Black Horse Shoe

Rs. 1,550.00

Popularly called in India as ‘Kale Ghore ki Naal’, Black Horse Iron Shoe and products made from it e.g. ring have been universally accepted as a proven article to ward off the evil effects of Saturn, especially during Sade Sati. Sade Sati is the painful period of seven and half years, during which Lord Saturn passes around one’s Moon sign.

From the time immemorial, black horseshoe is used in all the cultures for warding off evil forces and inviting good luck. In Europe, crescent form of the horseshoe is linked to the symbol to the Moon goddess of ancient Europe and in Feng Shui, the shape of the Black Horse Shoe is considered to be the perfect land arrangement.

While products made from Black Horse Iron Shoe like ring is worn for getting favor and blessings of Lord Saturn; Black Horse Shoe itself is fixed on the outer door of a building to keep off negative energies and evil eyes. It is considered as most auspicious item to remove bad luck and disease from the house. Black horse Shoe is just like a protective charm for a specific building, protecting it from bad luck and evil eye.



To negate the evil effects of ‘Vish Yoga’, formed due to the conjunction of Saturn with Moon in the Horoscope, specially energised Kale Ghode kee Naal provided by ‘’ is very useful. The Black Horse Shoe and its products from ‘’ are most authentic and genuine. We get them manufactured from pure iron, without any adulteration and then they are used by pure breed of black horses as their shoes. Once, these horse iron shoes are energized after being worn off, they are taken off and properly energized and consecrated, before being shipped to our esteemed clients.

If you require so, we energize and consecrate your Black Horse Iron Shoe and products made from it e.g. ring, bangle, bracelet etc., before sending to you, as per your specific and precise objective.

We want to stress here that while other eBays, websites, companies and E-shops claim (and in rare cases actually do) to energize and program Black Horse Iron Shoe and products made from it e.g. ring, and pre-program for specific purpose(s). But ‘’ not only energizes and pre-programs these products for specific purpose(s), but also specially programs the same for a specific individual or family, as the case may be.

After buying Black horse shoe, from us; please ask specifically from us, about the manner, in which, it is to be hanged, upward or downward; if you are not sure.