Maran Mantra Kriyas-To Finish The Enemy

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Here we have discussed the significance of doing Maran Mantra Kriya on the night of diwali. Maran Kriya becomes much more effective and shows faster results if performed on the night of Diwali. Maran Kriya should be used when there is no other way left because maran kriya has the ability to finish your enemy/shatru completely. If your enemy has crossed all his/her limits and there is no other option left then you use of Maran Kriya can solve your problem and make your enemy finished completely. Maran Kriya can only be performed by a highly experienced tantrik (having at least 26 years of experience in tantra vidya). There are different uses of Maran Kriya mentioned in Tantra scriptures.

Night of Diwali / Deepawali is believed to be amongst the best day for performing Tantrik practices, especially Maran Mantra Kriya and Black Magic. If you are worried, frustrated and feeling helpless because of the troubles created by your enemy or enemies, then book now a Maran Mantra Kriya Anushthan by India’s best astrologer and tantrik practices specialist. Maran Kriya should only be used to protect self, it should not be used just for taking revenge from someone. There are various other tantrik remedies available for taking revenge from someone but maran kriya should be used as a last resort.



Guru Ji will help you by performing Maran Kriya on your enemy so that you can protect yourself and your family from any type of attack. You can use Maran Kriya on one or more enemy at once. Here we have specifically mentioned that use of Maran Kriya becomes much more effective and fast if performed on the night of Diwali.

Type of Maran Mantra Kriyas:-

1. Krikal Maran Kriya:- This Maran kriya shows result within few hours only and the causes of death may be Vehicle accident, sudden critical illness or death by any other severe accident.

2. Ghuran Maran Kriya – This type of Maran kriya typically shows result in 3 months, 6 months or sometimes in 1 year because the duration of the result depends on the day when this kriya is performed and also the ingredients used.

3. Rambhat Maran Kriya – Using this Maran Kriya makes the target person severally sick. No medical treatment works and doctors fail to find the cause of sickness. As a result, the victim of this Maran kriya goes near to death day by day.

4. Voodoo Doll Maran Kriya – This Maran Kriya cause death with prolonged pain. This Maran kriya process involves making a voodoo doll with some rare tantrik ingredients, some needles, photo and name of victim. Contact to know the complete procedure.

Guru Ji says that it is possible to terminate the effect of Maran Kriya but only at the initial stage otherwise this Kriya can’t be stopped. So, if you think that you are facing symptoms of Maran kriya black magic then contact Guru Ji right now for fast relief and complete removal and protection from maran kriya black magic.

Precautions need to be adopted to avoid Maran Kriya from your enemy:-

There are certain precautions that people should adopt to avoid the chances of maran kriya or black magic from your enemy.
1. Keep your undergarments or your family member’s undergarments out of reach of unknown people or suspected enemy.

2. If someone is trying to collect soil beneath your legs and doing it regularly from some days then contact guru Ji urgently for removing and terminating the result of Maran Kriya/Black Magic.

3. If you suspect that someone has cut the hair of your child from the middle of the head, then contact guru Ji right now because it is a definite cause of black magic/maran kriya.

4. If someone is sprinkly Sindoor around or below your Pillow/Cushion/Takiya.

5. If someone offers you to eat seeds of Ladyfinger or Black pepper.

6. Don’t ever leave the fallen hair while you comb it because it can be used to perform Maran Mantra Kriya/Black magic to create troubles for you in several ways.

7. Don’t throw your menstruation cloth uncarefully and throw it out of reach of people.

8. Don’t throw your child’s old cloth out of your house without washing it, because it can become a source for doing black magic/Maran kriya on your child therefore always wash the cloth of your child before throwing it in the garbage or out of your house.