Astrology Wealth Report

Rs. 2,100.00

How this reading would help you?

  • Your exclusive Wealth Report 2019 & Fortune Reading will tell you the time periods in the next 12 months when you will gain through earned methods. ‘Earned’ here refers to making money from your profession. The timings when your profession will bring in monetary success will be interpreted.
  • It will also cover the ‘non earned’ methods like the investments into real estate, stocks & equity, inheritance as applicable through the analysis of your birth chart which would translate into monetary gain for you.
  • The aspect of Jupiter on Moon, placement of planets in 2nd, 5th, 9th, and 11th house as well as your current dasa results will be interpreted to come up with the mix of these methods you need to focus on and which ones to strictly avoid.
  • This will make for the most comprehensive wealth accrual formula for 2019 based on your specific date & time of birth. This will be an exclusive and a carefully prepared reading for your monetary success in 2019 by Vedic experts of Spiritual Destination.


Vedic astrology can decode the Wealth Report 2019 – the timing & method to make the material & financial gains for an individual. An expert Vedic astrologer can analyze your wealth accumulation power and the timing when your Wealth Code gets activated. But the promise of gains alone does not suffice, you need to know the ways & means by which the Wealth Report 2019 will have to be used, the timing of it for the monetary gains.

How Wealth Report 2019 is generated?

The wealth code in a horoscope gets generated when a series of things come together at the same time. This includes the opportunities thrown in by transiting planets, good luck timing & Karma. All these manifest around the same time creating a Wealth Report 2019 that determines the level of material & financial gains you would have.

How Wealth Report 2019 are related?

The time ahead is going to witness key planetary transits which will change the configuration of planets in your chart such that the opportune time advances for the activation of Wealth Report 2019. The whole year will change dramatically for you as the benevolent Jupiter makes its next move to Sagittarius and is conjunct Saturn.

It happens only once in 20 years that two major planets come together while Rahu & Ketu are in their exaltation degrees capable of doing much good. Rahu in Gemini & Ketu in Capricorn act like exalted planets. ‘Being at the right place at the right time’ would let you make money through the righteous means. As this would be one of those times in 2019 when the Wealth Report or the time of converting opportunities into gains will get activated.