Child Education Report

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Advancement of technology has confused the students to choose the stream of their accurate choice. Planetary position of child’s chart helps parents to choose the right subject for their children. Some students do not know which way to go and very confused that what the subjects to be chosen for further study. One can either avail child education report or consultation from our vedic astrologer.

Here Astrology can play a major role in choosing the best stream in the life analyzing through ones planetary positions using various permutation and combination which also define the direction of the career.

Importance of Education
Education is an important aspect of each child. Parents urge that their child should do well in education. If due to certain reason, a child is not able to perform well, then it becomes hassles for the parents. The education of a child can be determined by the fifth house and the ascendants of the horoscope. There are twelve houses in a horoscope and each house is specifically associated with different life aspect. While analyzing the education of a child, the 5th house and the ascendant is given utmost importance. Suppose there is a malefic planet in the 5th house then its association with the ascendants has to be analyzed for the education and the profession of a child. If ascendant is Gemini and the planet occupying 5th house is Mercury, then the child will be more successful in his or her education area.



How Astrology affects Education of Child?
If the ascendant of a child is Taurus and 5th house is occupied by Jupiter, then it may be inferred that a child can be confused because the direct association of Jupiter with the Taurus whose ruling planet is Venus may not be beneficial for the child because Venus is not the friend of Jupiter. The education of a child can also be determined by the 10th house and its profession by the 9th house. A child is more inclined towards the profession according to the planets and the moon sign of the concerned house. It may be concluded that for knowing the exact education and professional life of the child, a detailed analysis of the horoscope is essential for the same. If you wish to know the detailed analysis of the education of your child, then you can consult the experts. We have panel of astrologers and numerologist who are excellent in analyzing the detailed educational path and career of a child.