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Vedic Astrology is a powerful proven tool that is extremely effective in foreseeing our child’s future, and preplanning their education and career efficiently. Students nowadays face both social and parental pressure in choosing their line of education and career path. However, in spite of constant efforts, not all are lucky enough in getting the desired outcome.

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Education Astrology or Student Astrology covers every aspect related to their studies such as exam results, best time to appear in competitive exams, when to pursue higher studies, studying in abroad etc. Our astrologers excel in offering timely and reliable answers to your queries related to career & education.

For almost everyone, choosing a right education that is helpful, career-centric, and fruitful for their pursuit of success in life is often a consideration too difficult to take. What is the right course to follow? What is my right education path? Can I have proper education solutions for my future? Questions like this lead to confusion for the unsettled mind.

Vedic astrology has the power to edify you with decision-making skill enabling you can make a right decision and choose a right course that would be growth-defining for your career. At ShreeKali, have astrological education remedies provided in our comprehensive horoscope that can guide you in the matter of remedial solution for educational issues for your future. Along with this due remedial measure is also mentioned to help you to make progress and get well educated.

Your Report Will Contain:

1. Astrological Details of your kundali
2. Impact of the Ascendant
3. Impact of the Moon Sign
4. Accurate remedial measures for your career problems
5. Possible areas for your excellence
6. Report of the upcoming year in matters of Career
7. Accurate remedial measures to benefit you
8. Important tips to make situations easier for you
9. Response to your Question
10. Astrological Analysis of your Situations

Benefits of this report:

1. You can plan your future and take up your further education without much confusion
2. On being aware of the your positive and negative traits, you can easily put your best foot forward and avoid the negatives.
3. Your immediate problem will be addressed and thus your line of further education will be clear to you to make your mind easily.
4. You will get a clear direction in your Career
5. You will come to know about your positive points and negative points in your Kundali. This will help you understand your strength and weaknesses.
6. Our answer to your question will apprise you with the information about why are you facing any issues.
7. Our suggestions for the remedies will help you empower your luck and remove the malefic (negative) effects from your kundali.
8. Special tips will help make a strategic and long term decision which will have a long term benefit.

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Career & Education

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