Jupiter Transit

Rs. 2,100.00

You can ask for your Jupiter Transit & Fortune report to understand the results of this key transit and to make this unique window of opportunity work for you. We prepare the transit results of Jupiter on your natal Moon, ascendant, as well as correlate the results with the dasa operating over the next one year. During which Jupiter also makes its annual transit to Scorpio from Libra This analysis helps you understand the changes you would experience over the coming period. The effects will be analyzed for different aspect of your life – wealth and finances, family life and health and love and relationship. This report will guide you on how to leverage this transit period to your advantage and to take the blessings of the transiting Jupiter in your life.

Transit is the time when you can seek maximum benefits from Jupiter. A strong Jupiter even negates the malefic effects of other planets and makes us sail through seemingly tougher times easily.



Jupiter is a giver – the planet of ‘expansion’. It is known to expand the aspects of life it touches upon in your horoscope. And what Jupiter decides to give lasts long. Jupiter is here to open your vistas as it has started transiting direct in Libra, the sign of balance from 10th July 2018. The fruits of this Jupiter transit accrue to you on two levels – externally, it would influence the areas of your horoscope it would visit. Internally it would expand your perspective & wisdom.

The tough planetary milieu in your horoscope that had been causing much churning & shake up due to Mars and Ketu conjunction and Saturn in Sagittarius is now set to abate with this movement. Jupiter moves to Scorpio in October. Expect peace, depolarization and escalation of conflicts of your life over the next one year and also in the world you are living in. The success formula for this time is to be less disruptive and more inclusive & balanced in your approach. As Jupiter pushes the theme of peace & progress in the sign of Libra for you. Like it did in the years it had last transited Libra.