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The natal chart of the person indicates whether a person is successful in doing business or not. It can be found using 10th house, 11th house and 6th house. The effects of Bhadra, Karaka and Maraka needs to be taken into consideration. When to start the business depends on current maha dasa and strength of ruling planets.

Saturn is very important planet for getting success in business. If you want to book windfall profits on your business saturn should be present at your 11th house, 6th house or 3rd house as ruling planets. Otherwise you should be running a raja yoga mahadasa which is capable of giving you success by ignoring the position of the ruling planets.

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Vedic Astrology is a great resource to foresee event unfolding in future and also give a useful remedial solution to make your task easier. Guru Ji prepares this unique personalized report to guide you to flourish your business. Here we also give a due remedial measure, solution to soar over hindrances and help you to keep marching on the road to success. We let you know about the lean period, crisis period and ways to come out from the same unscratched. You can also ask a specific question about business and its development.

Astrologer at ShreeKali is educated and experienced in the matter associated with the occult science of astrology. Financial horoscope prepared by our well-known astrologer is intended for those facing some difficult financial phases in their lives. Included in the horoscope is the detail of financial guidance which would help you map outer plan your finances systematically.

Your Report Will Contain:

1. Astrological Details of your kundali
2. Astrological analysis of the situation
3. Answer to your Questions
4. Details about your business for the year ahead
5. Astrological advice and guidance for finance
6. Accurate remedial measures for your problems
7. Important tips to make situations easier for you
8. Impact of the Ascendant
9. Impact of the Moon Sign
10. Accurate astrological advice to benefit you

Benefits of this report:

1. You will be able to take your steps ahead after using the proper remedial measure suggested after careful study of your kundali.
2. You will be able to lessen the odds and consider your opportunities for progress.
3. Your efforts will be channelized for productive pursuit and make rapid progress
4. With the help of remedial measures, you will be able to look into the positive factors instead of being apprehensive.
5. You can plan your future and secure your finances in proper time.
6. On being aware of the possible obstructions, your effective planning will help you protect wealth
7. Your immediate problem will be addressed to help you resolve and move ahead without stress.

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Business & Finance

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