Year Of Transits

Rs. 2,100.00

This consultation reveals the trends you can expect to encounter over the course of the year according to your transits.

The report is based on the transits of the Sun through Pluto, with the exception of the Moon, to both your natal and progressed planets. For example, the transiting Sun may be conjunct your natal Mercury, and transiting Venus is sextile your progressed Sun. Natal and progressed points include the Sun through Pluto and the True Node of the Moon. The report also includes transits to houses. There are a lot of details in this report so that there are often multiple influences in a day – this can be overwhelming for some, and great for others!

Current Year of Transits Report predicted by guru ji within 24 hours and full information required for consultation. Please enter your name (can be first name only, if desired), your birth date (Month, Day, Year), your birth time (example: 7:36 PM – do not adjust for time zones!), and birth place (city, state/province, country), as well as the current place of residence (city, state/province, country) into the appropriate fields below before clicking on the Add to Cart button.

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