Progeny Prospects

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The Progeny Prospects Reading is a report designed for the married couples who are desirous to start a family and for those who are looking for answers about their progeny prospects. In Vedic Astrology, it is possible to predict if any two individuals will ever be able to have their own children, and, if yes, then when and how many. Even latest medical and techniques may not help if there is a natural dosha (defects) in the birth chart of one or both the partners. However, in Vedic Astrology, these defects can be identified and then altered using effective astrological remedies to improve the possibilities of parenthood.

Let guru ji evaluate your and your partner’s birth chart, and give precise answers to all of your questions related to childbirth, which includes everything from the prediction of the time period potent for conception to even the number of children you will possibly have in future. All of these predictions in Vedic Astrology are based on:



With the help of Vedic Astrology now you will be able to open the secret of issues related with progeny. The report is based on Vedic astrology.

We will explain following things in the report:

  • Will you be able to have your own child?
  • What is the strength of report for both the male and female horoscope related to progeny?
  • Is there any chance of surgery during the period of delivery?
  • Will you be able to conceive during this year?
  • Therapy to reduce the ill-effects of disturbed planets.
  • Medication for utilizing the predictions for having your own child.
  • In this complete report of Progeny prospects is being explained.
  • Study of the Natal Chart for the lords related with 2nd, 5th, and 9th houses along with the Saptamsa chart.
  • Calculation of strength in the natal chart of the male and female partners precisely in the area of childbirth.
  • Calculation of the overall effect of the 2nd, 5th and 9th houses that govern the area of progeny.
  • Preparation and analysis of the Saptamsa Chart (divisional chart) which is meant for progeny.
  • Position and the relative strength of the planet of luck – Jupiter and the planet of love and progeny – Venus in the birth chart of the couple.
  • Planetary transits of key planets – Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Mars, Rahu and Ketu and their effect on the birth charts.
  • Detailed analysis of Dashas- Mahadasha, antardashas, pratyantar dashas, sookshma dashas, praan dashas
  • In case any weak planetary positions are detected in the birth chart, then this report will also include practical astrological remedies to subdue these malefic effects and maximize probability of childbirth.
  • Analysis and effects of planet Venus and Jupiter on your Progeny effects and prospects of transit of essential planets like Rahu, Ketu, Saturn, and Jupiter will be explained.
  • After analyzing the factors associated with the strength and concern of your horoscope, you will be provided with the pin point predictions for the Progeny report.

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