Narsingh Puja

Rs. 15,000.00

Is your life being influenced by the demonic and negative energies? Are you under the cruel influence of Shani? Are you facing problems with your personal and professional life both? To overcome all such obstacles; to let your kundalini (spiritual energy) get activated and to channelize the spiritual energies of life in the appropriate direction; let our esteemed Astrologer Guru Ji conduct Lord Narsingh Puja.

Lord Narsingh has much more manifest energy than other Indian Deities and by conducting Prayer Lord Narsingh following appropriate and strict rituals; Astrologer Guru Ji can ensure you all those prosperity, positive strength, and manifest energy that are missing from your life.



Lord Narsingh Puja is done by Astrologer Guru Ji himself so that your soul can be charged with Chaitanya or divine consciousness and smoothen your spiritual progress without facing any demonic and pessimistic obstacles.

Whether you are stuck by health problems, facing issues in marriage life, going through mental or psychological issues like fear, depression, anxiety, and is being influenced by the negative attitude; Astrologer Guru Ji can remove them all through spiritual, blissful, and divine Prayer Lord Narsingh.