Love & Romance Forecast

Rs. 2,100.00

The Love & Romance Forecast report explores transits to your chart that are relevant in terms of attracting and enhancing love and romance. This report will not tell you when you will fall in love, or when you will get married. However, it reveals the possible themes you will encounter in your love life over the course of the coming year. It is important to note that the report cannot know your relationship status, whether single, dating, or in a couple, or if this changes at any given point in the year.

This report interprets selected transits for a period of one year. Your report will be cast for one year starting on the day of order placement, unless otherwise specified.

Love & Romance Forecast report predicted by guru ji within 24 hours and complete birth information. Please enter your name (it can be first name only, if desired), your birth date (Month, Day, Year), your birth time (example: 7:36 PM – do not adjust for time zones!), birth place (city, state/province, country), and your current place of residence (city, state/province, country).

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