Child Medical Report

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child medical report along with Remedies by Medical Astrologer – Guru Ji

Discuss your health concerns with Medical Astrologer Guru Ji, the privacy of your issues will be fully ensured. Talk about your chronicle diseases which are not curable with the help of Medical Science and get a complete medical astrological report. This solution ensured 100% healing and is based on the ancient concept of Medical Astrology. As a matter of fact, Guru Ji has an amazing skill to diagnose and predict the health issues by analyzing one’s natal chart. He provides very effective remedies and solutions.

This child medical report will be appointed based with due consideration to your preferred time.
Only one horoscope will be discussed in this scheduled 30 minutes of time

Input required for providing this service:
Please provide your complete birth details (Date of birth, Time & Birth Place), and preferred consultation time.

Please note: In case of unavailability of birth details one can mention the current time while filling the form including present location. In such special cases, all the astrological calculations and solutions will be provided with the help of Prasna Kundli/Horary Astrology.



Medical astrology is a branch of Vedic Astrology (Jyotish). The Ayur-Jyoti technique uses a Vedic horoscope, which is drawn by the Medical Astrologer, based on exact time, place, & date of birth of the concerned person. The horoscope is a blueprint of the whole being, reflecting the complex interaction of body, mind and spirit. Astrology and medicine were not, even in the West, regarded as two separate disciplines until some centuries ago. Before that, all educated persons were broadly acquainted with astrology, philosophy, and medicine. Interestingly, whereas astrology was generally considered to be a reputable occupation, medicine seldom was. Very few people know that Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, and the one that medical doctors take an oath from, said that no one should call himself a doctor unless he/she was also an a astrologer; for no diagnosis could be made without the help of astrological information on the patient.

Medical astrology is a science that demands a union of knowledge of both astrology and medicine. Ideally, it takes years of acquiring astrological expertise and also becoming totally familiar with physiology, anatomy and pathology to qualify as a medical astrologer who being an Ayurvedic physician, can accurately sense imbalances, weak spots and advice clients on the best procedures for regaining health. One’s horoscope can describe with great accuracy the unique constitutional makeup of an individual, including the resilience of the immune system as well as structural and functional weaknesses. An Ayurvedic doctor may be able to determine a tendency toward various types of illnesses, and one can usually see periods of stress or lowered vitality when one could have health problems

Medical astrology is the science that analyzes how these imbalances can manifest in our physical body. When the natal chart is studied in light of present or future planetary movements (transits), Medical Astrology also provides insight into the timing of events and may give us clues as to when problems may begin, or fade off. The medical astrologer then can advise the client on the appropriate diagnostic tests (prescribed by a medical doctor) necessary to verify the astrological speculations. After a physician’s tests have confirmed the diagnosis, together the medical astrologer and doctor can outline the best diet and program of herbs, detoxification & nutritional supplements for the individual to regain good health.

Ancient medical astrology used many tools that have gone out of fashion in the West but are still highly regarded in the East. Various precious and semiprecious stones were prescribed along with metals or alloys of metals to pacify strong planets or strengthen weak ones. Likewise, herbs were all classified according to their planetary ruler ships as well as energetic properties such as hot, cold, wet, dry, etc. A cold condition was treated with warming herbs, and a fever was treated with cooling herbs.