Bhairo Puja

Rs. 11,000.00

Lord Bhairo is the essence of all types of positive energy and stamina and by conducting Lord Bhairo Puja; you can eliminate the problems from your life and enjoy more positivity and stamina. Astrologer Guru Ji is one of the highly esteemed and much-admired Psychic Expert in India who can conduct Puja and Prayer Bhairo Baba with all rituals and Vedic excellence.

By conducting Lord Bhairo Puja; our respected Guru Ji can remove all kinds of demonic and negative waves from you, your family members, business, and home and bring you back all the lost stamina positivity. By holding enough experience of Bhairo Puja and mantras; he can gratify god of strength and power and remove negative influences of the Saturn planet on your Zodiac sign like anger, ego, resentment, and jealousy.



  • Is your family, home, and business in under the influence of negative waves and demonic spirits?
  • Is your life crammed with unspiritual impurities and you want to get back peace and prosperity in your life?

God Bhairo always fills the house of devotees with the tranquility and bliss and by performing Prayer Bhairo Baba in strict and appropriate manner; Astrologer Guru Ji ensures the complete exclusion of all type of impurities from your house and fill your life with more happiness, prosperity, and positivity.