order to purchase items off this site?
No, the site store only excepts PayPal & PayUmoney.

Can I travel to another dimension?
One cannot travel physically to another dimension. However, one can utilize astral projection to travel to and within the astral realms.

Can i try any spell even when i don’t know any magic yet?
Knowing how magic works and how to cast spells greatly increase one’s ability to preform a successful magical casting. Those new to the craft may follow a spell without any other magical knowledge or practice and still obtain results, however research prior to casting a spell or other magical working will increase the chances for a successful magical casting.

Can I use chat on a 3ds?
Yes. Go to the web browser and type in shreekali.com in the search bar.

Can magic be cast without being tied to a religion?
Magic is the manipulation of energy. Though most religions utilize some form of magic or magical castings, religion is not necessary to manipulate energy. Though one’s faith in the magic itself is key.

Can masturbation and sex influence your magic negatively?
Yes, just like with any other magical practice, sexual activity in the form of magick can influence how your magick works. However, just like with the rest, this is souly dependant on you, your purpose of intent, and what kind of energy you put out. (as well as your partner, if there is one)

Can performing magical work cause you to feel tired?
Casting any magical working requires energy. This is why one meditates prior to casting. It allows them to gather the energy needed to fuel the magical working. Just like other activities that require energy one may feel tired or drained after casting a magical working. If this occurs rest and refuel by grounding as well as eating something light.

Can pictures be black and white when performing a spell?
Yes, they certainly can.

Can someone get gagged even if they didn’t break any rules?
No. No One will get gagged for no reason. To be gagged, You must have done something.

Can someone send ones guardian angel to another person elsewhere for any reason?
You can not force it but you can ask your guardian to see if they can

Can spells be cast in God’s name and does he give us the power to do so?
The answer to this question depends on one’s understanding of magic and their personal beliefs. There are many who consider themselves to be Christian Witches and whom believe that their god gives them the ability to cast spells. One must keep in mind that there are many denominations of Christianity and some, but not all, believe that magic or spell casting goes against the teachings of the Bible. There are however, books written about The Power of the Psalms and other forms of Christian magic such as The 6th and 7th Books of Moses, The Red Church, and Gypsy Witch Penn. Dutch Pow Wows and Hexes.

Can toxic dreams be prevented?
Yes. The simplest methods include dream catchers or dream pillows, but are not limited to that. Meditation is a good method of controlling your dreams.

Can toxic dreams be very helpful?
That is a very broad, general, and vague question. Nightmares/bad dreams can be helpful yes. They can still have a message that might help you. Whether you think this comes from a loved one, a god, or your psyche is up to you. So it’s how you interpret the information given and what you do with it.

Can true love’s kiss break any curse?
No, that is something out of fairy tales. Curses are rare but can be hard to break. How each one can be broken depends entirely on the nature of the curse and the skill of the one who cast it.

Can we ask questions that we already know the answer to, to expand FAQs and help new members?
If you would like, I see no problem in doing that. However, I did not make the FAQs, but like I said, I see no problem in doing so, as long as you do not ask the same questions over and over and you keep a limit to how many questions you ask a day.

Can we contact and see our guardian angels?
Try using meditation with the intent of contacting your guardian angel. You may well be able then to see your guardian in your mind. Guardian angels are spirit beings though so seeing them as a physical being isn’t going to happen.

Can we magically swap our bodies ?
No, there is no spell or other magical working that will cause two beings to swap their physical bodies.

Can we use magic on a stranger?
Magic can be used on anyone or anything. When casting keep in mind that the results will manifest faster and easier on those with whom there is some connection to the caster. The practitioner can create a connection if given personal information about the person the casting is for and/or some of their personal objects.

Can what you eat effect a spell you plan to do later that day?
Possibly. Our health has an impact on our ability to cast working spells. So if your diet in unhealthy it may negatively impact your spells.

Can you become pregnant from the sex spells?
No, you cannot physically become pregnant from a spell unless sexual actions between you and another person occur.

Can you be demoted in rank? I was a novice, and now my rank says beginner.
The rating system for accounts on this site is based on votes from other accounts with a high enough rating. These account with a high enough rating have earned the option to express their opinion about another members’s account in regards to that account’s experience with this site, as well as the account’s occult or magical practice knowledge. This rank for an account is based on the average votes for the account. Votes can be added at any time, therefore an account’s rating may move up or down depending on the account’s recent and long term contributions to the site.

Can you be in more than one coven?
No. One account can only be in one coven. If you decide you wish to join another coven you have to leave the one you are in.

Can you believe in “God” and still believe in witchcraft?
Yes, you can believe in God and still believe and even practice witchcraft. You don’t have to believe in any deity to believe and practice witchcraft. Witchcraft is but a practice and way of life. The same for being a witch, but Witch is also a self proclaimed title.

Can you bring an animal back to life?
Personally, I do not believe it can be done with magick. Maybe by some form of resuscitation, yes, but that would be far from “accidental.”

Can you bring the dead back to life?
No, you can’t. There is no way to bring someone back to life once they are clinically dead for over 10 minutes. No magic nor any medical means will accomplish this.

Can you change someone else’s spell (not completely but just enough to fit your needs)?
Absolutely. It is always better to write your own spells that are specific to your situation. But if you have to use someone else’s spell then making some changes to make it more personal is the next best thing.

Can you chat privately with someone on this website?
No, there are no private chat rooms

Can you control a element?
You cannot control an Element, but you can and should learn to work with them in doing your magical workings.

Can you create a fireball?
No, you cannot make a fireball. Regardless of if you have a source of fire or not. Magick does not work like Avatar the Airbender.

Can you do both Black and White Magick?
There is no color in magick only intent.

Can you do too many spells?
You can. You could use so much of your personal energy that you feel drained and ill when casting too many spells at one time. Or your spells might fail because your focus becomes too widely spread for the same reason. Try spreading your spellwork out over a longer period of time for better results.

Can you fly on a broom?
No, you cannot fly period. That is fantasy and quite impossible. Remember Witches astral project not fly on broomsticks.

Can you go to hell for doing magic?
Only if that is what you believe. Magick is not a religious practice itself, however many religions use it. Spells are the same as prayers, also magic is another word for miracle.

Can you have confirmed friends in another coven?
Yes, you can have anyone on the site that adds you as a friend on your confirmed friends list as long as you have also added them.

Can you help me find the ingredients for the legendary spells to bring the dead back to life known as Revival and Restoration meant to next bring back the physical body of the dead person to the waiting Spirit after a Resurrection Spell was cast. Then the final spell Restoration to bring back the personality and full memory of the being. Please use whatever magic you can to help me teach you more legendary spells. My true identity is to be kept sacred.
Spells such as the one inquired about are farce, not real, or fake. Once a person is dead they cannot be brought back to life with magic.

Can you inherit an ability from a family member?
Some believe that it is possible to born with psychic abilities from another family member, but for a family member to just say “I give you my ability”,(like in the movie The Coven)than no.

Can you make a gateway to hell?
No, you cannot.

Can you make anything your spell book?
Yes,you can use can use a notebook or any type of record keeping tool to keep as a spell book. Its a good idea to keep a back up if you use a computer. I would suggest a flash drive or disk..

Can you move things with your mind?
You cannot physically move an object simply by thinking on it.

Can you open your third eye without the need of meditation?
It is the only way that skilled magical practitioners use. We are all born with our third eye open. It is the lack of meditation as a baby and child that causes it to close. Some are lucky to make to through childhood without it closing all the way. No one can open your third eye for you. It opens when you take the time to practice opening it and then also closing it. For no one walks around all the time with there third eye 100% open. The average is about 60-75% open.

Can you reactivate an account that has been deleted?
No. Once an account is deleted, it’s deleted and cannot be recovered.

Can you reset my messages because I past my limit?
Your limit rests every hour or so. If you hit the limit, stop mailing and give it an hour or two to reset. If you try to mail in this time, it will take it longer to reset. If it does not reset, and you cannot use the chatter/forums, it means you have been gagged.

Can you see a familiar or spirit that you summoned using spells in this website?
Generally spirit entities can be sensed but not seen. Some individuals do seem to have the ability to see such entities, but not everyone has this ability.

Can you summon dragons?
Physically no, they do not exist in corporeal form. In a spiritual or astral form, yes you can.

Can you tell me the articles I need to look at to start in Satanism?
If you go to the Articles section of the site and type “Satanism” into the search function you will be able to find articles on this site that address that topic.

Can you use abbreviations when replying in the forums?
We would prefer that all words be typed out to make posts clearer to our members who do not speak/read English as a primary language. The use of text speak is expressly forbidden for that reason.

Can you use spells over the phone?
Any form of communication may carry the energy generated by a spell or other magical working. The directed energy may travel via the phone or other communication device. One should cleanse these devices often as well as utilize protection spells and rituals to prevent negative energy from being transmitted through these devices.

communication limit
There is a communication limit on this site for the amount of mails an account can send per hour. If an account reaches it’s maximum number of mails per hour the mail feature for that account will freeze and the account will no longer be able to send mail to anyone on the site. This temporary time out from mail will only last until the communication limit is reset. It usually takes about an hour. Trying to send a mail before the limit is reset will result in a longer wait time for the communication limit to be reset.

Could a human cast these spells?
Yes if they understand how to cast a magical working.

Could I paraphrase another persons spell so it can become my own?

Do all of these spells work?
No. Not all of these spells are written down with the proper process, since other members post spells in their coven and don’t really know much on magick.

Do diet and weight loss spells work?
Sadly there is no way to lose weight other than through proper diet, portion control, and exercise. Using a spell will not magically make your unwanted pounds disappear.

Do different religions have an effect on magick?
Every religion has their own beliefs and approaches to magic, based on their location, personal beliefs and cultural influences. Magic is the same across the board, but the acts to create the magic are different.

Do different tones affect a spell?
Some intonations are specific in evocation and invocation (calling up and in, respectively). If you are generic in your spell-craft, the only difference it would make is by the by the energy you raise personally. If you are more specific (as in Hindu and Buddhist traditions), it will raise different types of balancing energies.

Do enchantment spells work?
That depends on several different things. What sort of enchantment are you trying to do? What are you trying to enchant? How knowledgeable and skilled are you at magic? There is no simple answer to the question as you asked it.

Does a candle have to stay lit up after casting a spell?
It depends on the casting and how it’s written whether or not a candle is used completely. Some spells require you to light the candle over several days, this means the candle is snuffed out and then relighted. Other rituals may call for the candle to be blown out and never lit again, such as birthday candles after one makes a wish. There are some magical workings that may call for the candle to be lit and then to burn out naturally with no interruption. If a casting does not give exact instructions for the candle and how to dispose of the remains it is best to use one’s instincts or best judgment as to the specific actions to take. No matter how the candle is used be sure to never leave an open flame unattended.

Does an altar have the be set up at all time?
No, an altar does not have to be up all the time. Some people make temporary altars that they use for specific rituals, whereas other people make permanent altars/shrines. There are also different types of altars you can make which conserve space if space is an issue for you.

Does being in different places like indoor or outdoors affect magic?
Not really, magic is energy manipulation and can be done anywhere. The difference only comes with the practitioner. Some may have an easier time casting outside under a full moon rather than inside. It also depends on the casting as some require you to be in a specific place.

Does Christmas boost powers like Halloween?
It can if you make the connection and give it power.

Does every book of shadows contain every spell?
A Book of Shadows is created by the individual magical practitioner to record their own magical workings and any other information they wish to keep records on regarding their magical practice. Therefore any particular BoS, or Book of Shadows, would contain only the spells that the author/practitioner has done or those they wished to keep track of.

Does everyone have a witch power?
Everyone has the potential to learn how to utilize magical castings in their life. Every human can learn the basics of magical practice and how to cast magical workings. Though some may have a natural talent for magic, just as some may have a natural talent for anything, anyone can learn how to practice magic as well as develop a personal style of magical practice. It is suggested that everyone learn the basics of magic and what it can and can not accomplish prior to their first magical casting.

Does eye color affect your magic ability?
No, it doesn’t

Does magick work for everyone?
If you believe and take the time to learn the basics yes it will. Also do not ever doubt yourself or your work.

Does my magick power increase even if I fail a spell?
Practice increases one’s ability to cast magical workings. One becomes better at casting when they learn from a previous casting and then apply what they have learned to the next casting they do. To increase ones energy they must practice gathering and redirecting energy. Through meditation one can learn to gather and redirect energy.

Does my menstrual cycle affect spell casting?
During your menstrual cycle casting magic can be more powerful. The blood it’s self has magical qualities therefore when it is flowing so are the magical energies.

Does the air have enough energy to charge your body?
They body is charged with energy through the breath, but the body is not charged by the breath alone. The food one eats charges the body just as rest, relaxation, and sleep recharges the body. The sun charges the body with energy a well as many other natural items found in our environment. Our physical bodies require energy from multiple sources, removing just one can cause an imbalance of energy to occur.

Does the flying spell work ?
No such spells as ones to let you fly or to grow wings are simply make-believe. Use common sense. Do you see people flying around in the sky without being in an airplane?

Does the Priest/ess decide who is to be their Priest/ess to the coven?
Yes, although the coven does not require one until a member is added to the position.

Does the word ‘omm’ serve any properties in meditation?
It’s a meditative sound, like a chant. Some people find that chanting helps them when attempting meditative or trance-like states. It isn’t necessary, and it doesn’t have any special properties. It may help you clear your mind easier if you focus on the chanting.

Does your age matter when becoming a witch?
We all have Magick inherent to us, even as kids. In fact, more kids realize their talents than adults do, though modern society doesn’t accept anything more than science. The result is that many people do not believe in their own abilities.

Does your Element help with magick?
Yes, it does when you working with it.

Do fairy spells really work?
If you are referring to spells that claim to turn you into a fairy, then no. However, in some paths and practices the Fae or fairies are believed to be a class of nature spirits that the practitioner can work with or invoke during ritual workings.

Do flying spells work?
There is no such thing. No spell will allow you to fly, as it is physically impossible.

Do ghost or spirits walk freely on Halloween?
Ghosts walk freely throughout the year. However, it is thought that the veil between the physical world and the spirit realm is thinnest at this time of year and therefore spirits are more apt to enter the physical world around Halloween.

Do I always have to cast a circle when I do spells?
No you do not have to cast a circle to preform spell work. A circle creates a protective wall around you. It also helps to contain the energy you raise so that it can be released through the cone of power. So a circle is a helpful creation, but not a necessity.

Do I have to install something on my mobile or computer to be able to live chat?
You may have to update Adobe or some flash software already on your computer, but there is nothing from the site to download in order to chat.

Do I have to pay for anything on this website?
The only part of the site that deals in money is the store. If you buy something from the store, it will obviously involve money. Otherwise, no.

Do I need to be a Wiccan or Witch to cast a spell?
No, you don’t. Anyone can do magic provided they put the time and effort into learning how and why magic works. There are many other types of magic users other than Wiccans and Witches.

Do I need to meditate before doing a spell?

Do I use my birth name or adoption name for numerology?
Numerology is traditionally based off of the name one is given from birth. One may however use their birth name, adoptive name, nick name or any other name they identify with. These names are all different aspects of the same being and may correspond to different numbers.

Do mirrors affect magick?
Not really. But mirrors can be used as tools in magic. They can be used to reflect energy back at someone or for scrying, etc.

Do O.B.E.s involve any risks?
Yes. You must always take into consideration that during an O.B.E. (Out of body experience) you are completely separated from your body. There is always the chance that you could get shut off from your body, but in the case of a controlled O.B.E. you aren’t likely to run into that problem.

Do other creatures exist, such as vampires, were wolfs etc.?
This depends. The creatures you listed are considered fantasy. Now if you are talking about Fay creatures or beings they are considered earth spirits and to some in the craft real.

Do Ouija Boards work?
They do work, but I would suggest you stay away from them. They do let evil threw and are almost impossible to get rid of.

Do psychic vampires have fangs?
No, they do not. They aren’t truly vampires and they don’t really need the energy of others to live. They are simply people who enjoy leeching the energy of others, or claiming to drain the energy of others. So-called psychic vampires are humans like all the rest of us.

Do spells need to stay in the language they were written in or can they be translated into another language?
Spells can be translated into any language. They may be preformed in any language and do not need to remain in the language they were written in.

Do spells work?
Spells will work if you understand how and why magic works at all, and if you do the work to learn the necessary skills to cast spells successfully. Some spells on this site will never work as they are fantasy spells. And no spell is ever guaranteed to work 100% of the time.

Do tarot cards help Witches?
Tarot cards are but one of many forms of divination. Not all Witches read Tarot, some use one of the other types of divination methods. A Witch might use Tarot to help in making decisions regarding a course of action to take, or to see what the likely outcome of a particular magical working might be.

Do the spell books in the online shop work?
There is no guarantee of the effect of items purchased in the online store. The books we sell are all top selling and popular books and we have never had complaints from them.

Do time traveling spells work?
There are no working spells to travel through time.

Do wands have to be made out of wood?
Wands are usually constructed of wood, stone, clay, or metal. The most common metal being copper. The following link takes you to the many different wands available in our online shop; http://www.shreekali.com/

Do weather spells work?
Spells to control the weather or to make it do something it normally wouldn’t, such as snow in the tropics, will not work.

Do we have the ability to create our own great spells by using magic arts?
Experienced practitioners often write their own spells. It is a skill one obtains over time through study and practice of the craft. Once one understands how and why a magical working is cast the practitioner can then begin to make variations or modifications to a preexisting ritual, spell, or other casting. With enough knowledge and skill one can then begin creating their own magical workings from scratch.

Do weight gain spells work?
Sadly there is no way to gain weight other than through proper diet, portion control, and exercise. Using a spell will not magically make you gain weight.

Do we need a wand?
No you don’t have to have wand.

Do wish spells work?
It depends on the individual spell. If the wish spell has fantasy elements, then it is likely that it will not work.

Do witches actually fly on a broomstick?
No, they do not. No one can fly on a broomstick. That’s just a fairy tale.

Do you always need to use wood matches?
No it really depends on the spell and the caster themself. It depends if you truly believe you need to use them.

Do you have more power if you are young or old?
Age does not matter when using magick. The only thing your age will really effect is how long you have been practicing and your experience.

Do you have to be 13 or older for the spells to work?
No you don’t. There are no age restrictions on when a person is able to work magic. But you do have to be 13 or older to be a member of this site.

Do you have to cast a spell right after you craft it?
No, you can cast the spell whenever you feel the need to do so.

Do you have to memorize the spells?
No, but be sure you know the spell well enough that you are not stumbling through it or having to focus on reading rather than the spell itself.

Do you have to say ” This is my will so mote it be” at the end of every spell?
No, you do not. You can close your spell with any words that you wish.

Do you need any special powers to be a witch?
No. Anyone can learn how to do witchcraft if they are willing to put in the time and effort to study it and practice on a regular basis.

Do you need more than one person to cast a circle?
To cast a circle you need to project your energy into the area that you wish to cast your circle. As you walk in a clockwise manor you can use an object to considerate your energy to an precise line. Many walk at least three times around adding a different form of protective energy each time. You only need one person to cast a circle but a circle can be stronger if each person casts a ring.

Do you need to write down your reason(s) for writing a spell as step of the spell crafting process ?
No, you don’t need to write them down, but it is important that you consider your reasons carefully as they will form the base on which you build your spell.

How are herbs used?
There are many magical uses for herbs, they may be used in potions,spellwork,and powders. They may be used in healing and as offerings.

How big should your circle be when circle casting?
A circle needs to be big enough to hold all persons whom will be inside the circle with all needed items. It may be just big enough for one person to comfortably sit in while working or large enough to accommodate a group of people.

How can a person know if they sense a Ghost?
There is a huge difference between sense, see, and feel. So I would have to say it depends on what you mean.

How can I add a friend?
To add a friend to your friends list you must go the the profile page of the account you want to add to your friends list. Once there click on the account’s friends tab located just above their profile picture and name. Then click the “add as a friend” hyperlink located just above the account’s friends list and just below their account name. Your name will not appear on the account’s friends list until the account also adds you as a friend. Until this happens the account will be listed on your friends page as an unconfirmed friend.

How can I agree to the terms and conditions?
When creating an account here at shreekali one agrees to follow the Terms of Use for the site. A link to the list of Terms of Use for this site can be found in the bottom right hand corner of any shreekali page, simply scroll down and click on the hyperlink. To chat on shreekali one must agree to the shreekali chatter rules. A link to these rules can be found on chatter info page. Click the [INFO] hyperlink located on the right hand side of any shreekali page in the Live Chat area.

How can I awaken/enhance my hidden abilities?
There are many ways, but it depends on the type of magick abilities you wish to increase. If you just want over all increase/enhance, than I suggest meditating and grounding the elements more, along with practicing types of magick which you are not as good at.

How can I be a mod?
One becomes a moderator by showing their understanding of the occult as well as the rules of this site and setting an example through their behavior. It is suggested that one participate in many areas of the site by posting in the forums and participating in the chatter. Asking to become a moderator is frowned upon.

How can I become able to read other people’s minds?
No one has ever shown that they are able to read the mind of another person. However, it is possible to learn to interpret the body language and non-verbal actions of another in ways that make it possible to have a hint of what they are thinking or feeling.

How can I believe?
No one can help you believe, that is something that must come from within yourself. It’s not always easy to believe in something that many others would consider make-believe, but try concentrating on what you feel in your own heart to be true.

How can I check sent mails?
There is no feature to check sent mails at this time.

How can I come out if the Broom Closet?
Two questions to ask yourself first; “Why do I need to make my personal beliefs public?” and “How are people likely to react when I tell them my beliefs?” No one needs to know what you believe but you. And often telling others causes all sorts of problems we don’t want to deal with. But if you trust the person to be accepting then simply tell them.

How can I create a Book of Shadows?
A Book of Shadows is essentially a witches journal. You can make a Book of Shadows from just about any notebook or workbook you have laying around, you could even keep a Book of Shadows digitally and have one on your computer. A good place to start is write down your beliefs in the book, who and what you believe in, how your ethics work and things of that nature.

How can i delete a account if i cant log in?
An account must be logged into for the account to be deleted.

How can I do live chat?
You must pass the test to be able to chat.

How can i do magik and know if it has happened? 
Through study and practice one learns to cast magic, however not all spells and other magical castings turn out successful or work right away. It can take years for a magical working to manifest. Some practitioners will use a pendulum before and after a ritual to see if the casting will be successful. It is also important to understand there is no guarantee that any magical casting will work even if you have years of experience with the craft.

How can I find a teacher on this site?
A simple solution would be to post in the forums that you are looking for a teacher. Including details on what you want to learn may be helpful.

How can I find my spirit animal?
Meditations provides an effective way to connecting to your spirit animal. We use the term “meditation” is a loose way to designate means of relaxing and using active imagination to visualize and “journey inwardly”. Set your intention for this inner journey to connect with one or several spirit animals. Using meditation to find what your spirit animal is allows you to drop into a different state of mind or altered state where you are more receptive to the energy and intuitive wisdom of the animal spirit world.

How can I fix a broken candle?
Yes you can but it will always be a little weak in that spot. You can make it look almost perfect, but be careful!

How can I get powers?
There are no such things as “powers”. You may have talents that you can improve through study and practice, but these are something you are born with, not something you can get. And in terms of magic, there are no powers, just skills that can be learned through study and practice.

How can I get rid of bad luck?
To remove bad luck and replace it with good luck one should perform a reversal spell, then a cleansing, followed by a good luck casting.

How can I get someone to stop harassing me and forget about me? 
A banishing spell may help relieve harassment and cause the harasser to forget about their victim. A cleansing should be done as well, followed by some protection magic to help ensure the harassment does not come back.

How can I get the power of premonition?
The ability to perceive what is going to happen before it occurs is generally something one is born with. However, it is possible to develop a degree of premonition as you become more sensitive to the flow of energy around you.

How can I hook up IE shortcuts?
The quick way: Go to your mail tab. Right in the middle of the page, there’s a link box that says, “Download our Toolbar!” click on that, and follow the installation process.

How can I increase my magical strength?
You will have to study energy flow, by understanding that you are a small part of an overall flow of energy that can be tapped into and used

How can I make a fireball?
No, you cannot make a fireball. Regardless of if you have a source of fire or not. Magick does not work like Avatar the Airbender.

How can I message someone who isn’t currently online or in chat?
Go to their profile page. Click on the “Mail” tab over their picture and it will take you to a page from which you can send them an e-mail.

How can I open my third eye?
To open your third eye you must work with all your chakras. There are seven major chakras in the body running from the root to the crown. When all of them are open and aligned they will work together so that you can utilize your third eye.

How can I save the spell I found?
You can add a spell to your favorites list by clicking on the “favorite” button located toward the bottom of the spell’s web page. To access your favorite list click on your profile page and then on the “favorite” tab located just above your profile picture.

How can I see my Chi/Psi ball?
You have to develop your third eye or chakras in order to see and feel any type of psi or ki energy.

How can I strengthen my aura?
Auras reflect the physical and emotional health of the body, mind, and soul. Being well rested, eating a healthy diet, and utilizing healthy ways to relieve stress will aid in the strengthening of the aura. Practicing meditation on a daily basis will also help to increase the strength of the body, mind, soul, and aura.

How can I tell if I am a witch or wizard?
If you understand the ways of magic and practice magic.

How can I unblock my messages?
Whoever blocked you from sending them messages is going to be the one who has to unblock you. If you blocked a person from mailing you then you have to unblock them by granting them access to mailing you, but blocking a person would not stop you from sending them mail. You may have reached the mailing limit. If this is the case clear out some of your default folder and wait about a hour to send mail again. If you have been gagged then it is up to the moderator who gagged you to ungag you; if you do not get ungagged just make a new profile.

How can I upload a photo?
Go to your profile, click photos and there should be an option to upload your photo (a browse button and an upload button). Keep in mind that this cannot be done while on some mobile devices.

How can I use Weaving Magic to control my future?
You cannot control your future. Every choice you make and action you take has the possibility of altering your future. The best you can do is to think carefully before you act and to consider what the consequences of that act might be and how it might effect your future.

How can I view the spells I favourited?
Go to your profile page. Just above your name will be a bar that has tabs labelled: Profiles; Photos; Favorites; Friends; History, Wish List. Click on the “Favorites” tab. This page is section in 3 – Spells; Articles; Forum Posts (if you have any of them favourited. Then, simply, click on the spell you have as a favourite.

How can I write my own Satanic rituals?
You can write a ritual in any form that works for you. However, if you aren’t familiar with writing your own rituals you might try reading “The Satanic Bible” by Anton LaVey or looking at various websites on-line for rituals that you can then personalize to represent your own thoughts and needs.

How can someone bend blood in someones body?
There is no such thing. We cannot even “bend” the elements, much less something such as someones blood. This is fantasy.

How can someone create a new coven?
The ability to create new covens is limited, this it to prevent an over abundance of covens. Even when the ability to create new covens if offered, you must be a long time member of the site to do so (usually over 6 months). So be patient and wait, when coven creation is allowed it will be available on the main coven page.

How can you become a witch?
Anyone can be a witch. You know you are one when you feel it. If you practice magic and want to call yourself a witch you are more than welcome. If you decide it is not the term for you you can pick another one. Or if you decide that practicing magic is not for you at all then you will not be one.

How can you become a wizard and will the spells work better if you’re a wizard?
A wizard is simply one name for someone who uses magic. You become one by studying the fundamentals of magic and mastering the basic skills necessary to perform spellwork. It is the hard work and study that will make you better, not what you choose to call yourself.

How can you protect your job?
Well, the answer that nobody wants to hear is good old hard work. Make yourself valuable to your employer, so that they cannot afford to lose you. Of course, you probably want a magical answer to help safeguard your occupation in the tumultuous climate that goes on today. Unfortunately there is no guaranteed method to such magic. Magic works differently for everyone, and in every circumstance, and in matters like this it is next to impossible to predict every possible variable. However, creating something like a charm bag with tokens for money drawing, protection, good luck, and perhaps some talismans related to your job, or personal to your workplace, could be a good start in such endeavors. Empower it or “feed” it every so often, and keep it with you on your person. You could also keep it in a safe place, making offerings to it to help ensure tranquility and well being within your occupation. This is just one example, and there are many, many such spells that you might explore.

How can you successfully meditate?
By learning meditation skills and techniques one can become successful at meditation. It takes time and practice. Be sure to practice at least once a day for about 15 minutes. As you become more skilled you can practice in longer intervals.

How can you tell if magic is white or black magic?
There is no color to magic. Magic is energy manipulation. Colors can help describe magical workings but most are very confused by the way in which different people describe it. A casters perception of what is good/bad, positron/negative, etc. tells what kind of magic they do. A darker caster will use ways that are not the most ethical to some to do their work that is even positive in nature. Just as a lighter caster my use there ethical ways to judge and harm another person. Magic is not good or bad but the perception of what people see things as can be.

How can you tell if you’ve been cursed?
A curse can not harm you unless you allow it. If you think you may have been cursed preform a cleansing ritual such as a bath or smudging.

How do cast your first spell?
Learn all the basics first before you even think about casting a spell. I have them on my profile along with a link that will help you learn them.

How does a solar eclipse effect magic?
One of two things happen during a solar eclipse when it comes to magic. 1.) The energies will not flow right or at all and/or 2.) you can over charge any spells/rituals that you are doing. Most cultures see it as a bad omen, and so do prayer and rituals to bring back the sun.

How does a wand effect a spell?
The function of the wand is to help you focus your energy and represent the element of air. If you can do with out one, then by all means, go for it.

How does meditation help you with magic?
Meditation helps you with magic because it is where you learn to gather and redirect the energy needed for casting magical workings.

How does one become Priest or Priestess of a coven they are already in?
If the coven is inactive, there is a chance you could be promoted to the priest/ess position. However, if you are a member of an active coven that has a current priest/ess you would have to prove yourself worthy of the position, and could only possibly get it if the current priest/ess left, promoted you, or became inactive. Generally people get promoted to priest/ess from the previous priest/ess whenever they choose to leave.

How does one bend the elements?
You cannot manipulate the elements in such a way. This is not Avatar the Airbender. You may take energy from the Earth, but you cannot “bend” it.

How does one construct a pendulum?
Perhaps the simplest way to make a pendulum is to take a piece of thread about 18 inches long and a ring. Slide the ring over the thread and then tie the two ends of the thread together. Hold the knot in the string between your thumb and forefinger and let the ring move as it wishes. Pendulums are designed to answer yes and no questions, so be sure to ask your question in such a way that a yes or a no will be the pendulum’s response.

How does one read tarot cards?
Reading tarot is a form of divination. The tarot cards are shuffled, cut, and then laid out in one of the many different spreads. Each position in the spread means something different, just as each of the tarot cards have a different meaning. The three card spread is the simplest spread and the positions from left to right are; past, present, future. After one shuffles and cuts the deck of tarot cards they will draw a card from the top of the deck to lay in the first position. This card represents the person’s past. Then the next card drawn from the top of the deck will be placed in the second position, just to the right of the first card. This card represents the person’s present. The last card drawn from the top of the deck will be placed in the third position, just to the right of the second card. This card represents the person’s future. One will need to have a tarot card reference that lists what each card means until they become familiar enough with the different cards meanings. When reading tarot cards remember that this is a form of divination and the cards are to help you to see or know what is unseen or unknown. The individual cards are not the answer but a clue to help one find the answer they seek.

How does one see magic?
You don’t necessarily “see” magic, you experience it. You may see physical results of magic and you may sense magic is afoot but rarely does anyone physically see the energy manipulation that is referred to as magic.

How does someone get rid of a demon?
Keep in mind that not all malicious spirits are demons and that not all demons are malicious. Normally, an exorcism is performed to cast a malicious spirit out of a host (this may be an object or place as well as a living being). If you don’t have experience in exorcism, it is wise to gain the aid of someone who can (local priests are most likely to have the experience or know-how).

How do I add a page to my favorites list?
You can only add threads to your Favorites. At the top of the thread there is a link for “Reply to this topic.” Look right and slightly up and you will see “Mark this forum thread as a Favorite.” Click it, and voila! You can access your favorites by accessing your own profile and clicking the favorites tab.

How do I add friends?
To add a friend, go to that person’s profile page. In their Friends section you are able to add them or remove them as a friend. You can also grant and revoke access to your personal photos.

How do I add my articles?
An account must be a Coven member of Council rank or higher to add articles to this site. If you meet this criteria, go to your Coven’s page on this site and you will see a tab there for spells and articles.

How do I add something to my wish List or even buy it?
While viewing an item you may click on the “add to wish list” button which will add the item to your wish list or you can place the item in your cart by clicking the “add to cat button”. To check out click the “check out” button located on the shopping cart page.

How do I add spells?
To add spells you must be a council member of your coven or above. Your coven’s homepage will have a “SpellBooks” section. Click the link that says view. Here you will have spells, rituals, or videos option. Click on the link that says view after the spells section. Administrators will have the option here to add, delete, or edit spells.

How do I add spells to this website?
An account must be ranked council or higher in a site coven to add spells to the spell book. The Spellcaster coven auto excepts coven members and places every account at a council position so that the account may add spells to the coven’s spell book.

How do I agree/disagree to the chat rules?
To agree/disagree to chat rules you must enter chatter, and the system will provide a link where you need to agree to chatter rules to be able to chat.

How do I become a Contributor on shreekali?
“Some members may be eventually be promoted to Contributors. A contributor is someone who has contributed a significant amount of time and content (spells, articles, forum posts, etc) to the website.”

How do I become a stronger magician?
Through the research, study, and practice of meditation and other skill enhancing practices one may become a stronger magical practitioner.

How do I become Council?
To be a Councilor in a Coven, You should help others when they need help, and participate in coven stuff, like classes. Then, it’s up to the High Priestess to promote You or not.

How do I become ungagged?
It is up to the mod who gagged you as to weather or not you will be ungagged.

How do I build up energy?
Learn how to meditate so that you can gain the ability to gather energy. Through meditation one draws positive energy into the body and mind while they push out the negative energies that are effecting the body. Simply put; “in with the good air and out with the bad”.

How do I cancel an application?
If you have applied to join a coven and wish to cancel: go to the covens main page, click the link next to “join” where it says “accepting applications”. This will take you to a screen where you can choose to withdraw your current application.

How do I cast a circle?
To cast a circle you draw a magical line around what ever you wish to have included in the circle. You do this with a wand, finger, sword or whatever magical tool you feel you need. You may start in the east or the north depending which one feels better to you and walk in a clockwise manor. While you are making the circle project energy out of yourself through your tool and into the space around you. Meditation before casting will also aid you in your casting.

How do I cast these spells?
You must learn to cast in order to cast a spells. Start with meditation and chakra work. Then move on to simple castings, such as a circle and shielding. Read as much as you can about the different forms of casting as well, such as candle magic. Visit Newbie central to help you get started as well.

How do I change my e-mail on this website?
You cannot change the email with which you used to create your account.

How do I change my password?
Click on the “profile” tab, and once on your profile click “edit”. Scroll down to where it says “change password” and asks you to type your new password twice. Once you’ve done this, click “save changes” and the next time you log in you will need to use the new password you just created.

How do I change my profile name?
You can not change the name on your account. Once an account has been made the name of the account can not be changed. If you want a different account name you will have to make a new account.

How do I change my user name?
Make a new account.

How do I change one of my photos to a profile picture?
To change one’s profile picture one must click on the edit tab while viewing their own profile page. In the top section is a place to upload a new profile picture. Once a file has been selected be sure to hit the save changes button. Be sure to only use jpg or gif files only. Please also note it may take up to an hour for the picture to update.

How do I change photo privacy?
Click on your profile and a tab on the right should appear, that says “Edit”. Click there. A few boxes should appear with drop down options. One says “Photo Album”. If you have your photo album set to Private (Invited people only), you can change this here.

How do I charge an amulet?
To charge any object leave it in the moon light, sunlight, or on an alter or in another place of significance.

How do I chat with the members?
By accessing the shreekali online chat one can live chat with other shreekali members. To gain access to this feature click the hyperlink labeled [INFO] located along the right hand side of any site page in the “Live Chat” area. This will direct one to the chat information page. Once there click the hyperlink labeled “agree to the rules”. This will direct one to the chatter agreement which must be completed correctly for an account to gain the privilege to use the shreekali online chat. Read each question carefully and answer them accordingly.

How do I connect to the spiritual world?
One of the best ways to make such a connection is through meditation. There are a number of threads in the Forums and also articles that can help you develop meditation skills.

How do I connect with the gods?
Through meditation/prayer. It really helps to have a special altar set up for your God/deity

How do I consecrate an object for enchanting?
There is an excellent article on how to consecrate an object at http://paganwiccan.about.com/od/wiccanandpaganrituals/ht/Consecrate_Tool.htm

How do I contact a moderator?
You can contact a moderator via the mail system on this site. To find the list of moderators go to the members tab at the top of any site page. Proceed to click the tab for moderators. Choose a moderator and then click their mail tab to contact them.

How do I create a magic wand?
First, you need a piece of wood that is rod-like. The piece of wood needs to be sturdy. You can look for a branch fallen from a tree. The branch should be straight and about the width of one of your fingers. Generally, a wand is 12-18 inches long. You may or may not want to take the bark off the wand, and you want to trim off any twigs attached. If you cannot find a branch, a wooden dowel will do nicely. If you have gotten the branch from the tree, you may want to thank the tree for it’s contribution. You may decorate your wand. Things like cord, leather, cloth, and ribbon are commonly used. If you wish to have a crystal at the point of your wand, you need to hallow out the tip of the wand and hot glue or super glue it in place. You may also affix gemstones and/or charms to your wand. After your wand is finished, it needs to be cleansed then charged with your energy. Leave the wand outside or on your windowsill in the moonlight of a full moon. Make sure no one but you touches your wand.

How do I create a portal?
If you’re talking about a portal between the physical plane and any other plane the answer is that you cannot. The only way you can visit another plane is through astral projection, and even that is limited.

How do I create a spell?
To cast a better spell remember to ground and center before casting. Meditation is a big part of gathering and redirecting energy. For specific spell help feel free to post in our public forum under spells.

How do I delete my account?
All You have to do, is to view Your profile page. There, click where it says edit, scroll down to “Delete Account”, insert your password in the “Delete” field and click “Delete Membership” or hit enter. If the password You entered is right, the account will be deleted and You will be redirected on the homepage. If after clicking “Delete Membership” it redirects You on Your profile page, the password you have inserted is obviously not right. If You insert the right password and it still redirects you on Your profile, contact a Moderator or the site’s Administrator (Guru Ji).

How do I delete my mail?
Click on the default button on the left side of the page. Then click on the e-mails you wish to delete from your in box. At the bottom of the box there is a button to “move messages”.

How do I delete uploaded photos on my album?
Go to the photos on your profile. Click on the photo you want to delete. Once that is done, if you look underneath the photo, you will see an option to delete that photo.

How do I determine which spell is real?
Through commonsense, intelligence, and maturity one can determine if a spell is real or not. If the desired outcome is unrealistic then the spell is farce. There are also many reasons a spell may not work even though the spell is real and can be accomplished. Increased knowledge on the topic of spell casting will help one ascertain if a spell is viable. Below is link to an article about troubleshooting spells for further information. http://www.shreekali.com/store/

How do I develop my chakras?
Chakra is the energy of one’s mind, body and personality. So you must build up on your health, your mind and your charisma. One way to do that is to eat healthy, meditate and be who you really are.

How do I dress my candles with oil?
When you dress a candle for magical use, imagine that it is a psychic magnet with a North and a South pole. Rub the oil into the candle beginning at the top or North end and work downwards to the half-way point. Always brush in the same direction downwards. This process is then repeated by beginning at the bottom or south end and working up to the middle.

How do I edit a spell?
Only editors and moderators may edit spells.

How do I edit my profile effectively?
To edit your profile click on the tab at the top right of the page that says profile. Then click on the edit tab located to the right just under the profile tab. You have the option to set your profile as you wish. After you are done with each section of the edit page save your work by hitting the save changes button. If you change your pic it might take a few minutes to change. Try hitting the F5 button if it hasn’t after a few minutes.

How do I explain to someone that magick is real?
Ok magick is based on your belief and not theirs. For someone to believe magick is real, they have to be open to the idea of it. Now showing them how magick has affected your life, like how much peaceful you are and how magick connects you to your surroundings.

How do I feel the energy of an object?
With some practice one can feel the energy of an object just by holding it. You may have to work with your chakras in your palms, but it can be done.

How do I file a complaint about a member breaking the terms of use in ways such as harassment?
First of all, save any and all site mail in your site mail default folder. Then send a site mail to the Site Administrator, Petrarca. If the harassment was in chat please note the time including the time zone you are in and send the information to the Site Administrator. He will review the mails/chat logs and determine what course of action to proceed with. Petrarca’s profile page can be found under the members tab, then through the moderators link at the top of any site page.

How do I find a coven?
To find a coven click the Groups tab at the top of the website.

How do I find a mentor in Wicca?
You can try posting in the forums. Make sure you forum include what you are looking for in a mentor.

How do I find out which moderator gagged me?
First thing is that you should read the rules.If you follow them, there will be no reason of you getting gagged.Secondly,you have no right to know who gagged you.Its that simple.

How do I find out who I was in past lives?
Exploring past lives is done on multiple levels. Usually it involves a sort of past life regression. In more traditional methods, hypnosis is used. Otherwise it can be explored through psychic readings, tarot readings, and a wide range of other forms of divination and psychic exploration.

How do I find out who viewed my post?
There is no feature on the site that tells you who specifically viewed your post. The only record kept is the number of views a thread has had. This only changes when someone new views the thread. If a new post is made in the thread and someone revisits the post then another view is counted.

How do I find shops in my area?
The best way to find shops in your area is by searching online under;Wiccan stops,Pagan shops, Occult shops, New Age shops, or Metaphysical shops. You can even check out shreekali’s online shop.

How do I find spells I’ve marked as favorites?
Go to your profile and click the favorites tab.

How do I gag profiles?
Members are unable to do this. Only moderators, whose job it is to moderate the site, can gag members.

How do I get a familiar?
A familiar is an energy form, often in the shape of an animal, which is created by the magic user. It isn’t a physical being such as a pet; although some mistake it for that. Try this link for information on creating a familiar:http://www.shreekali.com/

How do I get a real magic wand?
First, you need a piece of wood that is rod-like. The piece of wood needs to be sturdy. You can look for a branch fallen from a tree. The branch should be straight and about the width of one of your fingers. Generally, a wand is 12-18 inches long. You may or may not want to take the bark off the wand, and you want to trim off any twigs attached. If you cannot find a branch, a wooden dowel will do nicely. If you have gotten the branch from the tree, you may want to thank the tree for it’s contribution. You may decorate your wand. Things like cord, leather, cloth, and ribbon are commonly used. If you wish to have a crystal at the point of your wand, you need to hallow out the tip of the wand and hot glue or super glue it in place. You may also affix gemstones and/or charms to your wand. After your wand is finished, it needs to be cleansed then charged with your energy. Leave the wand outside or on your windowsill in the moonlight of a full moon. Make sure no one but you touches your wand.

How do I get a reputation?
Reputation is a ranking of your contributions (spells/articles/forum posts) and how you are viewed by other members of the website. Ranks are: Beginner / Novice / Knowledgeable / Adept. If you have not been on the site for a significant time you may not yet have a rank.

How do I get a spell to break a curse?
It’s about the intent and energy that you put into the spell/ritual. You can search for one that fits the description of what you need and perform the spell/ritual. It’s much better to write your own, for in doing so it becomes more personal and is thus stronger than one you do that another person made. It also helps to raise the energy needed, meditate to clear you mind of all save for your intent, get in the mood, and properly protect your self.

How do I get credits for the store?
You have to buy them using paypal / PayUmoney and a Credit/debit card. Here is a link to the gift certificate.http://www.shreekali.com/contact-us/

How do i get into the black cross?
To become a member of a coven one must first apply to a coven they would like to join. All of the shreekali covens are led by a priest and a priestess with the exception of the Spell Casters coven. With this coven any member can join because the coven automatically accepts all applicants as council members. To apply to a coven, go to the coven’s home page and review their application process. Be sure to submit all required information to the leaders of the coven. The coven leaders will discuss your application if needed and let you know if you have been accepted into the coven.

How do I get noticed by people on this website?
Participate in chat and chatter discussions, meet people around the site, and show knowledge within the forums.

How do I get reputation to knowledgeable?
Adept and Knowledgeable members rank other members. Depending on a variety of things (how much you contribute, the content of what you contribute, what you add in forum and chatter discussions, your maturity and participation, etc) you may be ranked by someone with this ability. Asking for ranks will not get you a rank. Prove your level through your actions around the site. It may take some time.

How do I get the power of empathy?
Empathy is the ability to experience what another is feeling. It isn’t a special power. Anyone can learn to have it. It’s mostly a matter of putting yourself in another persons place and thinking about how that would make you feel if you were them.

How do I get ungagged?
Unless the moderator who gagged the account decides to ungag the account, the account will remain gagged. Accounts are only gagged if site rules and/or the terms of use one agreed to have been violated.

How do I have a moderator get involved in the public chat?
You can always send an e-mail to one of the Moderators if you see a problem in public chat and ask them to take a look at it. See the list of Moderators under Members at shreekali.

How do I join a coven?
Choose which coven you want to join then click apply

How do I know exactly when the moon is waxing?
The Waxing Moon begins on the day after the New Moon and lasts until the Full Moon. You can find the dates for the New and Full Moon on many calendars. The Waxing Moon phase is any date between the two. Also if you have an Android or iPhone you can download a moon phases app. This app will show you what phase the moon is on everyday.

How do I know how long I have been a member?
It is not possible to find out the number of days you have been registered. You could however, look into your email and search for the confirmation email from shreekali to determine when you registered.

How do I know if I’ve been blocked?
You will not be able to message the person. Blocking someone simply prevents you from sending them mail.

How do I know if Magick is in my blood?
Everyone is born with Magickal capabilities and it runs everywhere. Some realize this more than others, but all abilities can be nurtured and developed.

How do I know if my spells have been viewed?
There is no way to tell whether your spells have been viewed. Remember too that f you posted them in your coven’s spellbook only the members of your coven have the ability to see those spells.

How do I know that I am feeling the energy around me?
One senses the energy around them through each of their six senses. If the senses are stimulated by energy, which happens quite often, the body and mind are made aware through their own energy field. It is up to the individual to be open to the energies and their presence in order to “feel” the energy which surrounds us. Meditation helps connect the body to the mind and may strengthen the ability to sense these energies.

How do I know the correct way of pronouncing words?
Most dictionaries list in parenthesizes, just after the spelling of a word, the pronunciation key for said word. This key tells you exactly how to pronounce the word. If you need auditory assistance I suggest http://www.merriam-webster.com/ This site has an auditory feature. It is located just after the word spelling and before the pronunciation key. It is little speaker icon just like the one often used for volume settings.

How do I know when I’m centered?
When you center the body and mind you are connected. The two to be in the moment with out any outside thoughts or interruptions. When you feel relaxed and your thoughts are connected to your body and it’s current state without the mind drifting to other or outside thoughts then you are centered. Once you have reached this state enjoy it for a few minutes before moving on to other activities.

How do I know whether I have been gagged?
An account that has been gagged will not be able to access the chatter, post in any of the the forums or spell books, or have the ability to send mail through the site mail system. If an account has lost these abilities then the account has been gagged due to a violation of a site rule. To better understand the site rules and terms of use click on the “terms of use” hyperlink in the bottom right hand corner of any site page and read them. The chatter rules can be found by clicking the chatter INFO hyperlink along the right hand side of any site page and then clicking on the “read the rules” hyperlink.

How do I learn the basics
“Basics” are the requirements that you must achieve in order to perform an action. In magick, there is a basic level of knowledge that you need to learn before you are able to work with magick in a proper and safe way and in order to succeed with spell casting. The basics of magic include but are not limited to Circle casting, meditation, energy control, grounding and centring, correspondences, elements, moon phases, colors, tools, days, these can be obtained by doing a search on each individual aspect and research.

How do I learn to meditate?
There is a link on my profile that will help you

How do I leave my coven?
To remove yourself from the coven you are currently, go to your coven’s home page. There, toward the top, you will see an option to change your status.

How do I make a familiar?
One does not create a familiar. A familiar is a physical animal that willing helps one cast magical workings. This could be any animal and this animal will be the one to decide whether or not they want to be a person’s familiar. The only decision the person is left with is to accept the animal as their familiar or not. To not accept an animal that has chosen you is quite rude and could result in never having another animal be willing to be ones familiar. A familiar will come when it is ready and when it is time for a person to have one. Forcing the issue is folly.

How do I make a fictional character real?
You don’t. The answer is in the word “fictional” which means “not real”. You cannot make a fictional being real as they do not exist.

How do I make a fireball?
There is no such thing. That is fantasy and cannot be done.

How do I make an application to join a coven?
Click on the “Groups” tab at the top of the page. Once there pick the Coven to which you wish to apply click on the Coven name. This will take you to the page where the Coven lists their requirements for application. Follow those instructions.

How do I make a potion?
Potions are ment to be injested. So what you need is pick a goal for this potion also look up herbs that fit with the goal. Something else you need to look up are, are these herbs safe to eat? But there some herbs as well that can not be put together. You may use a water based potion or even honey.

How do I make a Psi Ball?
Find a quiet place where you can relax. Sit and hold your hands out in front of you, palms together like you are praying. Rub your palms together to create a small amount of heat, then spread your palms apart by about a half to full inch. You should notice a change in the heat as you space your palms apart, if you lose the feeling just rub your palms together again and spread your palms apart again feeling the change in energy. Once you become attuned with the energy change, try pulling your palms apart another inch or so. As you pulled your palms apart or push them closer, you should feel as the energy changes. As you push your palms together you should notice that the energy is compressing. You can make a Psi Ball as big or little as you wish. You may also make it into what shape you desire, such as a Psi Square or brick. May take some practice and concentration. If you get frustrated, take a break and try again later.

how do i make a spell and will it work during trial and error?
When constructing your own ritual, spell, or magical working it is best to first have an understanding of what these aspects are, as well as what they can realistically accomplish. It is suggested by experienced casters to first study the basics of magic as well as research and cross reference these topics before trying to compose your own. Once you have the knowledge to begin the creative process, as well as the skills necessary to cast simple workings with the desired effects manifested, will the spells of your own creation begin to work. Achieving successful manifestation as designed however, may take practice and quite possibly even revision of the magical working.

How do I make a staff?
You can buy a staff as well as make one. However, if you are adamant on making one, it is similar to making a wand (on a larger scale though). You find the appropriate wood (it may be considered appropriate even just by intuitively picking a wood) and start carving the way you would a wand, so you have the bark shaved off (or leave it there if you wish). You can decorate it however you feel is right and with whatever you feel is right. Remember that a staff’s properties are very similar to a wand’s and the biggest difference is their size.

How do I make a video?
you would make it with a camera or on a video editing program like windows movie maker and upload it.

How do I make a wand?
First, you need a piece of wood that is rod-like. The piece of wood needs to be sturdy. You can look for a branch fallen from a tree. The branch should be straight and about the width of one of your fingers. Generally, a wand is 12-18 inches long. You may or may not want to take the bark off the wand, and you want to trim off any twigs attached. If you cannot find a branch, a wooden dowel will do nicely. If you have gotten the branch from the tree, you may want to thank the tree for it’s contribution. You may decorate your wand. Things like cord, leather, cloth, and ribbon are commonly used. If you wish to have a crystal at the point of your wand, you need to hallow out the tip of the wand and hot glue or super glue it in place. You may also affix gemstones and/or charms to your wand. After your wand is finished, it needs to be cleansed then charged with your energy. Leave the wand outside or on your windowsill in the moonlight of a full moon. Make sure no one but you touches your wand.

How do I make my pictures public?
Click make public

How do I message people?
Click on a person’s name or profile picture. This should take you to their profile. Above their picture should be a tab that says “mail”. Click this, type your message, and hit “submit”.

How do I message my friends?
First go to your friend’s profile page. Above their picture in the top left you will see a tab marked “Mail”. Click on that and it will take you to a page where you can write and send a message to them.

How do I open my third eye?
To open your third eye you must work with all your chakras. There are seven major chakras in the body running from the root to the crown. When all of them are open and aligned they will work together so that you can utilize your third eye.

How do I pass the Chatter test?
Read the instructions very carefully! If you actually read the instructions than you will pass.

How do I private e-mail someone?
Go to their profile page. At the top left you will see a tab marked “mail”. If you click on that tab it will allow you to send them a private e-mail.

How do I post a spell?
As it states on the Magic Rituals and Articles page which can be accessed by clicking the Articles tab located along the top of every site page and then clicking the Coven Articles tab located in the secondary row of tabs just under the primary row of tabs; Articles and spells may be added to the site by joining a coven and adding the spell yourself. The Spell Casters coven auto accepts all members.

How do I practice visualization?
Begin in a meditative state and clear your mind. Once you have complete control of your mind picture the thing that you want to. focus on every detail of the thing that you are visualizing, focus on the feel and the smell. Treat it as if it is right in front of you.

How do I private chat with a member that is offline?
You can’t chat with someone who is off-line. The only way to have a private conversation is to PM them while both of you are in chat.

How do I remove a friend who is deleted?
You cannot remove them once their account is deleted.

How do I report someone?
Contact a moderator with the site’s mail system and tell them about what happened.

How do I reset my communication limit?
Your limit rests every hour or so. If you hit the limit, stop mailing and give it an hour or two to reset. If you try to mail in this time, it will take it longer to reset. If it does not reset, and you cannot use the chatter/forums, it means you have been gagged.

How do i search for and find members?
There is a Google search box at the top of each site page on this website. Type the User Name for the profile you wish to locate in the site search box and then press the search button just to the right of the search box. A list of the profiles and other site content that contain the key words will be provided. Hopefully the account you are looking for will appear in the top of the search results.

How do I see my favorites?
Click on your favorite tab to see the things you has marked as a favorite. If you have not marked anything as a favorite then there will be nothing in the folder. To mark something as a favorite click on the button when you are looking at the spell or thread.

How do I send a PM in the chatter?

How do I send mail?
go to the members bio page that you want to mail and click the mail tab

How do I start believing?
No one can tell you how or what to believe. You either believe in magic or you do not. There is no way to “prove” to you that magic exists.

How do I submit an article?
You submit an article by becoming an Editor or Council member of a shreekali.

How do I submit applications to shreekali?
An account can only be in one coven at a time. Select the coven you would like to join. Go to the coven’s page and click on the “Accepting Applications” button. Be sure you read the coven page to see if the leaders require any specific information from you when applying to their coven. Even if the leaders don’t’ request it you should write to them about your interest in joining their coven.

How do I summon a succubus?
A succubus is the female counterpart of an incubus, which are demons that drain your energy by spiritually having sex with you causing you to weaken. You could write a ritual to summon one after studying, but it is not advisable.

How do I summon faeries?
I do not suggest that you summon a fae. The fae do not take kindly to being summoned; like they don’t like being called faeries. Fae have a tendency to be mischievous. So, study into the fae and learn about them before you try anything with them. And when your ready set up things that they are attracted to.

How do I talk to a Tree?
I meditate and if you really listen you will hear the tree.

How do I tell what ranking spells are?
Spells which have been ranked will have stars associated with the spell. The highest ranking is 5 stars. However, the spell rankings should not be taken seriously as anyone can rank a spell. You’ll find many spells on here with high rankings which will never work or are sheer fantasy.

How do I unjoin?
To cancel your membership to ShreeKali go to your Profile page and click on “edit”. At the bottom of that page you will see an option for “delete membership”

How do i unsubscribe?
Go to your Profile on this site. Click on (Edit) at the top of the page next to your “Member Info”. Scroll to the bottom of that page and you will see a “Delete Account” button. Click on that and your account will be deleted.

How do I update my email address?
Unfortunately there is no way to update an email on a single account. What you can do is create a new account.

How do I upload a picture from mobile?
I usually send the picture from my mobile to my personal email. then I down load it to my pc. I then go into my pc and add it to my bio. If you have a FaceBook app you can send it directly to your Facebook and download it to your pc..

How do I upload a spell?
As it states on the magic rituals and articles page; Articles and spells may be added to the site by joining a coven and adding the spell yourself. The Spell Casters coven auto accepts all members.

How do I visit my realm?
You don’t have a realm is the first part of the answer. However, it is possible to travel to the Astral Plane through astral projection. The astral plane is the place where many spirits and other energetic beings can be found. It is possible to create an astral temple or a safe space on the astral to which you can go in meditation or dreamwork.

How do I write my own spells, and how do I know if they worked effectively?
How to Write your Own Spells- First you need to consider what kind of spell you want to write. Will it be a rain spell, a protection spell, or maybe a healing spell? Once you’ve gotten down what kind of spell you want to do, consider your intent behind it. Do you want to make it rain because the plants are drying up? Do you know someone who is struggling and needs some protection? Or perhaps you want to help heal someone who is sick? Dig deep and really feel out the reasons behind why you want to do this kind of spell. You should ask yourself- Do I really need to cast this spell? Make sure your spell isn’t going to harm others. Is it going to take away free will from someone? If your intentions are pure and not out of spite or hate, then you can proceed. The next thing you are going to wanna do is really consider if you want to use tools. If you do, what kinds of tools will you need? Every tool has an energy you can add to a spell, so consider them very carefully. At this time you may also wish to consider the use of herbs or stones as well, as they too are a type of tool. Remember that if you feel you don’t need a tool, then don’t use one. Once you know what materials you are going to use, if you desire to use any at all, you can move on to a moon phase, or a day of the week, colors, gods and goddesses etc… Or you can choose not to use one at all. Now is the time to also consider, how fast do you want the spell to work, and what exactly you want the outcome to be. Now comes the fun part. You have all the basic criteria down. You can now start working on the actual writing of the spell. Remember that when you write your own spells, you put your own energy into them, and these will work better because of that. (This same technique can also be used for rewriting other spells that you may find). Once you have the spell written you are ready to plan a basic outline for casting. Here’s one you can use to help you (this is based on the use of a candle, and remember this is only an outline, that means it’s just here to give you a rough idea)

1/ Casting the spell on the day and in the moon that is needed

2/ Anointing a candle (of which colour you would have found out in the step above) with oil and herbs (which you also found out in the step above).

3/ Then lighting the candle and saying a rhyme, chant or verse to the god or goddess you are calling upon stating exactly what you want the outcome of the spell to be.

4/ Putting your hands over the candle (not so you burn yourself) focus your energies into the candle envisioning them as a bright white light which will power the spell.

5/ Then you have the choice of blowing the candle out a burying the remaining or letting it burn down completely which will send the spell out into the universe.

6/ Finish the spell by saying: With harm to none, So mote it be. (or something along these lines)

You should write the whole spell out as above exactly how you plan on casting it, so you have it in front of you and there will be no mistakes when it comes to casting it for real. Don’t forget to cast your circle before the spell, or remove it afterwards.Just make sure you are working in a clean area and cleanse the room of negativity before hand by sprinkling some salt water around and keeping a bowl of salt in the room to absorb negative energies. Smudging is also a good idea! Don’t forget most spells unless specified in it will take anything up to 21 days to manifest although most work quickly if the need is great. How to make them work- Once you have the Spell you want written up and ready to go. Look back and plan out the day based off your correspondence data that you want to cast the spell on. If it?s a full moon, then whenever the next full moon may be, or if it?s a Saturday Night, then the next Saturday night that you can work with undisturbed. For those who cast circles, you will be casting a circle, so follow the way that you normally do so. The more practice you get, and depending on the type of spell you are working, you won?t need the circle all the time. For these purposes though, we will use one. Make sure all your tools for the spell are on the altar and ready to go. You can bring the spell into the circle with you, you?ll want to take notes on the feelings and impressions you get after the spell is done. Do a quick double check and make sure everything is where it needs to be. If you like to mark out your circle do so, otherwise go ahead and cast the circle. You?re going to want to go ahead and raise energy once the elements and deity (if you chose to invoke them) have been invoked. You can raise energy by several means eg: Through singing, drumming, chanting, dancing and several other methods. Once you feel the energy is raised to a point where it can?t be raised anymore, then this is when you will focus and do the spell. While you are going through the motions of speaking the words, or tying knots in cords, etc, you are going to want to really see yourself doing it all in your mind?s eye. See the spell as being completed with every step you do, until you are finished. Once you are finished take a moment and really see in your mind what you want to have happen.( Remember the more energy, will and focus you put into a spell the more likely it will take effect.) Focus on this a moment then release the idea. Let it leave you and move on freely to the universe to start taking effect. Personally I like just writing everything down now, but you can clean up and then write your impressions. I find that if you write everything down right away while still in circle, you are more true to your feelings and impressions, and you won?t forget them so easily. After you cast your spell, you can go ahead and dismiss the elements, deity and the circle, Clean everything up and go about your business. Remember not to talk too much about the spell, as this causes it to looses momentum. A good example of how this works is when you are angry at someone. The more you talk about it, the less angry you get. It works the same way with spells. How to know they have worked- There are many subtle signs such as right after the spell takes effect you will get shivers, or a breeze will blow and you will just know. Basically if you think it is a sign, then it is a sign. When signs show they could be within a few minutes of performing a spell or 3 days, or even a month. Each sign for each spell and person is different. You just have to remain observant

How do spells work?
Spells work because the spell caster has mastered the techniques of focus, intent, energy manipulation, visualization, and confident belief. You might find the book “Spells and How They Work” by Janet and Stewart Farrar to be helpful.

How do Voodoo dolls work?
Voodoo dolls are a form of sympathetic magic. You create a doll or poppet to represent the person that you want to have affected by the spell. Then whatever magical spell you do to the doll will theoretically have the same effect on the person that the doll represents.

How do you absorb energy from an object?
You can absorb the energy that is emanating from different objects by utilizing energy gathering techniques used in meditation.

How do you access covens forums?
Under the forums tab there are three tabs. Click the tab on the far right that says covens.

How do you add an event to the calendar?
Click on the “edit” button located in the top right corner of the calendar. Then click on the “add event” button. Fill in the all the information and then click on the “save changes” button.

How do you add a spell?
As it states on the magic rituals and articles page; Articles and spells may be added to the site by joining a coven and adding the spell once an account reaches Council rank or higher in that Coven. The Spell Casters coven auto accepts all members and places them at a council rank.

How do you appear to be offline when you are in chat?
Your account cannot appear to be offline while you are signed into the site. Entering the chat will automatically list your account with the other accounts whom are accessing the online chat.

How do you apply to take over a coven?
If your account is over three months old, and you are not currently in a coven- go to the groups page, scroll down to the bottom and click apply to whichever group you want to apply for.

How do you become a mod?
The administration decides who becomes a moderator. If the administration feels you should become a moderator you will be made a moderator. Asking about it is not a wise way to achieve it.

How do you become an editor?
First don’t ask for it, kind of a rule of thumb. Second by proving you are worth making an editor. Post often and post reasonable forums nothing fluff.

How do you become a Wiccan?
You start out by studying and reading until you know what Wicca is all about and you are sure that this is the religion you wish to follow. Then you begin practicing by celebrating the Esbats and the Sabbats and honoring the Lord and Lady. When you have done this for a year ask yourself whether this is what you truly believe in. If the answer is yes, then you can consider yourself to be Wiccan.

How do you better your focus?
I would suggest meditation and various techniques related to focusing (such as breathing patterns, chanting, etc). It’s easier to focus as well when you have a sacred space, or a quiet area to focus in where you will not be disrupted.

How do you break a love spell?
Most of the time, you can do any general reversal spell or uncrossing.

How do you change your nickname?
Do you mean your name on here? If so than you can’t. The only way is to delete your account and make another one. If you mean your nickname in real life… that is a little tricky.

How do you charge a stone?
Many believe that the easiest way to charge any stone or crystal is to take it back to where you got it from and leave it in the dirt for 24 hours. However there are many ways to accomplish this. 1.Hold the stone in your projective hand (usually the your dominant hand). 2.Visualize your need and feel the pouring of energy out from your body and into the stone. At this time please make sure that you are visualizing every aspect of your need not a general idea but feel what it would feel like to have that need fulfilled. 3.After your stone is charged you can carry it with you or place it in a safe place within your home, office, or wherever to let the energies flow. Also, it is important to always eat and have a moment after charging a stone.

How do you charm/charge items?
By either blessing them with a ritual, or just having strong feelings towards the object. Blessing rituals differ a lot and there is no exact order or ingredient to it.

How do you cleanse and charge stones/crystals?
There are a few different ways of cleansing. Washing the stones in salt water, burying the stones in the earth with salt over top of them and leaving them for several days, or you can place them in a fire to cleanse them however they may become damaged in appearance. To charge stones you can place them in the moon light for several nights, place them on an alter, pour your own energy into them, or leaving them next to an object that represents what kind of energy you would like to charge the stone with. Such as leaving the stone on the ground to absorb earth energy and moon energy, placing the stone on an alter next to a statue of the goddess, or hanging the stone in a tree by some hemp or other natural fiber so the stone can absorb energy from the air and the tree.

How do you clean someone’s aura and chakras?
There are several ways to cleanse the aura, chakras, or energy field of a person. Smudging with the smoke of a cleansing herb such as sage, soaking in a cleansing bath with salt and a cleansing oil such as eucalyptus, and submerging in a clean moving, natural body of water such as a stream or the ocean are some of the options one can utilize to cleanse the aura or energy field of any object.

How do you confirm friends?
To add a friend, go to that person’s profile page. In their Friends section you are able to add them or remove them as a friend. You can also grant and revoke access to your personal photos. However, there is no notification system for when someone has added you. If you have added them, and they have not added you, they will appear under your unconfirmed friends list and only you will be able to see that. If you both add each other, you will both appear under each others confirmed friends list- which is public.

How do you delete a spell?
You cannot delete a spell off this website. Only the admin can do such a thing.

How do you finding your magical name?
Follow your intuition, a name that sounds “right”. If you wish, ask your spirit guides to help you. Also, magical names are often indicative of your personality, goals, or understanding of magic.

How do you find out your spirit weapon?
I’m uncertain as to a ‘spiritual weapon’, but most things like your power animal, element, etc., can be found through lucid dreaming, meditation, or simple discovery.

How do you find your element?
A lot of people would say that you can find your element through several ways. Keep in mind it is thought that you can associate yourself with more than one element. Some easy ways would be to spend time with each element, meditate on them, and perhaps start a dream journal. “Your” element(s) are the ones you feel most comfortable working with.

How do you get a title like “Experienced”?
I believe you refer to reputation. Reputation is a ranking of your contributions (spells/articles/forum posts) and how you are viewed by other members of the website. Ranks are: Beginner / Novice / Knowledgeable / Adept. If you have not been on the site for a significant time you may not yet have a rank.

How do you get out of the astral plane?
When you travel in spirit to the astral plane your spirit remains tied to your physical body by a silver cord. Following that cord back to your physical body will help you leave the astral plane.

How do you get your deleted picture back?
If it’s deleted, it’s deleted. Your best option is to upload the same picture again, if you still have it saved on your computer, phone, or tablet.

How do you know if a spell is real?
The best thing to do is use common sense. If it sounds too good to be true then it probably isn’t. Spells under the “Fantasy” section on shreekali are strictly fantasy spells. Use intuition and common sense when selecting a spell. You can also judge the spell’s credibility by its rating.

How do you know if somebody has requested to be your friend?
You don’t unless they tell you that they added you. For this reason you should let people know when you add them as a friend, do not assume they are automatically informed.

How do you know what coven you should get involved with?
Selecting a coven to join, whether here on the site or elsewhere, is ultimately a personal choice. Research specific covens and communicate with each coven’s leaders and other members to get to know the group better. The covens listed on this site each maintain a home page that includes a description of the coven’s intent, practices, and other points of interest. Many groups will list specific requirements while applying for a position in their coven so be sure to follow any directions stated on the coven page if you decide to apply. Be sure to contact the leaders of the coven either before or after you apply as many will require this for entry into their circle.

How do you know when you are gagged?
An account that is gagged will not be able to enter the live chat, send private messages or site mail, nor will it be allowed to post in any of the site’s forums.

How do you know you have opened your third eye?
You will know when it is open. But in actuality, your third eye (and all the other chakras, for that matter) is already open. You just need to cleanse it of blockages and work on using the chakra.

How do you know you’re the leader of a coven?
On your profile page, it should say what coven your in. Below it, should say: “Coven title: Member”. Or, when you are a Priest/ess of the coven you are in, it will change from “Member” to “Priest” or “Priestess”.

How do you locate your favorites?
Once you have added spells, articles, and/or forum posts to your favorite list you can access the list through your profile page. Simply click on the favorites tab located just above your profile picture.

How do you make an Athame?
An athame can be carved from bone or wood or forged from metal. I think most people buy athames nowadays but it would be an awesome project to undertake and it would help imbue your own energy into the item, making it very personal.

How do you make a smudge stick?
You create a smudge stick by wrapping twigs of fresh sage with a long piece of thread. Some people like to include sweet grass or lavender. Sage is used to clear the space and the sweet grass or lavender will fill the void with happiness.

How do you make psi balls?
Find a quiet place where you can relax. Sit and hold your hands out in front of you, palms together like you are praying. Rub your palms together to create a small amount of heat, then spread your palms apart by about a half to full inch. You should notice a change in the heat as you space your palms apart, if you lose the feeling just rub your palms together again and spread your palms apart again feeling the change in energy. Once you become attuned with the energy change, try pulling your palms apart another inch or so. As you pulled your palms apart or push them closer, you should feel as the energy changes. As you push your palms together you should notice that the energy is compressing. You can make a Psi Ball as big or little as you wish. You may also make it into what shape you desire, such as a Psi Square or brick. May take some practice and concentration. If you get frustrated, take a break and try again later.

How do you make spells?
You must learn to cast in order to cast a spells. Start with meditation and chakra work. Then move on to simple castings, such as a circle and shielding. Read as much as you can about the different forms of casting as well, such as candle magic. Visit Newbie central to help you get started as well. The Tips section has several good pointers

How do you make yourself believe in magick?
I do not know that you can make yourself believe anything. For many it is simply a matter of faith.

How do you obtain a familiar?
One does not obtain a familiar, one creates a bond with a familiar. This can be done by creating a thought form which can take a physical form or by summoning an already existing spiritual being and creating a bond with them.

How do you perform astral projection?
Astral Projection is a skill that is learned through study and practice. It may be achieved after one has been meditating on a daily basis for a continuous and sustained amount of time. It is suggested that one research this topic by looking through our already existing forum posts about astral projection and asking any further questions one may have there. Joining a coven may also help so that others are available to help instruct one in their study and practice.

How do you post a new forum?
Go to the forums, then find a thread you wish to post in and click it. Once this is done, in the top right-hand corner it will say “start a new thread”. Click this and write your article, then click submit.

How do you put up a photo while using your iPhone?
The mobile site is limited in its functionality. Many of the profile options simply do not work on the mobile site at this time. Currently, you can not upload photos on a mobile device.

How do you read the palm?
Palmistry is a form of divination. To read the palm first determine the dominate hand of the person and then study the lines on this palm to gather insight into their work life, accomplishments, and how they present themselves to others. The other palm reveals details about the person’s relationships and emotional struggles as well as their hopes and dreams. For further information type “palm reading” or “palmistry” into the site search bar, located in the upper right hand corner of every site page and read the articles provided. Be sure to cross reference the information with other sources you may find.

How do you say yes to a friend request?
To become “friends” with someone on shreekali, you and the other person must click “Add User as a Friend” located on the right of their profile.

How do you see spirits?
You see spirits via your third eye.

How do you send an e-mail to a person?
Go to the Profile page of the person to whom you wish to send an e-mail. On the left hand side of the page, above the picture, you will see a tab marked “Mail”. Click on that tab and it will open a window to let you send the e-mail to that person.

How do you send someone mail or a message if you just read their spell?
Click on the name of the person you wish to contact and go to their profile. Once there click on the “Mail” tab above their picture. This will take you to a place where you can send an e-mail message to them. But be aware that many of the spells on here were posted by people who haven’t been members here for a long time.

How do you spot a werewolf?
Werewolves do not really exist. They are a creation of Hollywood and of fiction authors. The myth probably arose because there are some medical conditions which cause people to grow excessive body hair. But werewolves such as you see in movies are imaginary.

How do you start magic?
Most people suggest you start with something called “the basics”, which includes things such as meditation and grounding, etc. They can be learned through study and practice. I suggest looking through the forums and asking there. You can also join a coven to have someone available to help instruct in your study and practice. The articles, as well, serve to housing much of this information. If you need more help, there is always Newbie Central and the Tips page.

How do you take down spells that you have posted?
You cannot take down a spell once it is posted. The only person who can remove spells from the site is Petrarca, the Site Administrator.

How do you talk with a ghost without an ouija board?
Meditation is one way to communicate with spirits, or you could use one of the many different forms of divination. For Yes or No questions you wish to ask the spirit you can use a pendulum

How do you tell the difference between a New Moon, Waxing Moon, Waning Moon and Full Moon?
The Moon Cycle begins with a New Moon and occurs during the Dark Phase of the moon cycle when there is very little moon visible in the night sky. The New Moon happens in the moments following the onset of the Waxing Moon Phase or when the Moon’s reflective surface area is growing in size. Once complete the Moon is Full and the Waning Moon Phase begins which occurs as the Moon’s reflective area dwindles or become smaller. The Moon completes its cycle during the Dark Phase of the Moon just before the Moon begins to Wax or grow again.

How do you train yourself to see auras?
Open and align your third eye. Auras are the energy around the body and can be seen via your third eye. Practice by looking at a person and focusing on the space right around them. Look for the energy they are giving off.

How do you unfavorite?
Go to your profile, and click the “Favorites” tab. From there, click the forum post or article you wish to unfavorite. It will take you directly to that item. At the top of the forum (bottom of the articles, I believe) it will say: Remove this(forum/article) as a Favorite. Click the word favorite, and it removes it.

How do you write a spell?
You must learn to cast in order to cast a spells. Start with meditation and chakra work. Then move on to simple castings, such as a circle and shielding. Read as much as you can about the different forms of casting as well, such as candle magic. Visit Newbie central to help you get started as well. The Tips section has several good pointers

How long does a spell backfire last?
Assuming that what happened is indeed a backfire of a spell and not simply life happening, then a backfire lasts as long as it lasts. There is no way to know how long the results of a spell gone wrong will last, just as there is no way to know how long it will take for a spell to manifest.

How long does it take for a dragon to hatch?
Dragons are not physically real, and therefore do not hatch.

How long does it take for a spell to work?
The time it takes for a spell to work depends on things like the strength of the caster and type of spell. Some spells are immediate, others may take years. However, usually the caster will just ‘know’ right away whether a spell worked.

How long does it take to learn the basics?
It depends on the individual. Everyone learns at different speeds, as everyone has different learning styles. I would suggest not to rush anything, to take your time with the basics and get to understand them fully- so to answer your questions, I would say it would take some time. It is not something you learn overnight and understand.

How long does it take to perfect a simple spell?
It is different for each individual- there is no set amount of time. Some would suggest learning a bit about spell casting and spells in general before attempting to do spells. Once you have a basic understanding, it may be easier to attempt them. Practice is also an important aspect.

How long do I need to be on the site to be able to create a coven?
There are enough covens and no new ones are allowed at this time.

How long do you have to be on this site to upload a spell?
In order to upload a spell you must be a member of a Coven and hold a rank of Council or higher in that coven. The requirements for being a Council member vary from Coven to Coven. However, in Spellcasters Coven all members are ranked as Council.

How long is it until you can apply to run a coven?
If your account is over three months old, and you are not currently in a coven you can apply to Petrarca,the Site Administrator, to take over a coven. However, just because you apply to do so does not mean that you will be permitted to do so.

How long should I mediate?
How ever long you feel necessary for your intended purpose. Do keep in mind that there are different forms of meditation designed to achieve different purposes.

How long will a gag last?
Gags are often permanent, as stated in the rules you have to agree to for chatter: I understand that the Moderator’s decision is final and if I argue with a warning or other person’s gag, I too will be gagged and the gag will not be removed. Moderators do not gag members at random. If someone was gagged it was because they broke the rules. If you get a warning the moderator is being extremely nice and arguing will just get you gagged.

How many different forms of magick are there?
There are an infinite number of magical forms since most people have there own unique style.

How many psychic abilities can someone have?
Some may have several psychic abilities, others may never develop any. There is no limit to how many psychic abilities one may develop, however in order for these abilities to be effective they must first be strengthened through practice and stimulation of the third eye.

How many rankings are there to be given?
There is:

1) Fluffy- Only knowledgeable members can see this rank. It means someone who is not serious, who trolls the site, and who roleplays fantasy. 2) No rank- Generally means you haven’t got any votes yet.

3) Beginner- You are just starting out or have just a basic understanding of things.

4) Novice- You have studied some and have a more broader knowledge of things.

5) Knowledgeable- You are knowledgeable and mature, often specializing in a certain area or practice and are qualified to teach others here.

6) Adept- The highest rank for those who have been practicing a long time, are extremely knowledgeable in their paths/other paths, and are helpful.

How many spells do you have to do to move on to intermediate?
It is not so much a number of spells, but your ability to control the forces needed for the magic you wish to cast. This is mostly a natural ability, though with practice people can improve and become better. In short, there are no hard and fast rules to say when you have reached a certain level.

How many times must you chant a spell?
I would say that it depends on the individual spell, and what it calls for. If it doesn’t seem to have any specific number of times you must chant something, I say do it as many times as you personally feel that it needs.

How many wands can you have?
You can have as many wands as you wish and as you need. Some magical practitioners will have wands made from different woods for different purposes so they may have quite a few different ones.

How to deal with someone casting spells against you?
First and foremost stop feeding the negative energy being sent your direction. Break up the energy by utilizing an uncrossing/unhexing ritual that combines a banishing aspect. Be sure to cleanse and purify yourself and your living spaces after as well as place protection magic around you. You may need to repeat the cleansing aspect on a regular basis and increase your protection over time. Protection magic builds on itself. Each time protection magic is practiced it links with previous protection magic that has been cast.

How to read messages sent to me by a member?
Click on the link in the top right of the page that says Mail. It will be between Profile and Sign Out. From there a list of unread messages, if any, will show.

How to use site mail?
Go to the profile page of the site member you would like to contact. Click the mail tab located just above their profile picture. Type your message in the box provided and then click the send button located below the box to complete the mailing.

How will I know if my spell is going to work?
Not all spells work right away. It can take years for a spell to work. Also some use a pendulum before and after a spell to see if the spell is going to be successful.

How will you know when you’ve hit communication limit?
You will not be able to reply to forums or to mail anyone.

How would one self-initiate themselves?
You cannot self-initiate yourself. To be initiated one needs both a group into which to be initiated and someone to conduct the initiation that makes you part of the group egregore. However, you certainly can do a self-dedication. That can be as simple as stating your intentions verbally or in writing and promising to follow a specific path to the best of your ability.

I am new here, how do I get started?
I would suggest starting out by reading “The Basics Expanded”, “The Elements”, and “Visualization, in the General Info Forum here. I’d also recommend the book.

I been trying to cast a spell but I have been unsuccessful. What am I doing wrong?
Magick takes time and education to achieve. Meditation is not the end all be all. There is also grounding, centering, visualization, correspondences, and so much more! You can find many free resources such as pdfs, articles, and informational forum posts to help guide you. Remember, Google is free and opened twenty four seven.

I believe in magic, but the spells don’t work. Why?
There could be any number of reasons your spells don’t work. It is important to realize that many of the spells on this site are fake and will never work at all. Or the problem may be that you don’t understand the basics of what makes magic work and haven’t mastered the necessary skills.

If I block somebody, will they know that I’ve blocked them?
No. Your account will simply appear as if it was removed from shreekali; no profile picture, bio, other pictures, friends listing, or any option by which to contact you.

If I buy a wand in the shop, will I still have to charge the wand?
Most wands or any magical items posses a power of their own so its not necessary. However, if you wish to place your own special energy on it it would be a good idea..

If I deleted the email I used to create my account, would my account be deleted?
No, but you may not be able to recover the shreekali account if there is a password issue.

If I have been gagged will my profile be removed?
No. Although it is up to the mod that gagged you to remove the gag. This being said if your not ungagged soon after being gagged I would make a new account and let it go.

If I make a small mistake in saying a spell do I have to redo it?
If you have any doubt in your mind that your spell might not work because you made a mistake in casting it then it is likely that the spell will fail. The best thing to do is to stop as soon as you realize your mistake and start the spell over again from the beginning.

If I’m not experienced in casting a spell and cast one, will it still work?
Possibly, but it’s not very likely on the first try that one will be capable of casting a spell or other magical working that manifests to the desired result. The more one knows about and understands the basics of magic, combined with their experience and practice of the necessary skills, the more likely it is that any spell cast by them will work.

If magic is practiced by generations continuously so is it possible that it grew as trait in them and flows directly into next generation & seen enhanced in individuals of next generation that last one ?
The answer is yes and no. You might be born with the potential to work magic, but if you never do the necessary study and practice to master it, then it is likely you won’t ever do it. Think of someone with parents who are concert pianists. Unless they actually study and practice they aren’t going to be able to play themselves.

If plagiarism is found, should it be reported to a moderator?
Plagiarism can only be reported to a moderator if a member is not providing credit to which their sources were found.

If someone has had a binding or love spell placed on them to keep them from leaving the relationship, is there a spell that can undo whatever has been done and return free will?
Once can use a reversal or breaking spell to rid themselves of unwanted magical influence. One should follow this type of casting with a cleansing bath or a smudging once the spell is broken or removed.

If something is out of stock in the store will I ever be able to order it?
Depending on the specific item it may or may not return to stock. Many of our items return to stock within a few weeks. Some of the hand crafted items may take longer to return. Other items may be a special one time only and when they are gone they are gone. If you would like to check on a specific item please contact us at admin@shreekali.com with the name and SKU number of the item in question.

If you invoke a god or goddess do you gain their powers?
Nope, you don’t. If you invoke a God or Goddess for aid in a magical working they might decide to help that working come to fruition. Or they might not. It is entirely up to them. But the power remains with the Gods, their power is not given to us so that we become as them.

If you invoke a god or goddess will they control you?
No, that is not how invocation works. There is something similar to that, called “deity” or “spirit possession” that some paths and practices incorporate but it is not the same thing.

If you were born empathic,psychic, etc. Could a body or spiritual spells change that?
Spells can not change what abilities you do have although they can suppress them. The best way to rid oneself of certain abilities is generally never use them, which in turn is very difficult when faced with mental abilities.

I have a membership, but I can’t find where I can start a new thread in forums?
To start a new thread in the shreekali forums one must first have an shreekali account that is in good standing. While in the shreekali forums one must choose the forum category that best suits the topic they wish to post about. Once in a specific forum section click on the hyperlink that says; Start a new thread, located to the right of the forum page numbers just above the first thread listed in the forum category and next to the LIVE CHAT hyperlink area.

I have practiced magic for a while and it still hasn’t worked. What do I do now?
The problem is that magic is not a simple as chanting some words or lighting some candles. Often the reason that spells aren’t working is that the person casting them doesn’t truly understand how and why magic functions in the first place. I would suggest the following books to give you a better understanding of magical basics to give you the ground work on which to build your magical skills.

I’m new to Wicca. How can I learn more?
Start with the Wicca Forum here on shreekali. In particular read the threads “What Wicca Is and Isn’t” and the “Main Wicca Posts”. They will provide you with a lot of information. I’d also suggest the book “Wicca” by Thea Sabin.

I need help getting this negative energy from around me.
Smudging is an essential practice to help disperse and remove negative energy that is surrounding an individual or contained within a particular space. Once cleansed, protection magic should be cast about the person or place to help keep negative energy from accumulating again. This can be done with a spell, ward, or ritual to help keep negative energy from interfering with an individual or space. The construction of a healthy personal shield is another great way to keep negative energy away from an individual. One can begin to research how to cleanse and shield by visiting the following shreekali web pages.

Is a familiar physical or not? Can others see it or not? Do you create one or not? One post in the FAQ said they are physical and you do not make one while another in the FAQ said they are spiritual and they are created, not obtained. I’m confused.
A familiar is a spiritual being that may take a physical form. They may be created by the practitioner like a thought form or they may be a separate being that the practitioner agrees to work magically with. They may be seen by others, but they are not always seen due to the form they may choose to take.

Is an African witch different from a witch?
The word witch is just a title given to a magic practitioner. Each person is different in their casting though similarities are common.

Is doing spell work against God?
That is a question that should be asked of your religious leader, not some random stranger on a message board. Some religions believe that their God does not want them to do magic. Other religions have no problem with it. What does your religion teach?

Is dominican or haitian vodou covered on the forum?
All forms of voodoo are covered in the Voodoo Forum.

Is dragon magick considered light magick?
Dragon magic is simply working with the energy of dragons to aid one’s personal practice. What makes something light/white magic as opposed to dark/black magic is the caster’s intention. One could use their connection with dragons to either help or harm another, and this intention denotes the type of magic the practitioner is casting.

Is energy something I gain by performing spells and mediation?
Spells require energy to cast them. Prior to casting a spell one will need to gather energy and then redirect the energy into the spell to cast it.

Is everything charged with energy?
It is confirmed by physics, that even we are made of energy and so is everything else.

Is Halloween a powerful night to cast a spell?
Halloween/Samhain is a sabbath/holiday and a time for celebration. Spell work is not enhanced due to this however a small amount of magical workings is a good way to celebrate. Divination is the best magical workings to perform on Samhain.

Is imagining and believing the same thing?
No. Imagining is like visualizing something happening, or visualizing an object. Belief is an acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists, and having the confidence that it does exist.

Is it necessary to perform magick in complete isolation?
No. Covens work magick together all the time, but if you’re not performing magick with others, then it is very important that you do it by yourself in isolation from others.

Is it normal for a spell you’ve written not to work?
No spell will work 100% of the time. There could be many reasons why a spell might not work. Remember too that spells work in their own time. It may yet manifest. Don’t expect a spell to work immediately.

Is it normal to be able to control what happens in your dreams?
Many people are able to do that. It’s known as “lucid dreaming” and is a skill that pretty much anyone can learn if they wish to. It’s perfectly normal.

Is it OK to be Christian and do magick?
It can be argued either way and so the answer lies in one’s own belief. Some would say no, it is not okay to be a Christian who practices magic because of what certain passages in the bible state. For example, “thou shall not suffer a witch to live” may be interpreted that it is not acceptable for a “real Christian” to practice magic. However, others would point out that many passages of the bible were mistranslated and the most accurate translation of Exodus 22:18 is “thou shall not suffer a poisoner to live”. They may also bring up the fact that passages from The Book of Psalms are actually utilized in certain specific forms of magical practice.

Is it ok to practice magic without being Pagan or Wiccan?
Certainly! Magic is a craft, it has nothing to do with religion.

Is it possible for an object to have multiple spells in placed on it? Like- invisible to me and a hex as well?
Theoretically it is possible, but I would not advise it as it might disrupt the energies of a spell and result in an unexpected or even unwanted result. I would place each spell on a different object.

Is it possible for a non-coven member to post spells?
No it is not. You have to be a Coven member of Council rank or higher in order to post spells to this site.

Is it possible for someone to cast a spell for me right now?
Spells should be learned to cast on your own; they’re more effective that way. If you encounter someone who claims they can cast spells for you, don’t go for it. It is most likely a scam.

Is it possible to be immune to magic?
No. Magick is nothing more than an application of one’s own energy. You can however shield yourself from others and use protection techniques

Is it possible to change my personality with magick?
no, you cant change your personality with magic. If you want those types of changes in yourself, simply actin within and reflect those changes that you wish.

Is it possible to find, or get, Fairy Dust or Dragon’s Blood?
Fairy Dust that can be bought is purely symbolic. It is not real fairy dust, by a component used to represent this in your magical practice. Dragon’s Blood the name for a resin derived from a root. It is possible to harvest if you grow the proper plants, but it is a rather complex process.

Is it possible to find out who rated my article?
No. All ratings are anonymous.

Is it possible to forget how to use magick?
Not really. If you have truly learned how and why magic works then taking up the practice again is rather like getting back on a bicycle again after you haven’t ridden in awhile.

Is it possible to lose magick powers?
You can not loose your magick, nor can you have it taken away. Magick is part of your energy and your life.

Is it possible to post more than one photo at once?
You cannot post more than one photo at once. Photos have to be uploaded one at a time.

Is magic bad?
Magic is neither bad nor good. It is energy that is composed of both positive and negative polarities. Whether it is bad or good is based upon mere opinion. This is generally determined, not only by opinion, but also by how magic is used and for what purpose.

Is magic real?
Magic is real if you believe that it is real. It is also like asking if faith is real.

Is slenderman real and if so can you become his proxy?
Slenderman is not real. It’s a computer game.

Is studying demonology bad?
That depends entirely on what you believe about demons. Many believe that demons are not necessarily evil but are powerful entities that can help with one’s magic. Others believe all demons are evil.

Is telekinesis real?
That is a much debated subject, and at the moment in our present state of human evolution there is no such claim or proof that such things exist.

Is the Art of formal philosophers like Hermes Trismegistus the same as in Wicca?
Wicca is a specific religion founded in the mid 20th century by Gerald Gardner. Hermes Trismegistus philosophy stems from the Corpus Hermticum writings and utilizes the three allied esoteric aspects of Astrology, Alchemy, and Magic. Both draw from the concept that the universe and everything in it is interconnected.

Is the Necronomicon a good book to have in my library?
The Necronomicon does not exist. It was a plot device in a fictional book by H.P. Lovecraft.

Is the Priest and Priestess like parents?
They can be. It depends on the individual Priest and Priestess as well as the coven they run. Some like to form tight-knit communities, wherein they consider their members to be family. Others like to be impersonal.

Is there a book that teaches to cast spells without ingredients. Voice alone?
Chanting is a way of raising energy for a magical working. It uses the power of language and the vibrations from the sounds created to manifest a desired outcome. Chants are often combined with other actions within a magical working, this is because the more energy raised and directed towards a specific goal the stronger the casting becomes. Some chants, like ones for protection, can be repeated in times of need to help feed prior castings that are still in effect but simply need a boost.

Is there a counter-spell?
Yes, there are spells that can counter a spell that has already been cast; however, there are some who believe that once casted the spell cannot be broken nor countered. Others believe that there are only certain spell that cannot be countered or broken.

Is there a difference between ghost and spirits?
All ghosts are spirits but not all spirits are ghosts. A ghost is the spirit form of a person who once had a physical body. There are many spirits that have never had a physical body because they are simply energy beings. These can be seen as gods, angels, nymphs, sprites, faeries, etc. There are also spirits of the elements, plants and animals.

Is there a limit to how many photos we can upload to our photo album?
There is no limit to the number of photos one can upload to their photo album.

Is there an age restriction to join this site?
Yes, anyone may join this site. There are some laws in some countries restricting what information may be collected from minors. The only information we require is an email address to confirm your account, which is acceptable under these laws.

Is there an app?
No. The site has a mobile version, same address on you mobile device.

Is there an old religion of witchcraft?
Witchcraft is a form of magic and does not have to have a specific religion connected to it, however many use witchcraft or magical workings as part of their religious practices. The oldest religions known at this time utilized some form of magic.

Is there any incantation that can help me concentrate during meditation?
It takes time and effort to meditate efficiently; even meditating helps meditations you will do. What you can for incantations is use a simple mantra such as the “Ohm” mantra. There are many meditation mantras. Try researching them and give them a try.

Is there any magic or spell that does not go with candles and oils?
The best spells are those you create yourself. If you don’t have access to candles, oils, or other tools then create a spell that does not require these things.

Is there any speciality needed to cast spell?
There is no specialty required to cast a spell; anyone can learn how to do so if they are willing to put in the study and practice to understand how and why magic works.

Is there anyway possible to cast a spell right now?
There is no limitation on when one may cast a spell.

Is there any way to tell if somebody is online, apart from searching through the members online list?
Yes add them to your friends.

Is there a potions section on the site?
No there isn’t a specific potions section. However, there is a lot of information about potions in the Herbalism section. You might look there.

Is there a specific Wiccan goddess?
No, most Wiccans pick their own personal goddess to work with. Having one goddess to represent each the three phases is common. This means they have a specific goddess for in maiden form, in mother form and in crone form.

Is there a spell to form mist?
No. You cannot physically form anything, much less mist.

Is there a spell to time travel?
There is no such thing as a time traveling spell. If you see one on here, I assure you that it is fake. No spell or ritual will allow you to physically alter time in any such way.

Is there a way I can levitate?
Levitation as in using energy to lift the body- the impression can be given off using illusions and visual distortions. Otherwise it would take something like extremely high speeds of wind forcing the body upward, which technically isn’t levitation; so no.

Is there a way to bring back the messages you deleted?

Is there a way to contact the admin when I’m gagged?
No. When you are gagged, you can not use the chat, the forums or mail.

Is there a way to help empty the mind for meditation I have so much going on in my mind (I think so much and so fast I rarely get sleep) so I need a way to help me empty my mind any tips?
Meditation is the best way to help one deal with too many thoughts however is also a bit harder to accomplish when one has too many thoughts. Try relaxing music, aroma therapy though incense, scented candles or an oil burner, and/or a calming salve to aid you with your meditation. Be sure as well that you are in a space that you feel safe, it quiet and calm, it is not too bright, and it is free of other distractions such as people or pets. Meditation after a shower or bath can also be easier to accomplish.

Is there a way to know if someone read your mail?
On this site, once a privet message is sent via the mail system, there is no way to know if the mail as been read unless the recipient responds to to the sender in some form. Sent mail is not saved. Unless the other person responds to the sender through the same particular message or mail that was sent, no record of the mail will be available to the account who composed the message.

Is there a way to reorder the pictures in your photo gallery?
No, the pictures appear in the order that you added them. The only way to change the order would be to delete your pictures and then re-add them in the order you want.

Is there someone who I can ask for help?
The forums are the best place to find somebody who might be able to help you with your questions. Look for the proper place for your discussion and post your question there.

Is there such a thing as a domination sack?
There is a spell that is common to Vodou called a Domination Sack. It is a spell that is cast only by a woman in order to control a man. Information about the Domination Sack, or Nation Sack, can be found at http://www.shreekali.com/contact-us/

Is there such thing as a fire charm?
It depends on what you mean by a “fire charm”. If you mean a spell or talisman to help you create fire where there is none, then no there is not. Most mention of a “fire charm” seems to be in fantasy and role-playing games. One may however utilize a charm that has been charge with the element of fire or fire energy.

Is transformation real?
On the astral plane, not on the physical.

Is Wiccan a certain type of magic or is it general? Also, what is Wiccan magic?
Wicca is not a type of magic, rather it is a specific religion with specific beliefs and practices. While Wiccans do use magic there is no such thing as “Wiccan magic”. Magic simply is magic. It is the same no matter who is using it. You don’t have to be Wiccan to do magic.

Is writing something multiple times a form of chanting?
Yes it is.

I’ve been trying to upload my bio picture without success. What’s wrong?
Photos must be in either .jpg or .gif format. If the file is too large it will not load correctly or at all. Be sure to save your changes and allow several minutes for the upload to be recognized by the site system. If the newly uploaded photo does not appear after several minutes try hitting the F5 button or CTRL R to refresh your computer and it’s connection to the site.

I want to make a girl i know fall in love with me. What spell should I use?
Understand that love spells will not make one specific person fall in love or simply love a specific other person. Love spells only increase the chances that a specific person might be willing to fall in love or simple love another specific person. For this to occur however, all of the hard, mundane work of courting a lover and forming a loving relationship with them is required. If one can not do this then the other person will eventually leave. “Honey Jar” spells are designed to “sweeten” a relationship between people. They can be used in romantic relationships as well as all other types.

I want to make a real Ouija board. One that I can pass on to my kids when I have a family. What is the best way to make one?
Take a wooden board the size you feel comfortable making into a spirit board and decorate the top in the style of your choosing. It can be the classic Ouija board that was made famous by a toy company or you can personalize it. Sealing the top of the board with wood sealant will help protect the artwork and make the top of the spirit board smooth. This will provide the planchette (heart shaped indicator used to communicate) with less resistant therefore aiding the spirits present in their communication with you. Symbols may be carved or burned into the wood or one could utilize decoupage. The planchette is usually carved from wood and needs to be raised about a half an inch from the board on three short stilts. Be creative and look for items to utilize for your spirit board in all places.

I was told I had a high spell casting power level, do I?
If you are asking others if this is true then you are clearly not a practitioner with a high casting power. A serious and experienced caster may have a skill level for casting that is higher than others but it was gained through practice and experience with the craft. We all have energy and through proper training one can utilize their energy to manifest desired outcomes.

My level in magic is 8+. 5+ is average level. What does that mean for me? How do I use my powers without ingredients?
Although practitioners of magic have different talents and abilities, as well as experience within the craft, the levels described in the question are from role-playing or fantasy games and have little relation to actual magical practice. To unlock one’s magical abilities one needs to study and practice the craft. Meditation is one of the best aspects to start with.

Should I eat before meditating?
It is a personal choice to eat prior to meditation. For beginners an empty stomach that is in need of sustenance may be an added distraction to ones meditation practice. More advanced practitioners may fast prior to ritual which means they are meditating on an empty stomach prior to ritual, however their experience with meditation allows them to overlook the distraction.

Should I eat before preforming magick?
It is a personal choice as to the requirements of fasting prior to a casting. Most higher magics call for a fasting of some form prior to ritual, however they are not required and personal safety is much more important. Often the fasting is for certain types of food such as; meats, dairy products, processed foods, excess fats, etc. Leaving one to eat only the whole and as raw as possible power foods prior to casting.

Should I feel tired after meditating?
Most feel awake, aware, cleansed or refreshed. If you were just thinking while closing your eyes, that can signal your brain to go to sleep, which might explain why you felt tired.

Should you say an incantation with a powerful voice?
It is a personal choice. It is possible to speak quietly or recite the words in your mind and still have the incantation work. Energy is raised with focus and intent which can be enough energy to power a magical working, however there is energy in sound. By speaking magical words aloud, clear, and strong one will increase the energy available to the magical casting.

The spells I’m using don’t seem to do anything. Why?
Make sure to learn the basics first. Grounding, centering, shielding, meditation, and energy work. Study before practice. Take your time and do what feels right for you, rather than what the pre-written spell says. Study, listen to yourself, and work harder. Remember that practice makes perfect.

What are Forget Me Not petals?
A Forget Me Not is a type of flower sometimes used in Magick.

What are magick levels?
There are no levels in practicing magic. Wicca sometimes describes first and second degrees and so forth. Reiki sometimes teaches different “levels” of understanding. But one does not level up.

What are psychic vampires?
Psychic vampire is a name by which those who like to steal energy from others like to be known. Fifteen years ago before being a vampire was thought to be “cool” they were simply called energy leeches. They claim that they need to take energy from others in order to be healthy, but this is simply not true.

What are some books you would suggest reading to help learn about herbs?
The shreekali shop page includes a number of books on tantra, mantra, yantra, herbs and their uses in magical practices that might be quite helpful. Go to “Visit Our Online Shop,” click on Books, and then click Healing, Crystal, & Herb.

What are spirit animals?
A spirit animal is an animal that one feels spiritually connected to. Often times the animal and the person will have similar traits. Such as those who have the bear as a spirit animal are often strong, independent, and tend to need a hibernation period especially in winter. Most spirit animals are also a type of spirit guide to a person, helping them along their path to learn and grow by teaching the animals wisdom.

What are the basics?
“Basics” are the requirements that you must achieve in order to perform an action. In magick, there is a basic level of knowledge that you need to learn before you are able to work with magick in a proper and safe way and in order to succeed with spell casting. The basics of magic include but are not limited to Circle casting, meditation, energy control, grounding and centring, correspondences, elements and many more.

What are the basics for Astral Projection?
They can be learned through study and practice after you have been meditating on a daily basis for a continuing and sustained time. I suggest looking through the forums and asking there. You can also join a coven to have someone available to help instruct in your study and practice.

What are the Basics of Wicca?
The basics are pretty much the same no matter which your following. They are Tools,Meditation, Visualization, Moon Phases, Colors, Days, grounding and centering, power flow, Elements, circle casting Here is a link that will help with learning them.

What are the benefits of writing your own spell?
Writing your own spells for a specific situation helps to increase your focus on the action, clarifies your exact intent, and begins to push energy into the spell even before you cast it. All of these things are going to help insure that the spell is going to work and in the manner you intended.

What are the best products to purchase for beginners?
There are many books out there that are specifically for beginners in magic. Some are an overview and others are more specific containing information on only one topic. Other items that would be appropriate for beginners to purchase are items to set up an alter. Such as a chalice, offering bowl, censer/incense burner, athame, candle holders, alter tile, alter bell, and/or an alter cupboard. White and black candles and a sage stick for smudging would also be appropriate as well as some protection oil for anointing the candles.

What are the different membership Ranks?
None (not yet ranked), Beginner, Novice, Knowledgeable and Adept. Rank is based off a vote decided by Knowledgeable and Adept members. Begging for rank ups is against site rules and it can result in being gagged. It should happen naturally as you communicate within the community.

What are the different types of pentagrams?
A pentagram is nothing more than a five-pointed star. A pentagram within a circle is called a pentacle. Generally a pentacle is presented with the point upwards. In Western magick the five points represent the Elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit, all held within the circle of Creation. The inverted pentacle, with the point downwards is used in some Wiccan Traditions to represent someone who has achieved the 2nd Degree. It is also used by some Satanists; however, in that case there is usually a head of Baphomet (a goat-headed figure) overlying the pentacle.

What are the different types of spells?
There are a wide variety of spells types. Some of the more common are protection, prosperity, health and healing, finding a job, love, justice, revenge, are just a few of the possibilities.

What are the directions of the elements in nature?
The traditional Pagan directions are North – Earth East – Air (sometimes Fire), South – Fire (sometimes Air), and West – Water. Other traditions in other parts of the world offer different directions with different energies.

What are the image guidelines on shreekali?
Images must be in .jpg or .gif format. Larger images may not load well or at all. If a recently uploaded image is not appearing, particularly a profile picture, try pressing CTRL_R or the F5 button to see if the new image will appear. Sometimes newly uploaded images take several minutes or longer to be recognized by the site’s system. Please remember that we have young teens on this site whom are underage when adding an image. No explicit violence or nudity will be tolerated. This especially pertains to profile pictures or other images that can be viewed publicly.

What are the stars on the top of spell card, are they difficulty level or no?
Members can rate spells and articles. The number of stars listed at the top of a spell or article is the average rating or review by the members. It does not directly relate to the difficulty of the spell or article.

What are the things I need for a spiritual bath?
A basic bath for cleansing before spiritual or magical workings can easily be done by adding some salt (preferably sea salt) that you have blessed to the water. You can also add whatever herbs you wish to the bath. I like one or more of the following: Lavender, hyssop, mugwort, hops, sage, or bay leaves.

What are thoughtforms?
A thoughtform is an entity created out of one’s energy and will to perform a specific task. Other names for a thoughtform are “tulpa” or “servitor”.

What are toxic dreams?
Toxic dreams are dreams that are very realistic or at least perceived as such, that are disturbing, very upsetting, scary in some cases; they will usually occur whence the mind is clouded with stressful or upsetting thoughts. In other words, ‘realistic nightmares’.

What book is best for a beginner who doesn’t even know what magic is?
Two books that I would suggest to start out are “Modern Magick” by Donald Michael Kraig and “Spells and How They Work” by Janet and Stewart Farrar.

What books do you recommend for a beginner to read?
That would depend entirely on what you wish to learn about. Be more specific and you’re more apt to get an answer that will help you. And this question is more appropriate for the Forums than as a FAQ.

What can I place around my door and large window to keep out intruders?
You can place salt and garlic on the window sill and on the outside of the door. You can also place a broom across both the window and the door. If you have enough brooms you can place two brooms crossed over one another at the door and window.

What coven should I join?
Which coven you join depends entirely on you and on what you’re particularly interested in. Each coven is somewhat different. Read the description of the coven and what it offers. If you still have questions you can always e-mail the Priestess or the Priest of the coven and ask for more information.

What crystals are best for protection?
There are quit a few that work good for protection, but my favorite would have to be Hematite and Smokey Quartz. I would say which one you feel the most protection from.

What deities do Wiccans believe in?
That depends. British Traditional Wiccans (Gardnerian, Alexandrian, etc) honor a specific God and Goddess whose names are never shared with those who are not initiated. Other Wiccans are free to work with any deities they choose. But all Wiccans May believe in the existence of all the gods and goddesses but only honor ones they feel connected to.

What do council members do in their covens?
It varies from coven to coven. Ultimately, the high priestess and priest promote council to help them with tasks around the coven. Council is also able to add spells to the site, via the coven spellbook.

What does a charged stone do for you?
A charged stone holds energy. You can then use the energy contained in the stone for magical workings.

What does energy feel like?
It feels different for everyone…some feel it like static, some feel tingles and some warmth.

What does gagged mean?
It means that you have broken a rule, and a moderator has removed your ability to communicate on the site.

What does it mean if my spell level is 8+?
Spell levels are used in many role-playing games and even though this may seem like a realistic concept, in reality it is not. There are no spell levels in the magic that can be cast to benefit ones’s life.

What does it mean if shadows are following me?
First of all, do you know what these shadows are? Not all entities are bad. What are they doing? Are they just following you? Trying to communicate with you? You could do a protection and cleansing spell. They are found in Spell Tab. This should be right next to the Home Tab.

What does it mean if there are no stars listed next to a spell?
The starts indicate how a spell has been ranked by users. If no stars are present, it likely means that the spell has not been ranked by a member yet.

What does it mean if you feel a bond with someone you’ve only met once?
A strong connection has been made. It could be someone you have had a past life experience with or someone you may have a strong connection with this life or even in a future life.

What does it mean to be gagged?
It is when you have broken a rule, and a moderator removes your ability to use forums/chatter.

What does it mean to consecrate an object?
Consecration is the solemn dedication to a special purpose or service, usually religious. The word consecration literally means “association with the sacred”. Persons, places, or things can be consecrated, and the term is used in various ways by different groups.

What does it mean when your aura is weaker than its supposed to be?
A weakened or dim aura may be the result of low energy levels due to stress, illness, or any other aliment that may drain the body, mind, and soul of energy. To combat this issue cleanse and align the chakras, mediate daily, and be sure to take all measures possible to increase ones’ health. Be sure to eat healthy, exercise often, take supplements when needed, quite toxic habits and remove yourself from harmful environments.

What does it take to become a full coven?
Your coven must have 13 members or more.

What does ‘Novice’ mean?
There are ranks on Shree Kali that help people differentiate who is serious about Magic and who is not. They go from Fluffy (not serious and refuses to believe certain things aren’t real), Beginner (can be serious, just doesn’t know yet how to differentiate real from fiction), Novice (are serious about Magick and can even have years of experience and still be considered such – not a bad rank), Knowledgeable (those who are serious and have had years of experience and have shown a great deal of knowledge within the community), and finally, Adept (those who really know what they’re talking about and have had experience ranging from nearly a decade to multiple decades).

What does ‘So Mote It Be’ mean?
It basically means So Be It as in my work is done so let it be done. I hope this helps answer your question.

What does the most powerful spirit/sigil look like?
It will look like whatever they want you to see them as. They are master changelings and masters at telekinesis so that it will appear to you as whatever they feel you need to see them as to get their message across.

What does the word ‘invoking’ mean?
Invocation (verb form, invoke) means to call up and in from without. In terms of Magick, this usually means to call an entity into yourself or energy into a circle (if practicing most pre-Christian European pantheons). It can also mean to set energy in motion, but that is not the most widespread definition.

What do I do if i can’t afford supplies to cast spells?
Supplies are tools, and as such they are not requirements for the spell. Tools can be replaced, or even entirely omitted. You can learn what the value and purpose of each tool said to be used for the spell, and learn what they can be replaced with that you already have in your ready-to-use availability at home. Or you can learn how to cast the spell entirely omitting the tools listed.

What do I need to do to increase my ranking on this site?
As you send time on this site by: reading posts and responding intelligently to them, and communicating in the chats, other members whom are able to rank your profile will do so as they see fit. One moves from beginner up to adept by increasing their knowledge of the craft and by being helpful and courteous to other members.

What do the stars mean next to a spell’s name?
The stars are a rating system to let others know whether a spell seems to be a good one or not. One star means the spell isn’t so good or might be fake. Five stars suggest a good spell to use.

What do wands do?
A wand is a cylindrical energy working tool designed to aid the amplification and direction of the energy present during a magical working. It can be crafted of wood, metal, clay, or even stone. Stones and crystals may be incorporated into the wand at the ends or throughout the shaft of the wand. Symbols may be incorporated as well as feathers, shells, and other power items that one may gravitate toward.

What do you call a witch that can cast almost any spell just by saying words and does such an ability exist?
One could call that person a “Witch” or any other name for a magical practitioner so long as the person’s practices fit the title.

What do you do in a coven?
Ideally, a coven is a group of like-minded people who come together with the understanding that there is strength in numbers and any organization is only as strong as its weakest link. What a coven is, most of all, is a “group mind”. A coven is a group of people who have worked hard to achieve rapport so that the focus and flow of every ritual comes naturally to the entire group. With that in mind it is necessary for each member of a coven to understand that self-confidence, sincerity, ambition, and absolute honesty are critical characteristics of a dedicated witch. While even the most traditional coven allows for some differences in belief, there is absolutely no room for personal agendas which do not serve the interests of the entire coven. A coven provides a platform for sharing craft-related experiences, working together to raise energy for magic, group meditations, spiritual growth, and enlightenment.

What do you do with used ingredients when you are finished with a spell?
This depends on the ingredients. The most common way is to bury items in the earth or burn ingredients.

What do you need for a altar?
Generally you will need something to represent each of the elements. things that represent your path or deities. also any feathers, candles incense, tools, herbs that you feel you need

What do you need to do do, to get money, riches and wealth?
The only real answer is: Work hard. Magic might give a little helping hand, but the bottom line is that nothing will happen if you don’t work for it.

What do you use when a spiritual cleansing isn’t working?
Try a Banishing ritual followed by a spiritual cleansing. Utilize the moon on the waning side and cast protection before, during, and after.

What exactly is The Three Fold Law?
The Three-Fold Law is a Wiccan belief that every action we take comes back to us three-fold, or three times over. What we send out that is negative returns to us as negative. And those actions we do that are positive have a positive return.

What god/Goddess do I choose?
It is a personal choice as to the deity, god or gods one may pray to, work with, evoke, or invoke.

What goes in the book of shadows?
That depends on the interests of the person to whom it belongs as it is a sort of personal magical diary. Some things you might want to include are correspondences, herb lore, dreams you have had, thoughts that come to you in meditation, spells and rituals you have done, divination, Sabbat lore, etc.

What happens if you get “You do not have permission to chat!” while chatting?
It means your profile has been gagged.

What happens to magic during planetary alignment?
It’s usually amplified, but it varies from tradition to tradition. Some say that all magic just stops it’s natural movement. It’s really up to you to what you would like to believe

What happens to your old forums as new forums are posted?
They become buried in the threads unless someone comments on them, in which case they are brought back to the front.

What happens when we open our Third Eye?
The Third Eye is also called the Sixth, Brow, and Blue/Indigo Chakra. It’s the energy center of our body that governs our psychic abilities, so opening the flow of energy within that center would result in higher psychic interactions with the world around you. It can seem like a lot to take in at first, but you’ll get used to it after a while (or you can have it open gradually which is the case most of the time).

What if I was born with white and black magick?
There is no such thing as black or white magic. All magic is simply the manipulation of energy. Everyone has the ability to do magic, it isn’t limited to a special few. It simply takes the study and hard work to master the necessary skills.

What is a binding spell?
The binding spell, as the name suggests, binds or restricts a person from doing something. When binding someone, the intent of the spell must be clear on what aspect of that person you wish to bind. The binded person should then not be able to so what you intended to bind.

What is a black moon?
A Black Moon can have several different meanings depending on the circumstances. There is information about Black Moons at http://www.shreekali.com/

What is a Book of Shadows?
A Book of Shadows is a book that you keep all your spells in. Also everything you have learned.

What is a chakra?
Chakras are energy points in the body to help with different things. I suggest researching the topic to understand it more fully.

What is a coven?
If you mean one of the Covens here on shreekali then perhaps the best way to describe them is a sort of magical study group where the members share their knowledge and experience among themselves.

What is a Deity?
A Deity is a God or a Goddess. Who one considers a Deity depends largely on the religious beliefs of the individual. Some might believe that there is only one Deity while others might believe there are many.

What is a familiar?
A familiar is a spiritually linked animal to a person that aids them in magic.

What is a gag?
A person is “gagged” because they have violated one of the site rules here on shreekali. When you are gagged you are no longer able to post to the Forums or to Chat. In general, once a gag has been applied it will not be removed again.

What is a good day for wishing spells?
Wishing spells are usually rather simple and do not need any particular day. Although there may be holidays or specific days of the year that are traditionally known for wishes being made, those of which you could try looking up.

What is a good starter spell?
I’m going to answer both your questions with this. Learn and practice practice practice the basics. Also Believe in yourself and what your doing. If you have even the tiniest bit of doubt your magick will not work.

What is a magical working?
Some examples of magical workings are; casting a circle, shielding, spells or spell work, potions, making or working with a magical item, divination, evocations, invocations, and summonings.

What is a magic core?
The core of your energy/chi is located at the center of the body or naval chakra. It helps with balance keeping the upper and lower systems of the body working properly. It is always good to work your core both physically and mentally.

What is a magic seal?
Popular posts ​Incorporating Stones, Herbs and Oils Into Your Money Drawing Ritual Calling On shreekali For Guidance Horoscopes By Guru Ji Herbs For Enhancing Rituals and Spells ​The Power of the shamshan kali Popular Tags Symbolism Candles Spell Kits Magical Oils Spiritual Baths Fresh Plants Rituals free-shipping-ad Gift Certificates Choose Your Own Oil Using Magical Seals and Talismans in Your Spellwork A seal is a magical design that exerts an influence over one aspect of a person’s life. These symbols act as tangible, material links to spiritual powers. Rootworkers and conjure doctors typically use the seals in their rituals to summon powerful energy.

What is an Altar?
Any horizontal surface where items of religious value are placed for worship.

What is an article?
A piece of writing included with others in a newspaper, magazine, or other publication. -Credit to the all mighty Google.

What is an elemental witch?
That is very much up to the individual Witch to define for themselves. But generally it means someone who works with the various Elements in their practices. Of course all Witches do just that so one could say that all Witches are elemental Witches.

What is Angel Magic?
Angelic magic consists of rituals and other practices that enable a person to communicate and influence angelic beings such as angles(and demons since they are fallen angels), star beings, and other spirit entities. The Book of Enoch is the most well know book on this subject. It contains the Enochian Keys, an angelic language, as well as the rituals and practices for preforming angelic magic.

What is an Ouija Board and what does it do?
An Ouija Board is a type of spirit board. These divination tools were designed to communicate with all manner of spirits. They work with lesser energy beings as well as higher energy beings and the ability to tell the difference between these two types of beings is important in the manifestation of a positive spirit board experience. Often inexperienced practitioners have negative experiences with spirit boards due to a simple lack of respect for others as one tries to commune with the other beings.

What is a Pagan?
A Pagan is a person who has a nature based religion usually with many gods/goddesses.

What is a pentagram?
The pentagram is a symbol that is star shaped and is drawn with one continuous motion. It always has the stroke lines through the center of the star. This symbol not only has magical uses but it is also used by many religions including but not limited to most pagan faiths.

What is a personal bio?
It is what is displayed on your profile. It contains information about your self.

What is a pm?
Pm stands for personal message. You can send a pm to another person in the chatter. Take a look at the chatter features page to see how to send one in the chatter. Click on the launch full screen chatter button located on the left hand side of any site page. Then click on the button titled chatter features.

What is a Psi ball?
A psi ball is a ball of psychic energy (psi), the creation of which is used to teach basic energy manipulation and programming. A good set of instructions on how to create one can be found at http://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Psi-Ball

What is a septagram?
A septagram is a seven pointed star.

What is astral projection?
The astral plane, also referred to as the astral realm or world, is a plane or a collection of planes of existence postulated by classical (particularly neo-Platonic), medieval, oriental, and esoteric philosophies and mystery religions. The Astral Realms are a world filled with celestial spheres, crossed by souls in their astral bodies on their way to being born as well as after their death. It is generally believed to be populated by angels, spirits, or other immaterial beings. Astral projection permits one to visit this realm in spirit or astral form.

What is a tulpa, and how can I get one?
A tulpa is a thoughtform created by the magic user. You don’t “get” one. You need to create it through focused intent and energy manipulation. Some people view a tulpa as sort of an imaginary friend, but that is not what they truly are. Think of them like being a servitor of sorts in Western magic.

What is a useful spell that could be used for black and white magic?
Almost any spell can be used to help or to harm. You see, there is no black or white magic, there is only what is in the intent of the spellcaster. As the old saying goes, a Witch who cannot harm cannot heal.

What is Automatic Writing?
Automatic writing is when you channel your higher self or spirit and letting them control your less dominant hand to write. Automatic writing can help answer questions you may have.

What is a wand?
It is a ritual tool that is used a a focal point for energy

What is a Witch?
A Witch is someone who practices witchcraft. Witchcraft is a form of magical practice that leans heavily on connections to the natural world and lower magicks.

What is brewing?
Brews (also known as potions) may be as prosaic as herb tea, or as mystical as rainbow infusion. They stem from early magickal, ritual and medicinal preparations, and are as effective today as they were thousands of years ago. In herb magick, brews are little more than herbal infusions or teas. They needn’t be prepared over an open fire in a forest clearing; your own stove or backyard will do nicely.

What is chi?
Chi (pronounced chee and also spelled qi or ch’i) is energy – the life giving, vital energy that unites body, mind and spirit. A concept that has its origins in early Chinese philosophy, chi has been likened to the yogic concept of prana and may also be thought of as life force.

What is circle casting?
Casting a circle is creating a sphere of energy to surround you while working magic. The circle serves two purposes. 1) It keeps negative influences from entering your ritual space, and 2) it contains the energy you are raising in ritual contained until you are ready to release it to its purpose.

What is compelling oil, and can anyone make it?
A compelling oil is used to persuade a person to make good on a debit or promise. It can also be used as a truth oil resulting in a person being compelled to tell the truth. One can make their own or it can be purchased already blended. Some essential oils that can be used in a commanding oil are sage, clove, pine, lavender and allspice.

What is Crossing oil and Crossing powder?
Crossing oils or powders are used to curse an enemy or as a way of protection. Mostly used in foot tracking spell work were one lays the magical working in an area of the ground the targeted person will most likely walk. The spell is interned to cause pain, suffering, loss, confusion, and other forms of misery to a particular person. For protection they can be sprinkled across doorways and window sashes to keep negative people at bay. Either or both products can be used at one time.

What is deosil?
Deosil refers to moving in a clockwise direction. It’s opposite, widdershins, refers to moving counter-clockwise.

What is divination?
There are many different forms of divination such as runes, ogham, Tarot, scrying, etc. All of these are ways of seeing the most probable future based on a particular course of action.

What is elemental magic?
Is basically comes from the Wiccan practice. It is based on the elements which are Air, Fire Water and Earth. Each element is used as a chart or table and they each have an energy that controls certain things such as love, desires and the list goes on. They also represent colors and they also represent certain types of energies.

What is Energy Manipulation?
It’s working with energy

What is energy manipulation, and how is it done?
Energy manipulation is working with energy. There is energy all around us. In the earth, in the sky, in all of nature. Energy manipulation is the ability to gather energy from these sources and to then use it to power your magic to accomplish your goals. Meditation is a good way to learn how to sense such energy and to learn how to tap into it and gather it for your goals.

What is fairy dust?
Fairy dust is a combination of glitter and small sized items such as ground herbs, stones, etc. It is usually charged with fairy energy by setting it on a fairy mound, in a fairy ring, or on an alter devoted to the fae. Many times one will also leave a bowl of milk, bread, and honey as an offering for the fairies in exchange for charging the dust or other services.

What is fire water?
Fire water is a term for an alcoholic drink (spirit) penned by the Native Americans. It can also mean the polluted water left after fire fighting.

what is fluff magic?
The term fluff on this site refers to entertainment or writing that is perceived as trivial or superficial. Those with a fluff rating or whom practice fluff magic are those that practice unrealistically. These pseudo practitioners often do not understand how magic works, they will make unrealistic claims, and often contradict themselves. In short it’s not real and is a wasteful type of filler.

What is gray magic?
Just regular magic. Some people like to classify magic by colors, saying that “black magic is bad magic and white magic is good”. In reality, nothing is ever black and white, and thus neither is magic. Gray magic would, under their terms, be neutral magic. But again, the colors don’t matter. It is your intent.

What is Grounding?
Grounding is circulating energy through the earth by meditating. It is used for re-energizing, purification and relaxation.

What is it like to have a vision?
The experience of having a vision can be different with each person. Your experience is very likely to be different than that of another.

What is Ki, Chi, Psi?
Energy is known by many names. Ki is only one of those names, it’s also known as Chi, Psi, and even the “Force”. It’s most notably known as a persons life energy.

What is meditation?
Essentially it is calming yourself, clearing your mind and narrowing your focus.

What is Necromancer?
A Necromancer is someone who conjures and speaks with the spirits of the dead in order to predict the future or to influence the course of future events.

What is occult?
Occult is a broad term for things which are unseen or unknown, they range from the supernatural to the unknown by science.

What is parchment paper?
Parchment paper is a type of paper that is made from sheep/goat or it can be made in a likeness to these materials. Parchment paper is usually a bit heavier than regular wood paper and is used in many different ways. Magically it is used to write rituals or other magical workings upon.

What is reputation?
Reputation is a ranking of your contributions (spells/articles/forum posts) and how you are viewed by other members of the website. Ranks are: Beginner / Novice / Knowledgeable / Adept. If you have not been on the site for a significant time you may not yet have a rank.

What is role play?
Role play on this site is defined as claiming or inferring actions that are unrealistic or impossible. Such as claiming to be a vampire, werewolf or other magical creature. Claiming to control any element such as creating or shooting fire from ones hands, etc.

What is scrying?
Scrying is a magic practice that involves seeing things psychically in a medium, usually for purposes of obtaining spiritual visions and more rarely for purposes of divination or fortune-telling. You can attempt this by using a crystal ball, a pendulum, a bowl of water, etc. You will most likely need to develop some form of psychic abilities before trying this.

What is shielding?
Shielding is a style of modern self defense magick that involves the visualization of a “shield” or “bubble” of energy surrounding you to protect you.

What is s Zodiac sign?
The sign under which you are born.

What is the astral plane?
The astral plane, also called the astral world, is a plane of existence postulated by classical (particularly neo-Platonic), medieval, oriental, and esoteric philosophies and mystery religions. It is the world of the celestial spheres, crossed by the soul in its astral body on the way to being born and after death, and is generally believed to be populated by angels, spirits or other immaterial beings.

What is the best wood for a wand?
There is no “best wood”. Different woods are attuned to different purposes, so what is best for one purpose would not be so for another. Take some time to study the magical properties of different woods and that will help you decide which wood is best for the wand you intend to make.

What is the difference between a hexagram and a pentagram?
A hexagram is a six pointed star with lines running through the star connecting the points and a pentagram is a five pointed star also with lines connecting the points. (Stars with out lines running through them are called concave decagons.) The hexagram may be referred to as the talisman of Saturn and/or the Seal of Salomon. The double hexagon is used to represent the four elements. Fire is represented as a point up triangle and it’s elemental opposite, Air is represented as a point up triangle with a horizontal line through the top third. Water is represented as a point down triangle and it’s elemental opposite, Earth is represented as a point down triangle with a horizontal line through the bottom third. Combining Fire and Water creates a hexagon just as combining Air and Earth, however when you combine all four you get the double hexagon. A pentagram can also represent the elements. The Chinese use the pentagram to represent the five phases or elements with Wood being the top point and moving clockwise Fire, Earth, Metal, Water being the other points. Others use the top point to represent the element of Spirit with Water, Fire, Earth, and Air being the other points when you move clockwise. An inverted pentagram is used for banishing.

What is the difference between a Succubus and an Incubus?
Succubus is a female sex demon, Incubus is the same but male. Same thing though, essentially.

What is the difference between Pagan and Wiccan?
Pagan is an umbrella term that covers a wide variety of different religions most of which involve the worship of more than one God and Goddess, a respect for the Earth, and a belief that magic works. Wicca is a very specific, modern religion that is included in the Pagan family of religions.

What is the difference between spells and rituals?
A spell is a type of ritual, but there can be many other rituals other than spells. Brushing your teeth in the morning is a ritual as is celebrating a Sabbat or in honoring ones Gods. A ritual is a set of actions conducted to achieve a specific purpose.

What is the difference between the left hand path and the right hand path?
The most common definition is that the right hand path has to do with magic which is aimed at helping or healing. The left hand path is commonly seen as magic that causes harm such as curses and hexes.

What is the difference between Wicca, Witchcraft, and Paganism?
The difference between a Pagan and a Wiccan is like that of a Christian and a Catholic. Pagan is an umbrella term that covers a variety of different religions, and Wicca is one of the religions that falls under the Pagan umbrella. Basically they are the same with a few differences. Witchcraft is a way of life, a practice. Actually all are a way of life, but like I said they all have small differences. Pagan is pretty much where it all started.

What is the difference between Wizard and a Witch?
The difference between a Wizard and a witch is: Most people think of a Wizard as a male witch and a Witch as a woman. However, Wizards are seen as wise, males and females can be witches.

What is the difference in wands and their uses?
What the wand is made out of will effect what kinds of magick it is best used for. Different stones, colors and woods are associated with different things.

What is the grant photo access option on another member’s profile?
The ‘grant photo access’ is one of the options that appears next to another member’s profile picture. If clicked upon, it that gives them access to view your photos and photo albums, if your photos are set to invitation only or private.

What is the ki ball stance?
It is the stance you do to preform energy manipulation. There are many different ways to do this depending on your style. Some even use different stances for different styles of energy manipulation. I suggest research on the subject.

What is the “Law of Three-fold Return?
The Law of Three-fold Return or the Law of Three states that whatever we send out into the world for good or ill returns to us three times over. Some people take this too literally. What it is really saying is that our choices and our actions come back to effect us physically, mentally, and spiritually.

What is the message limit?
The message limit is a restriction placed on an account after it sends too many messages in a one hour period of time. It will remain on the account for approximately one hour after the message limit is reached. If an account tries to send another message before the hour wait is up the wait time will be reset.

What is the “PAGAN” old part, and what does that old religion mean?
Paganism is an umbrella term which covers a wide variety of religions which do not follow the Bible. Pagans in general worship more than one deity, feel a connection to the natural world, and often believe in reincarnation. When you refer to Paganism as the “old religion” it means that it is a set of religious practices followed by our pre-Christian ancestors.

What is the Summer Solstice?
The Summer Solstice, also known as Alban Heruin in Celtic, Druid, and Wiccan traditions, takes place on the 21st of June every year. It is a time when magick manifests positive energy such as passion, creativity, abundance, vitality, and vibrant health. The Summer Solstice is also a good time to do spells concerning love, wealth, prosperity, and general happiness.

What is the “Triangle of the Art”?
Also known as the “Triangle of Solomon” is used for conjuring spirits.

What is the use of crystals?
Crystals can have multiple functions, like protection, luck, divination and much more, the list goes on.

What is the use of gift certificates?
Gift Certificates are available for purchase in the shreekali online store. Once purchased they may be redeemed for items in the shreekali shop or given to any shreekali account member as a gift.

What is the wishlist?
The wishlist is the list of items from the site’s shop, that you wish to purchase some day or just mark what you like.

What is Wicca?
Wicca is a 20th century neopagan religion.

What is will power?
Will power (from dictionary.com): –noun control of one’s impulses and actions; self-control. Also, willpower. Willpower is something you must develop on your own. You acquire a stronger will by facing your fears and asserting yourself. Stand up for yourself, and do not be afraid to confront the negative aspects of your personality. Your will is your way of asserting what you want to happen. When you will something to happen you are actively directing your energies and intention to bring about the desired goal.

What language must I speak to chant a spell?
When it comes to chants you don’t need to speak it in a language you don’t know. You say it in any language you are able to speak.

What path should I go for?
Which ever path feels right to you. I suggest you learn the lore and practice multiple paths, eventually one will seem right to you. Trust your heart.

What’s a good starting spell?
Once the basics of magic have been studied and implemented into daily practice one can begin spell work. Protection spells are best to begin with since one can never have too much protective magic surrounding them.

What should I focus on developing as a beginner?
Beginners need to focus on meditation skills as well as increasing their knowledge, understanding, and practice of the basics of magic.

What spells are best for a newbie?
The best spells to try if you are trying your first spell are simple element spells such as calling on the rain or wind to increase. However before you start doing spells you should learn your basics. A few of the basics are grounding, meditation, learning about the elements, moon phases and much more.

What spells are the easiest to start out with?
You don’t start out by casting spells. You begin by learning how and why magic works and then mastering the necessary skills to cast a spell. I’d suggest starting with the books “Modern Magick” by Donald Michael Kraig and “Spells and How They Work” by Janet and Stewart Farrar. “Modern Magick” will take you step by step through the necessary training to cast spells.

What technique is best to hypnotize yourself?
A simple technique for self hypnotism is to first find something to focus on. a candle’s flame is a very good example of something to use. focus on it and count backwards slowly from 10. Then backwards from 9 and so on. as you count feel yourself sinking farther and farther into the trance until you re completely under

What to do with the salt and water after you are done with the spell?
If the salt is used in a spell, then it does need to be disposed of properly once the ritual is over. If the spell is simply on the altar to represent the Element of Earth it can be reused in future rituals. Both the water and the salt should be disposed of by pouring them on the Earth or into running water such as a stream. Vary the place you dispose of these items so that salt build-up doesn’t kill your plants or grass.

What Zodiac signs are tied to each element?
Fire – Aries, Leo, Sagittarius Air – Gemini, Libra, Aquarius Water – Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces Earth – Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn.

When are gags removed?
It is up to the moderator that gags the account to decide how long it lasts.

When a spellcaster casts a spell, can they use other information about you besides your date of birth?
Yes, the more information known about the person the spell or other magical working is for may result in a more effective casting. Knowing ones likes, dislikes, fears, vanities, what the person may find pride in, what they excel at, their physical appearance, their thoughts or opinions, and even their personal style may all help to aid the spell caster in the creation of an effective spell or other magical working for that particular person. Another large aspect that effects the success of a magical casting is the practitioner’s experience and knowledge of the craft.

When I create a spell and cast it, will it work since I made it?
Not necessarily. No spell works 100% of the time. And if you haven’t taken the time to study how and why magic works and put in the necessary work to master the basics of spell work it is unlikely any spell will work for you whether you made it or not. And of course, no fantasy spells will work at all.

When should I burn a gold or silver candle?
Shining golden as the sun, this gold pillar candle is a welcome addition to the altar and the home, as a symbol of the God and a powerful addition to candle magic seeking prosperity and wealth. Light it upon your altar when seeking to invoke the God and the warmth of the sun, particularly alongside the bright glow of a silver pillar candle representing the moonlight of the Goddess. Alternatively, it can be burned within your spells of money drawing and prosperity, helping you to bring good fortune and bounty into your life. A magnificent candle for solemn ceremony and joyous celebration, this silver pillar candle is a wonderful candle for your altar and the home, with the silvery color of the moon providing magic for all manner of ritual. Light alone it in celebration of the Goddess, or when you seek to invoke her presence within your ceremony and spells, or pair it with the warmth of a gold pillar candle to invoke the God along side her . Taken from the descriptions of the gold and silver candles in the online store. Light them when you feel needed to. Along with when doing practices as mentioned in their descriptions.

When should I meditate?
Meditation is a way to settle the mind and recharge the body. So you should meditate when you think you need it. A lot of practices use meditation to clear the minds of the person who is about to do some other serious magickal workings. You may meditate before casting a spell, before charging an item, or just to relax, etc.

When will I receive my order?
Domestic orders within the USA typically ship 1 to 2 business days after you place the order and will take 3 to 5 business days for delivery. This means if you live in the USA you should receive your order 4 to 7 business days after you place your order. International orders are typically delivered within 15 business days after you place your order.

Where can I buy a Book of Shadows off-line?
The book of shadows is a term for the modern spell grimoire that was made popular by Gerald Gardener as he introduced it, and Wicca, within the early part of the 20th century. Occasionally they are passed down from mentors and in some cases they have been published such as in Lady Sheba’s Book of Shadows or Scott Cunningham’s Book of Shadows. Otherwise, they are traditionally written yourself, and are effectively a journal created to detail your magical exploration. Spells, dreams, herblore, recipes… All of these things and more have been known to be jotted down in a book of shadows. So, to get to answering you… You can buy your book of shadows off-line in a variety of places. Many book stores offer blank books that would allow you to write your own. Otherwise you can also find a wide range of Books of Shadows offered within the various spirituality sections of book stores. Online, you can find a wide range of books like these on shreekali.

Where can I buy a Pentagram?
You can buy Pentagrams online and at most metaphysical shops. There are even some here on shreekali.

Where can I find a spell?
If you can not find a spell in our spell list, the best place to ask is in the forums or the live chat.

Where can I find books on how and why magick works?
You can look in your library or bookstore.

Where can I find my inbox?
If you are on the full-site, click the “mail” tab in the upper right-hand corner.

Where can I get a copy of a Book of Shadows?
A Grimoire is also referred to as a Book of Shadows. Most people create their own by adding information that they have learned and magical workings that they have done or created. Below is a link to our on-line shop that carries some of these items.

Where can I get a crystal?
Crystals can be purchased at many different places including online. The shop here at shreekali sells specimens.

Where can I purchase supplies for spellwork?
There is an on-line store that is connected to this site. You can get there by clicking on the shop link located on the right side of any site page or by visiting; http://www.shreekali.com/store/

Where did magic come from?
Magic is a gift from the gods or the powers that be.

Where do I find the chatter test?
On the right hand side of the page where it shows “Live Chat” there is a box that says info. Click this, and it will take you to another page where the words “agree to the rules” appear highlighted. Click this, and it will take you to the agreement.

Where do you buy your candles and herbs for cleansing and spells?
This site provides online magical shopping through it’s own store. Inventory includes candles in a variety of sizes and colors as well as a plethora of herbs for a multitude of magical castings. You can visit the shop by clicking the SHOP link along the right hand side of any site page. http://www.shreekali.com/store/

Where is a good place to meditate?
Meditation can be done anywhere. A good place to begin meditative practice is in a quiet environment that is comfortable. Soothing music or natural sounds like animal sounds or moving water may aid meditative practice. Natural environments that are outdoors such as at a park or near a natural body of water may also increase the effectiveness of meditation.

Where is the online shop located?
The shreekali shop is an on-line store only. You can place an order at anytime by adding items to your shopping cart and then clicking on the check out button located on your shopping cart page. The shreekali shop only accepts payments through PayPal and you will be prompted to sign into a PayPal account during the check out process. Items purchased from the shreekali shop are shipped from the warehouse facility located in Massachusetts directly to the shipping address provided through PayPal.

Where is the site history?
You can use the site search engine, located in the top right corner of every site page, to research old forum threads, spells, articles, members, etc. by typing in key words. You can also page through the spell books, articles, and forums manually.

Where/who did magic originate from?
Magic is all around us. Casting magic requires a connection to the universal energies and the ability to work with them. Magic originated with the beginning of the universe. Who and where it began is a mater of faith that is specific to each person.

Which day is associated with breakup and banishing?
Banishing or break up magical workings are best done during the full to waning moon phases.

Which spell should I use to have my ev boyfriend come back?
I would not use any spell. If you two are truly meant to be together he will come back. If he doesn’t then you need to move on. Life is to short to waste waiting for someone that does not wish to be with you.

which time is best to cast spells
There are many different aspects to consider when determining the best time to cast a particular spell. Research moon phases, planetary hours, planetary days, and other correspondences for spell casting to best understand and ascertain when to cast a spell or other magical working.

Who are the peccatoris?
In Latin “simul iustus et peccator” translates to simultaneously justified and sinful at the same time. Romans 3:22-24 states; (22) This righteousness is given through faith in[a] Jesus Christ to all who believe. There is no difference between Jew and Gentile, (23) for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, (24) and all are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus. Therefore peccatoris may be seen as any human being.

Who is Azrael?
In Hebrew and Muslim lore Azrael is the angel of death.

Who is the owner of the site?

Why am I being gagged for no good reason?
Moderators do not gag accounts for “no good reason” and the reason as to why an account has been gagged is due to a breaking of site rules and/or terms of use. Moderators are not required to warn an account before it is gagged and it is up to the moderator if they wish to give a warning or not. This site’s Terms of Use can be found by clicking on the hyperlink in the bottom right hand corner of every site page titled Terms of Use. Chatter rules can be found by clicking on the [INFO] hyperlink in the Live Chat area and then following the hyperlink titled “read the rules”. We suggest you familiarize and understand the rules of this site to reduce the occurrence of an account becoming gagged.

Why am I having problems viewing the videos?
This could be happening for any number of reasons, ranging from problems with your browser, to needing to update various browser plugins.

Why am I ranked as member?
Coven Position – if you have been moved up from Member to Council this is because the High Priest/Priestess has deemed you worthy of the position by showing your knowledge, being active, and helping other members of the coven in various ways. Reputation – this is gained by members of Knowledgeable or Adept reputation seeing that you are showing your knowledge in forums and/or chat room and voting you for a reputation.

Why are covens restricted?
A coven is like a magical family so it is important that the members have liking and respect for each other. Not everyone who applies to a coven might be a good fit for that particular family. Requiring an application process helps to insure that the person will be a good coven member and will fit in with the other coven members well.

Why aren’t there rituals to take a person soul out of its body?
Because most such efforts and acts involving such things are purely the stuff of Hollywood. The idea of it rarely involves any true understanding of what the “soul” is.

Why are Ouija boards dangerous to some and not to others?
Sometimes when working with a Ouija board one can make contact with a less-than-friendly spirit that can cause trouble for you if you are not properly shielded. Working within a cast circle and only contacting spirits of those you know can minimize the risk of having such troublesome spirits appear.

Why are there only female psychics and witches teaching and assisting people, not men?
This simply is not the case. The world has plenty of men whom are apart of the pagan and magical community that teach different aspects of the occult.

Why can’t I chat?
You have to take the test to get access to the chat room(s). Read the rules carefully, answer the questions, and agree. Most of all follow and abide by the rules.

Why can’t I mass delete?
If you are talking about the mail system, you can mass delete everything in your default inbox. If you want to save anything, you can put it into a folder.

Why can’t I post on forums anymore?
Most of the time where you cannot use mail, chatter, or post in the forums means that you have most likely been gagged.

Why can’t I see my read messages?
After you open a new mail the site mail system will automatically place the mail into your default mailbox. You can access this mailbox by clicking on your mail tab and then the default button located on the left hand side of your main mail page. You also have the option of creating different mail boxes to sort your mail. If you do not pick a mailbox the system will still place a new but opened mail into the default mailbox.

Why can’t I upload photos to my photo album?
Some times it takes a few minutes for it to show. Have you tried hitting F5? That does help things to show up faster.

Why can’t we use different languages?
According to the site terms of use different languages may be used sparingly. The majority of a contribution must be in English however use of Latin phrases are allowed so long as they do not violet other terms of use or site rules.

Why did I get a chill down my spine when I was meditating for the first time?
Two probable reasons. One is that there was a draft in your room. The second is that when sitting and meditating for a period of time it is common for one to start feeling chilly.

Why does it say I am not permitted to speak?
This is because you have been gagged (silenced) by a moderator of this site. This occurs when you have broken a rule of the chatter. In this case, you are not allowed to speak in the chatter, post in the forums or post in the mail system. The time of the gag depends on the moderator who has gagged you.

Why does it say I’m a beginner / novice /knowledgeable / adept on my profile?
A knowledge ranking system has been implemented on the site. The exact way people are ranked is not revealed, but is based on your participation and general knowledge of paganism, wicca, magic, occult arts and the like. This system helps identify the most knowledgeable people (ranked as Knowledgeable or Adept) on their profile and in the forums so that people new to Shree Kali have a better idea of who to trust.

Why doesn’t my bio show up?
You may have reached the character limit for your bio. If that’s not the case, there may have been an issue with it properly updating. Try shortening your bio if it’s long. If not, cut and past it then update it. If that doesn’t solve the problem talk to the site owner, Guru Ji.

Why does the chatter agreement always deny me?
Read the instructions very carefully! If you actually read the instructions and follow them correctly you will then pass the agreement test.

Why do I feel very strong and magical sometimes and other time feel disconnected?
That sort of thing happens with every magic user from time to time. There are many reasons why you might feel this way. Stress, being tired, being sick, the phase of the moon, etc. Most of us deal with it by recognizing when we’re not fully there magically and waiting for a better time to do our spell works.

Why do I get headaches every time I cast a spell?
The energies you use in everyday are wild and uncontrolled. That kind of energy is not suitable for spell work as it requires advanced energy control for the energy to reach the intended destination. That is why you first need to ground and centre and learn better about energy work.

Why do most of the spells rhyme?
Many spells rhyme for multiple reasons including but not limited to: it’s believed that when a spell rhymes it helps in making them stronger; they are much easier to remember; it helps in consistency so as not to mess up in a casting that in doing so would cause the spell to weaken, not work, or act on an unintended intent; and personal preference when writing a spell.

Why do spells take so long to work?
The time it takes for a spell to work depends on things like the strength of the caster and type of spell. Some spells are immediate, others may take years. A spell simply takes as long as it takes to manifest.

Why do you need ingredients to cast a spell?
Tangible ingredients are not always needed to cast a spell, ritual, or other magical working. Energy, however is a required ingredient for any and all magical practice. Various tangible ingredients are often used so that their specific energies help the casting to manifest. These objects may also aid the practitioner by increasing their ability to focus clearly on the outcome desired when casting. It is perfectly possible and very common to cast a successful spell with no tangible ingredients. These castings often call for chanting or spoken words, sometimes incorporating movement of the body with the verbal ingredients.

Why is there a communication limit?
Communication limits help prevent the site servers from being overwhelmed, or otherwise inappropriately used by spam bots and other such software. They are put in place to help ensure that the website stays up and running for you.

Why won’t my Communication Limit reset?
Communication limits reset one hour after the account’s mail limit has been reached. If an account tries to send more mail before the hour wait is over than another hour of being barred from the mail system will issue. If an account can not mail, post in the forums, or access the public chatter then the account has been gagged.

Will a spell still work if it is written in another language?
Yes, but you need to take the time to understand what is being said. Its best to know what you are saying because it helps project your intention and energy.

Will I be able to cast spell without knowing how to meditate?
You might be able to, but meditation is a valuable tool in helping you clarify the intent of your spell and focus on the goal the spell is to reach.

Will I be alerted if I am gagged?
Most mods will not mail you to tell you that you have been gagged. Mods are not required to give you an explanation for why you were gagged, which rule you broke, etc. Some mods will, but that is personal preference. You can tell when you have been gagged because you will be unable to use forums, mail and chat.

Will magic effect my christian belief?
No. In fact magic exists and is part of all religions, and none more so than Christianity. Things like a prayer is a type of magic, so if you have ever prayed, you have already done magic. A spell is a prayer and magic is a miracle.

Will spells work if you whisper them?
Spells may be spoken, whispered, sung, or simply focused on through thought, however the energy one adds through the use of their physical voice may increase the energy and effectiveness of a spell. Sound vibrations add energy to any magical working and this is why drums, rattles, and other noise makers are often used in conjunction with magical practice.

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