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All amulets of protection available at my online store are unique and very powerful magic products which can build an unsurmountable barrier between you and that evil that is trying to ruin your life. I take pride in the fact that all the amulets you can find at my online store have been handmade by me.

Of course, people familiar with magic and true sorcery know who I am. I am spellcaster Guru Ji. My name is what gives them confidence that the magic product offered is of superior quality. If you are not familiar with professional magic, let me tell you about myself. As a said, my name is Guru Ji and I am a professional spellcaster. I have been practicing magic for several decades. Currently, I am ranked among the top 100 most powerful spellcasters on the planet. I have saved the lives of and helped thousands of people, with many of them thanking one of my most powerful protection amulets.

I know everything about magic amulets. I am skilled to produce the most complex of them. They are all custom made and single-copy. Magic does not allow for mass production. As a true spellcaster, I never make two or more copies in one ritual. Of course, many readers will consider it a waste of time because it takes months to prepare for just one ritual, plus some rituals can be performed only a few times per year. However, this is what professional magic practitioners are willing to do, because this is the only way to create truly powerful magic products.



Besides, if you select one of the amulets created by me for feeling some powers inside which you believe could protect you, I will adjust the amulet to fit your energies and obey you. This will enable the amulet to read your feelings and those of your loved ones (for example, anxiety or fear) and activate the appropriate protection program.

What amulets for protection can protect you from

According to some philosophers, there is so much evil in our world that it can be called infernal, but I disagree, even though I agree that almost every person encounters negative energies on a daily basis. Some people have enough inner strength to step over them. Others are so advanced spiritually that they are protected against negativity by their internal light created by pure energy. However, most people are not ready for a fight like this, so negative energies break through into their life, slowing it down, discoloring it, or, in most cases, destroying it.

Such energies vary. As a professional spellcaster, I have to take all of them into account while creating high-quality amulets for protection. Believe me it is not an easy job, but I still have been very good at it, creating only very strong amulets.

What energies are those? Let me describe what average people come across at work, home, on weekends, while shopping, etc. 

1. The energies of diseases feeding on people’s pain and suffering;

2. The energies of envy radiated by the people around you in response to your success;

3. The energies of revenge turning into a curse or hex and generated when you hurt other people’s feelings ;

4. Energy vampirism. You should know that about 30% of people are unable to generate energies on their own so they have to steal them from others;

5. The energies of repression generated by your managers or controlling spouse;

6. The energies of manipulation when you feel guilty for no reason around your parents or other loved ones;

7. The energies of unpleasant emotions, including self-pity or empathy for others which also cause energy exhaustion;

8. The energies of stagnation slowing down your chakras year after year and accelerating your aging which otherwise can be easily avoided;

9. Spells cast on you;

10. The energies of thinking or talking about problems or losses with regard to you;

11. The energies of death you come across when you walk or drive by a cemetery;

12. The energies radiated by the people suffering from mental, physical or energy diseases which are more contagious than flu.

13. The energies of fear turning your hopes and plans into powder.

I could go on but I suggest that you read some other articles posted on my website called “Spellcaster Guru Ji” for a clearer understanding of the subject of energy vulnerability and energy safety. I have written many articles about it, so if you want, you will find out everything a person should know who wants to protect themselves from all forms of evil and negativity.

In the meantime, I would like to point out that the best means of magic protection available today is a protective amulet. I create my amulets ensuring they can resist all forms of evil protecting the owner and all his or her family members from problems.

Protection amulets as great means of protection

If you want an amulet to protect you (it does not matter what amulet it is, a European or a Muslim amulet), you should have one. Even if you buy an amulet for your whole family, remember that the amulet should still have and know one master – you, who who decided to take on the responsibility of protecting your family.

Just remember that if something bad has already happened and you buy an amulet after that, the amulet can disappoint you. If that is the case, some rituals should be performed at first to purify the people affected by the problem of the negative energies which have penetrated them and then you can use an amulet to prevent it from happening in the future.

If nothing bad has happened, the amulet will get in sync with your energies and the energies of your family members to create a protection bubble around you and your family turning your house into an unwinnable fortress. It does not mean the amulet will stop taking care of you and you will become vulnerable the moment you leave the house. It will protect you and your family wherever you are.

Only one person should interact with the amulet on a daily basis. The following three forms of interaction should be used. The first one is as follows: you can ask your amulet of protection from evil to protect a specific family member if this family member is going, for example, on a business trip or to a party thrown by the people you find dangerous. The second one is when you talk to your amulet every evening while holding it in your hand and asking it to protect you and each of your family members now and in the future. The third form of interaction is when you thank your amulet. You should thank it not only for actually helping you but also when nothing bad is happening. You should thank your protection amulets for your peaceful and problem-free life. 

You can take your amulet with you if you think something is threatening you. But if you want your amulet of protection to be with someone you love when this person is in danger, there is just one way to do it: take your amulet with you and be next to this person keeping this person safe.

But believe me if you keep interacting with your amulet, eventually you will be able to understand what it wants you to do. If you work with your amulet properly, it will become strong enough to help you remotely. As a result, your family members will be protected no matter where they are even when you are at home or at work.

Are you wondering if there is any limit regarding the distance between the amulet and the people it is supposed to protect? Well, I can answer your question as follows. Some of my clients managed to keep their family members safe who were on a different continent.

Protective amulets for your personal protection

To protect yourself, you do not have to buy protective amulets designed to protect families. You can buy an amulet for yourself and that way all its powers will be used for protecting you from all kinds of trouble at all times. In this case you should not tell anyone about your amulet. Thus, you should keep it in a safe place making sure it cannot be found.

If you own an authentic amulet, you should remember and follow the below rules:

  • You are the only one who can touch the amulet;
  • No one but you should know about it;
  • You should ask the amulet to help no one else but you;
  • You should not ask the amulet to punish your competitors or rivals, unless it is a voodoo amulet;
  • You should create a code (like a prayer) to activate or thank the amulet by repeating it;
  • You should work with your amulet on a daily basis. You should take your amulet with you every time you go out, even if it is just for a few minutes.

Note that I offer a wide range of amulets. Some of them are designed to be put around your neck, while others are rings or bracelets. Some amulets are to be carried in one’s wallet or attached to the inside of the pocket with a pin. The amulet should be worn as specified by the maker and this rule should be followed strictly. Thus, if you put your amulet around the neck while it is supposed to be carried in your pocket, the amulet can lose its powers. Similarly, the amulet that is supposed to be close to your skin will stop working if you keep it in the drawer of your office table.

Personal amulets are easier to get in sync with because they work only with the energies of the master. They provide better protection because they protect just one person. In view of this, I always give one piece of advice which is simple but effective. If you do not want to have to think about the safety of each of your family members yet want to keep all of them out of danger, buy an amulet for each of the members of your family and teach them how to use their amulets. That way, you will ensure that all your family members are protected regardless of what you do or do not do.

Also you can order one of my real protection amulets which are to be kept at home. It will turn your house into an oasis of pure energy to purify you and your family when you come home. This will keep you free of negativity, while strengthening your chakras and subtle bodies and giving you strength. As a result, you will leave the house with a lot of positive energy to protect you against evil for a few days or even weeks.

If some evil energy sticks to you, the amulet will take care of it the moment you come back home and nothing bad will happen to you.

As for the guidelines for interacting with this protection amulet, they are basically the same as described above.

The voodoo protection amulet and its unique protective abilities

Traditionally, the voodoo amulet is described as a magiс item absorbing negative energy (any kind of negative energy) preventing it from harming you, while filling you with positive energy. However, not all artifacts work like this.

A voodoo protection amulet not only absorbs negative energy but also sends it to your enemy. As a result, your enemy experiences what they wished on you. Such amulets protect you not only from hatred, jealousy, envy and anger, but also from magic. Since we are talking about amulets created by spellcaster Guru Ji, rest assured you will be well protected.

Many people who encounter negative energies on a regular basis use such amulets. Thus, people who own amulets like this include:

  • – Lawyers and judges;
  • – Policemen and people working in law enforcement;
  • – Managers;
  • – People having to deal with competitors;
  • – Successful people regardless of what they do and how successful they are;
  • – Good-looking and wealthy people;
  • – People who are happily married;
  • – Magic practitioners and healers;
  • – People studying esoteric sciences.

These people need to use such amulets (which protect them while punishing the enemy). However, some additional rules apply to them as people owning a powerful magic item. Thus, they should always be close to the amulets, even when they go to the bathroom or on a date. They should inspect their amulets visually because powerful magic can cause mechanical damage to amulets. They also have to learn at least a few methods to charge their amulets with magic powers.

Let me describe at least one of them.

When the sun goes down, lock up in your room and ask your family members not to bother you for a while. Put the amulet in the middle of the table (let me remind you that this ritual is good only for hoodoo protection amulets). Put five candles around it, light them up, and let them burn down, with you sitting close to it with your arms around the candles and your eyes on the amulet. This is when you will become a portal for pure energies charging your amulet and making it even stronger.

A Muslim protection amulet for everyone interested

Not all people can use voodoo or European amulets. There are many people in the world who agree to use only one type of protection. If they decide to entrust their life with a magic item, this will be a Muslim protection amulet. I, spellcaster Guru Ji, will not discuss who is right and who is wrong. I am the one who can make a powerful amulet and Muslim amulets are no exception. They are as reliable when it comes to protection against evil. More imploringly, they help not only those who believe in Allah.  

But they have some special features, too. Thus, they should not be used by people wishing ill on someone or deliberately doing something bad. Such amulets are designed to work better for people having more light energy. Yes, they can protect you even if you are a bad master. So if you are not sure you can do only good, while controlling your thoughts and emotions, pay attention to voodoo protection amulets. They will work much better for you.

I can create a wide range of amulets. No matter what amulet you choose, it will surely be a masterpiece. So I, spellcaster Guru Ji, suggest that you do not limit yourself to the amulets described in this article. Remember that not all amulets I can offer are currently available in my store. So if you cannot find the amulet you need, just order it from me and I will make it as soon as possible. In conclusion, I would like to note that every person can use my protective amulets against problems, diseases, rivals and enemies.