Love & Marriage Report

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The key celestial shifts & transits in 2019 hold out promise for opportunities & changes in your love / marital life. Jupiter, the planet which in a women’s horoscope signifies spouse would transit Scorpio followed by Sagittarius towards the year end. At the same time, Saturn would be casting its aspect from Sagittarius.

Rahu & Ketu would move into Gemini & Sagittarius respectively, changing the Rahu-Ketu Axis in your chart. Along with the movement of Venus in the 12 houses of your horoscope, the combined effect of the key planets would bring forth the favourable time for love & marriage. The year would bring a sudden surge in emotions and level of passion as we move on.



What you should expect in 2019?

The changes in the celestial world suggest sudden relationships & exciting times ahead. The sheer receptiveness and being open to new relations & the people which was earlier unimaginable would occur now. There would be major changes in the mind set as well as attitude towards love & marriage. Marriage, if unmarried also seems like a very strong possibility this year for many.

Features of 2019 Love & Marriage Destiny Report 2019

  • Love & marriage prospects for the next 12 months.
  • Further, there’s an option to know the specific dates when your luck in matters of heart would run very high
    Precautions and specific advice to make the most of the favorable opportunities, healing & happiness in love matters.
    Remedies to any problems would be a part of this very compelling report on relationships.