Child Comprehensive Report

Rs. 5,100.00

Child Comprehensive Report covers the detailed description of your’s child future. Education, finance, health and happy marriage would be the area covered in child astrology report. Vedic astrology can help a lot to get peep into your’s child life. This report would be generated by studying the detailed horoscope comprising of your’s child ascendant lord and the moon lord.

In case, your child is still unborn, this report can help to predict the child birth from horoscope and you can also opt for Birth time selection or Baby name selection report.

Why Child Comprehensive Report is Unique?
The report will cover the detailed description of the present and future analysis of your child. The good things about this report is the pre-knowledge of any upcoming hindrance, leading to the proper remedies before.

Child Comprehensive Report could help you to know the diseases which you can prevent before its rupture. We have often seen sometimes due to bad result, a mentally depressed child could commit suicide. Here the importance of child astrology report comes into play. You can get a transparent and clear map of your child’s life.



Child Comprehensive Report Will Feature Following Aspect of Yours Child Life
Health of your child
Love lfie
Suggested letters for good and lucky name
Percentage of luck in the life.

The birth of a newborn is a big event in the life of the family. Indian Astrology has on an integral part to play throughout the life of an individual. Indian Astrology identifies certain planetary combinations which are favorable and unfavorable for a child born. While favorable combinations are always welcome in a person’s life it is the unfavorable combinations, which have to be guarded against.

The Bad Planetary Effects Can Be Those Which Effect:
The health of the new Born
The general Luck of the Father/mother or the New Born
The Life of the Grand Parents
In case of Girls – The life of Husband hurdles in marriage
Also, since all the planets co-relate to a certain sound, it is an ancient Indian tradition to find the Right name letter to help the child’s destiny throughout.

Child Comprehensive Report helps to find the answers of each and every aspect of your child. The personality of the star sign is easily visible in the child. Particular zodiac sign and the ascendant of the child make a child unique and different from other child. This is the reason each and every person and child carries unique characteristics.

Child Comprehensive Report can acts as a miracle for your child because this map would help as a guideline for your child’ s career life, love life, health life and other important aspect of his/her life. You can guide your child as per his lucky stars and planets. The proper guidance will let you child feel at ease and will outshine in his/her life beating the troubles at the tip of the finger. Get your child astrology consultation at the earliest.