Dream Analysis

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Since antiquity, dreams have been a marvel for the human conscience. Even in the 21st century when human beings have already landed on the Moon and are scaling vast astronomical distances, dreams have not lost their mystical attraction. Dreams are still a mystery for us and at the same time have pleasing as well as terrorizing effects on us.

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Our religious scriptures abound in the extensive descriptions about dreams. The fact that a separate scripture had to be created especially for the analysis of the dreams amply corroborate their importance. We may however say that analysis of dreams is in fact an integral part of Astrology. Like astrology where predictions are made according to the movement of the planets, dreams also help us to draw an inference based on the sequence of events that we witness during sleep.

A layman broadly divides his dreams into good and bad ones. Invariably, he takes bad dreams as ill omens and vice versa. So-called modern intellectuals deride one’s beliefs in dreams as mere superstitions. But it is also a fact that in the western countries like USA, which is at least a century ahead of us in terms of technological development, dreams constitute an interesting subject for research in modern science.

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  1. Seeing of fire in the open land
  2. Heavy Rain / Cyclone in my area
  3. The Barking of Stray Animal / Dog on the Road
  4. Seeing Camels in the Desert searching for Water

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